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  (Note: The theory is written to illustrate that the universe is a forever evolving, revolving and regenerating universe. Many of the following pages were originally written between early 2004 and Sept 2005, when the writer was unknowingly suffering from acute blockage in circulatory system, which had led to a stroke and cardiac attack in Oct 2005. Unfortunately due to insufficient blood supply in the brain, most writings at the time were strongly affected, and those early pages had become really bothersome, despite many unsuccessful attempts to improve them. However, following better recovery in health recently, the writer did try his best to rewrite those pages and complete the theory. The rewritten pages are now marked in red "Updated", followed by its date. These pages are still not good, but already better. Some pages are marked "OK", but these are just more or less warming up pages for the theory. All page in this website are still awaiting final touch-up before making into a book. )


         1) What is universe and what is cosmology? OK

         2) On Time, Space and Spacetime OK

         3) On Mass and Energy ..... OK

         4) On Infinity and Zero OK

         5) Background discussions on light and electromagnetic waves.    OK 

         6) Where and how are light waves (electromagnetic radiations) created? Checked Feb 13th 2013 

         7) What are the roles a galaxy plays in the universe? Updated 5th Aug 2011 

         8) What is Miracle of 12, the root of evolution? Updated 19th Jan 2011

         9) How is the Universe of Mass structured?   Updated 4th Feb 2011

       10) How is the Universe of Energy structured? Updated 8th Feb 2011

       11) Why is the universe in dynamic balance? Updated 4th Mar 2011

       12) Why is universe regenerating and is nature greater than we imagine? Updated 25th Apr 2012

       13) The nature and origin of gravitation Updated. Aug 3rd 2011  

       14) Cosmic influence on evolution, regeneration and structure of DNA...Updated 8th Mar 2011 

       15) More about 4 levels of energy and field symmetries in the universe Updated (23rd July 2011)

       16) Questions of the Beginning and the End Checked Feb 8th 2011

       17) What is the real age of the universe? Checked Feb 9th 2011

       18) The question of how and where did life begin  Updated Jan 23rd 2011

       19) What are Earth phenomena and Universal phenomena?  Checked Feb 9th 2011

       20) The Regenerating Universe, or the Accelerating Universe, in a nutshell. Updated Feb 12th 2011

       21) More on Black Hole, Dark Energy and Regenerating Universe    Updated 8th Aug 2011

       22) Problems of Big Bang universe and the timing of history Updated April 12th 2012

       23) A last look at Miracle-12 and its creation, the electromagnetic wave..  Changed May 3rd 2012

       24) T.R.U.T.H. versus Big Bang Theory by points  Updated Mar 1st 2011

         25) More thoughts on the start of life on earth. New (2nd March 2008)

       26) Halley Comet's possible effect on Global Warming and other influences. Checked (May 6th 2012)

       27) Harmonization of Energy and between Physics and Metaphysics. Updated (May 9th 2012)

       28) A few words on Aquarian Age. Updated ( April 26th 2013 )

       29) Certain comments by astrophysicists on cosmology. Checked Feb 9th 2011

       30) After thoughts and closing notes. Updated (21st July 2011)





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