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               1) About Stars, Planets and Fate

               2) On Moon as Space-Base

               3) Story of Yin-Yang and the earliest correlation to cosmology

               4) A proven 5000 years old unbroken chain of DNA 

                  (Writer's 5000 years ancestral clan history traced through authentic records)

               5) Two letters (translated) written in 1989 and 1990 for Chinese leader Mr. Deng Xiao Ping. The same letters were later sent to UN for her 50th Anniversary. 

                   a) 1st letter dated Dec 6th 1989 (About China's emerging developments)

                   b) 2nd letter dated Dec 5th 1990.(About Halley Comet's visit (1985) and its possible effects on Gulf War, peace for Gaza and the world at large)

               6)  Ideals and system of democracy in ancient China (Up loaded Dec 31st 2011)

     7)  List of Halley Comet visits and possible influences. (& likely cause of Global Warming) (Updated 16th July 2011)

      8) A word about the "Aquarian Age" (Updated 7th July 2011)

      9) Historic backgrounds and problems confronting the Dalai Lama of Tibet.  (New! Apr 26th 2008)

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