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This Regenerating Universe Theory may be said to be the result of studies or interests that extend over two life times or two generations. Let me explain! 

My grand father Zeng Quan Fan ( ) was conferred by the last imperial dynasty as an Officer of the Yin and Yang" of our district. The pair "Yin and Yang" represents the two poles of any energies, creations or creatures in nature with oppositional characteristics. Where there is "yin", there is also "Yang", and vice versa! Hence the pair is the base of all dynamic symmetries. The ancient Chinese theory of Yin and Yang of over 5 thousand years is therefore equivalent to Newton's 3rd Law of Motion, which states that to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.  

Yin and Yang are also the fundamentals of I-Ching, the ancient Chinese "Book of Change", which depicts that nature is perpetually in a state of change, yet maintaining balance through formations of dynamic symmetries, and the characteristics of those symmetries are relatable to the natures of events both in the cosmos and in life... Thus I-Ching describes the function and structure of nature and is therefore a detailed ancient theory of cosmology. However, according to I-Ching, there are also 64 types of symmetries, if one can identify the type of symmetry, then it is possible to predict the nature and outcome of an event. Consequently, I-Ching evolved to become also a tool of prediction, which would eventually lead to certain spiritual dimensions. Thus, over some 5000 years, the theories of Ying-Yang and I-Ching have evolved and developed in two directions, one is the theoretical part, respected by scholars as proper cosmology, also considered as the "upper rite of the theory", and the other is the practical part, adopted by common folks as a predictive tool, or the "lower rite of  the theory" (please read details under Related Topics in page 5) Story of Yin-Yang and the earliest correlation to cosmology... So, as an Imperial Officer of Ying and Yang, grand pa's office entailed the responsibilities for theoretical and philosophic interpretations of I-Ching and also the administration of spiritual institutions, including some temples established and overseen by the Imperial State. Naturally, grand-pa had dedicated a life time in the studies of this ancient cosmological science and the premises behind the techniques of prediction (Please read story in Related Topics page 6) A proven 5000 years old unbroken chain of DNA )

My grand-pa passed away during an epidemic of bubonic plague in 1921. He left behind a great deal of hand written records and a collection of occult materials. Some of the more mysterious stuffs were carefully packed away by my youngest uncle Kee In. I was born 12 years after grand-pa's demise. During my mid teens, I was fascinated by the stories told about my grand-pa and would secretly unpack those hidden writings and try to work out some of the predictive techniques as well as some mysterious occult magic found amongst the collection of writings. The attraction of those magical stuffs registered deeper than my school work... Eventually, I came to Hong Kong and in 1953 I landed in England to study mechanical engineering in the Loughborough Collge (now Loughborough University). One day in 1955 I heard the beeping sound of the first man made satellite Sputnik orbiting in space. I immediately went to the book shops and bought two books, one was all about astronomy and the other was about a theory of the universe, namely the Big Bang Universe. I didn't realize then that the sound of Sputnik had already started a life long interest in cosmology. In 1979 my health collapsed after a major surgical operation, in which 2/3 of my stomach were removed. What happened was that I had been taking increasingly large dose of pain-killing tranquilizers, and after the operation I collapsed due to depletion of such drugs in my system, which had kept me going for over 10 years. At the time some tranquilizers, such as Valium, were being sold freely in Hong Kong shops without medical prescription.... 

My collapse forced me to stay at home for over 3 years. During those years I bought over 100 books on astronomy, cosmology, western astrology as well as books on Chinese and Indian predictive methods. I then programmed the Chinese I-Ching and Tze-Wee Star Calculations (also a well-known Chinese predictive techniques, mainly derived from I-Ching) as well as western astrology into my various computers, which I bought since 1973. I had finally linked my childhood interests on cosmological structure and influence to life with modern astronomical sciences 

(Note: Astrology is basically the study of cosmological energies affecting life on earth. There are two main groups of energies driving the orbital motions of earth and activities on earth, one group comes from within the solar system (Planets, etc), and the other from the external of solar system (Fixed Stars). These cosmic energies are colossal but in rhythmic regularities. They not only drive large planets, like Jupiter and Saturn, to orbit, they also cause the entire solar system to go merrily around. Since those energies are continuous, it is possible to compare the continuous events on earth to those continuous cosmic energies, so as to relate patterns of cause and consequence to the influences of cosmological energies... 


Basing on this principle and with over six thousands years of established astrological experiences, modern astrology can now use the most accurate and up-to-date astronomical calculations and data, called ephemeris, to analyze, observe and predict those influences. The principle behind is not complicated because changing environmental forces are bound to effect changes in the environment. If one could predict the changing source of energies, then one should be able to predict the nature of resultant changes, just like the weather forecasting. The complications lie in that there are unending varieties of changing events, each comes with somewhat different initial conditions. So, an interested scientist might require years, if not decades, of experience to exercise effective predictive work... In recent years more and more universities around the world have taken up research and curriculums on astrology or astrology related studies. One Kepler College in Seattle was established for devoted studies on astrology. This college was granted the status by the Board of Higher Education of the State of Washington to award Bachelor and Master Degrees )... 


Both astrology and I-Ching had begun their roots in the dawning days of human civilization, yet their energies are still vibrant today! It is because all reactions resulting from actions must occur within the laws of nature. So, despite the huge complexity of things occurring at the same time, there is nothing wrong in efforts to predict the consequences resulting from the changes of cosmological energies in our environment. In fact, with the advance of modern science, which brings about continuously new understanding of the nature and universe, and the removal of some traditional misconceptions, one can expect the techniques and accuracies of prediction to be greatly improved!

During the years of the 1980s, I had already formed my own theory of the universe with its regenerative functions and structures, and found it to be able to explain the Expansion of Universe as well as many other cosmological phenomena. By end of 1989 I wrote a long letter addressed to a friend in Beijing, but the letter was designed to be handed to the senior leader Deng Xiao Peng. My hope was to persuade him to open up China with boldness and faster pace, as Mr. Deng had already started the process and built the city Shenzhen, next to Hong Kong in 1984. It was reported that Deng passed my letter among other leaders in Beijing. He then echoed in Shen-Zhen by calling for a "bolder pace" in the open door policy of the time.  My long letter contained all sorts of discussions, and at the end of it I mentioned that the origin of the universe is not Big Bang, but in fact, the universe is a Regenerating Universe... You see, that's why I say the theory has taken two life times of studies and interests, because my studies have been really the extension of my grandfather's life long work. Grand-pa's work on Yin and Yang symmetries is now reflected in my postulate of the dynamic galactic symmetry that generates transmissible cosmic waves (electromagnetic radiations), which cause the accelerating expansion of universe and the regenerative cycles of universe as well as the regeneration of life in it. Yin and Yang, the fundamental poles of nature are also reflected in the fundamental poles of individual existences, such as poles of sexes and anti-particles of mass/energy...    

However, as a mechanical engineer and manufacturer of machines and garment accessories, I had been given some practical training to observe the important difference between ancient philosophical wisdoms and the proof of modern sciences, also between traditional predictive practices and modern scientific understanding of the process. I therefore examine cosmic structures and the functions of those structures based entirely on astrophysics. I had had also the luxury of staying home for over 3 years to recover from my ill health, and do my research. Following those 3 years of research, already in early 1980s, I formed the early ideas of this cosmological theory in my mind, and after few more years of further thoughts I published a small booklet in 1998, named Regenerating Universe. I also had Copy Rights properly registered and certified by Hong Kong Government. Then in 2003 I established an Internet website with the same name, hoping to base on the early version and expand it. Since the Copy Rights had been registered, I could now write freely and directly onto the website. By this time I've become totally absorbed in my research on cosmology and had been living alone already for many years.

Unfortunately I didn't realize that something else was developing in my health. Apparently for many years my entire blood circulatory system was slowly clotting up with cholesterols. By the time I had published the small book, especially when I began the website in 2002/3, the main artery of my left heart chamber was almost totally clotted. Perhaps because the clotting up process was so slow, I was completely unaware of my conditions as well as the fact I was barely struggling to write. In fact when I read back now some pages that I had written in those days, it is clear I was barely holding on the balance of my senses. Then in Autumn of 2005, I had a massive heart attack. Unfortunately, my senses were already badly affected due to lack of blood in the brain. I didn't seek medical help right way! Then one day I went out shopping. Suddenly the streets and buildings began to turn. I was forced to sit down on someone's door step. But even some 40 minutes later I still couldn't stand up, as the whole world continued to gyrate. Finally I managed to call a taxi, and reached home. I should have called an ambulance or let the taxi drive me directly to hospital, but I was far too sick to realize that I was actually suffering from a stroke in the street.  I only managed to go to my Doctor the next day, already half a month after the heart attack! That belated medical help had made the blood clots in my brains far worst, and more permanent. It's a wonder I have survived, even survived to present this theory! 

After my heart operation, which required the insertion of two steel stents in my heart, I suddenly realized why I had struggled so hard to express myself and yet never quite managed it. It also means that when I started the website in 2003, my brain was already suffering from lack of blood, and the entire web pages must now be rewritten. Now since I have started writing my theory, I must continue my fight to finish it, but only with a partially working memory capacity. That's why even nearly 5 years have passed since my operation, I am still at it! Fortunately, because I have wanted to write down the theory ever since the mid 1980s, over the years those main points of the theory had  been turning over in my mind many thousand times already. So if I make extra efforts to relate clearly the ideas only in plain and simple English, I should be able to finish the job in due time. But I do need a great deal of time and rest, because those tiny brain arteries are still clotted and refuse to come free, so rewriting too has been a real struggle! Although in between  I did manage to update the more important few pages. In Feb of 2009 I decided to halt my efforts and take a complete rest. So now, Nov Jan 2011, I am making a new effort to rewrite a few more pages, hoping to complete the entire theory eventually.

Readers please kindly note that the majority of pages in this website was written in the days when my brain was suffering from insufficient circulation. I have left them standing unchanged where they are for the following reasons. Firstly, I shouldn't have written any page and publish it immediately or directly on the web (perhaps I shouldn't have started the website in the first place), but I wasn't using my brain at its best. Secondly, these pages have already been exposed for so long, if I remove any of them, the web structure would collapse. Thirdly, although majority pages suffer from problems of expression and disorders, they still contain information relevant to the entire theory. For those pages I am trying very hard to replace with updates of improved writings, but I need time and improved health to do it, and have so far managed to update a few pages only! For those updated pages I have marked at the beginning or the end of each page the words in red "Updated", followed by the date of its update, or other similar indications.      

(Updated 9th Nov 2009, checked Jan 2011)


Hi!...Welcome! Take a seat and make yourself at home! 

This is me!...  I had inserted this picture here at the start of this website almost 7 years ago. Now, either all the juice in my head have dried up, or because I have stopped dyeing my hair, as it is completely white. I will change the picture when I have a decent photo taken.   

Good luck to you all!


Adam W.L.Chan (alias Adam W.L.Zeng)  

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