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                              The Introduction                                

  By Adam W. L. Chan (Zeng)  

(This page was updated on Jan 28th 2011)


Teams of prominent American and European scientists using both the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) and Earth based telescopes had announced in 1998 the results of their many years observation and measurement of the expansion of the universe. Their collective announcement was that the universe is not just expanding, it is, in fact, expanding with acceleration or with ever greater speed..... This combined discovery has been a total surprise for cosmology! Because if the universe had been started by Big Bang, then after the big bang, or Inflation, the gravitation of masses in the universe should have slowed down the rate of universal expansion and continue to slow it down. So what is the unknown energy that is causing the speeding up of the expansion instead, and where could such unknown or "dark" energy have come from? Some scientists wonder if it could be Einstein's discarded Cosmological Constant, but the thought does not help, because Einstein suggested the theory only for the non-existent Static Universe and did not explain how and from where the force could have come into being. Besides, whatever the dark force may be, there is no such single force or one universal force, which is constant, prevailing the entire cosmos... So, the Cosmological Constant and the Static Universe cannot be resurrected.... More important is, now that the origin of the universe cannot be Big Bang, then what is the model of universe we have now? The Big Bang Universe has dominated cosmology for the better part of  20th century. Now, how are scientists going to proceed from here? Since we have already entered Space Age for more than half a century. It's becoming quite necessary for a new and acceptable theory of cosmological to arrive and fill in the expected gap... 


This writer has been working on an alternative cosmological theory called The Regenerating Universe Theory & Harmonization (T.R.U.T.H.) for about two and half decades. This alternative theory is now presented here in this website with entirely new proposals and full explanations to the above mentioned discovery of Accelerating Universe as well as the overall dynamic nature and structure of the universe. The theory here also explains how the electromagnetic force (such light and radio waves) and gravitational force (also in waves) come into existence in the universe. It also details how and where life might have begun on earth, as well as how and what causes evolution to work with such amazing efficiency. There are also a host other related topics on phenomena of nature and some cosmological events... 


However, it is also important to mention here that the entire theory was written quickly and directly onto the Internet at the time when the writer was unconsciously suffering from slow but severe blood clot, which then led to a heart attack and a stroke! Therefore the entire writing was found to be far from satisfactory, but since it was already presented on web, and it is also not right for the author to forget all his previous efforts. It become necessary to rewrite or update every page! Unfortunately it took years for the author to recover in health sufficiently to write again. In fact, the author is still struggling to finish the whole job. I must therefore sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and ask my readers to kindly peruse only the pages marked "Updated", which is furnished with a date. I now hope to finish the entire effort before the end of 2011.     


A brief history of the theory is in the page "About T.R.U.T.H. and this Website".... Please also note, there are altogether 3 Web-Domain names as listed below, all pointing to this same Web-theory. Unfortunately due to the author's health, only # 1) the "Main Website" has been regularly attended and updated. The other two, i.e., # 2) & # 3) have still been temporarily left unattended.  


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Note:- On Copy Rights,

An earlier version of this theory had been published in book form, which was registered and certified by Hong Kong Government in 1998.

The contents of the current web publication have also been certified by Hong Kong lawyers. 

By Adam W.L.Chan, (alias Adam W.L.Zeng) 


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