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“Is Fate written in the stars?” “Of course not! Don’t be ridiculous!” This is the reply many modern scientists would not hesitate to give. Of course, unless the same scientists happened to have stumbled into it and took a pretty hard look into it as well. Yet, believe or not, history is full of great scientists who were also well-known astrologers of their time. Some of them were among the greatest brains and inventors in our history, whom we regard as fathers of science. Just to name a few, scientists like Pythagoras, Plato, Ptolemy, Hipparchus, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler and Newton … Many of them had discovered science because they were inspired by astrology, or because they needed the discoveries for their work and  interests in astrology. The truth is that during the European Middle Age and before that until roughly 5000 years from now, there had never been a division between science and astrology. At one time there was a Chair for astrology in every prominent university in Europe. Astrology was taught in the universities until the dawn of the 19th century. There must have been good and strong reasons, otherwise such higher institutes of learning could not have accommodated it for so long.           images/BirthEclipse1-Fin.gif

Left and right figs are an ancient wheel of Zodiac and a modern computer generated Zodiac chart for an eclipse that occurred some 38 hours before the author's birth at 25N02 118E56.

 The reason that our planet Earth moves the way it does is because Earth is moving in synchronization with the rest of forces in the cosmic system. In fact every other planet in the solar system moves in synchronization with its environmental forces, which drive it to move the way it does. The synchronization of forces produces dynamic planetary motions with predictable paths. Such paths are calculated in heliocentric data and forecasted in Governmental publication of scientific Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac, with internationally conferred data of great accuracy for decades ahead of time. Because of that it becomes possible to predict many natural phenomena and to project planetary path without mistakes. images/Copernicus.jpg When the heliocentric ephemeris is converted into geocentric ephemeris or geocentric planetary positions, the angular projections from solar planets to our Earth become direct. Because Earth receives energies from all solar planets directly, therefore a collection of geocentric information and effects of planetary influence have been observed and recorded for about 5000 years. Such observations have never stopped for all those years, and are today still on going strongly and actively. There is really no need to prove the validity of planet’s influence involving advance mathematics or particle physics, all one has to do is to walk out of scorching sun into the cooler shades to appreciate the influence of geocentric energy from the sun. All other planets do the same though not in such great and noticeable strength. images/Johannes Kepler

In fact, the Earth is like a roasting chicken turning on a stick inside a hot oven. The Sun and the solar planets are the sources of fire or the heating elements, while you, I and all our fore-fathers have played the role as the organic parts on the skin of the poor chicken. The energy from the heating would penetrate in cyclic layers into the chicken until it is cooked. On close examination it may be easily observed that there are all sorts energies in the sky with which this solar chicken, called Earth, together with every one of us are being bombarded. The sun would make a ring each year in the tree trunk to mark its cycle of work performed on the tree for that year. It’s possible to see if it has been a fat or lean year, even a good or bad season for that tree. Each time the sun-spot or solar storm flares up, the poor chicken would get hit by a surge of energy. When a full Moon or an Eclipse occurs, the poor chicken gets a flux of energy again. As planets and Sun and Moon are gyrating in their path, the Solar and Lunar energies are increasing or diminishing and changing all the time with the seasons and tides circulate in rhythms. The sky is full of all kinds of energies, be they incidental, or accidental, or evolving or progressive, or inductive, or intrusive, or transiting. These great fluxes of cosmic energies drive everything and every life on Earth to grow and decay.  images/Galeleo GaleleiThey also drive forward the evolutionary progression in a great synchronization of movement in the individual life, and the individual lives would in turn form massive synchronization of social movements. Repetitive influence of cosmic energies would in time leave their marks on the evolutionary developments both physically and metaphysically. Cosmically a human infant is born on the precise moment it becomes separated from its mother, but still inside her womb. From this moment on it grows unconsciously with the energies, and then eventually decays with the energies also. It is completely and totally subjected to the driving cosmic forces, together with all things on Earth. The forces are translated into synchronized physical and metaphysical manifestations in life. images/Newton

The human beings are sometimes called star-dusts. Not only because the physical human body is part of the physical mass of Planet Earth, but even his metaphysical activities are also powered by the energy taken from food, which in turn is also a physical part of Earth and additional external energies. In the gigantic program of forces in synchronized movements the human, or that stardust, and its likes, have little to say except being energized to live and to behave in that colossal synchronized cosmic interaction. He is just a drop in the great ocean of synchronized waves of life. However, the human is totally unaware of it, just as he does not know that there is a great force called Gravitation pulling him down to Earth. If you were to tell an uneducated person back 500 years that he was pulled onto Earth by a force, he would probably club you on the head for trying to pull his leg. If he had been an authority then, he might even condemn you to be burned alive for being a heretic. Yes, even today none of us would notice that we are in fact traveling thousands of miles per second in space together with our entire towns and cities. In short, the human does not know that his brain, or his metaphysical function, is programmed to follow the synchronized forces to learn, to think, to act in accordance to the built-in sensibilities of his fundamental makeup, which is his instinct. As his instinct and his genes decide what to do, he feels and thinks he is making the decision, because he has grown with such life giving energies ever since his life began in that cosmic environment. He is completely unaware of the energies itching and working on his sensory system that he would think he is initiating everything all by himself.

Therefore, in more ways than one the human often needs analysis of independent specialists to understand what is going in his body and in his mind, even in his life. He is so unaware that often a medical Doctor must have another Doctor to diagnose his illness. That’s also why it takes a trained psychiatrist to discern ones problems and motivations from ones own true self…. However, it is possible to observe and detect through nature’s synchronized motions and to understand to some degrees ones true interactions with nature, as well as ones relatively static or progressive position in that synchronized waves of human lives. As long as the cosmic energy program is predictable, it is possible to observe and predict its normal or seasonal influence on our planet Earth as well as on the individual life. Call it fate if you like! However, as seasonal effects on Earth are easy to understand because they are only one earth and just a few seasons in repetitive rotation, but when it comes to human lives, the varieties would take on countless colours and shapes. Yet for each life alone, the events and circumstances are also forever varying and completely personal. One must experience them personally, yet completely objectively, in order to notice what the cosmic influences really are doing inside ones own being.

Johannes Kepler, who discovered the elliptical locus of planetary movement around the Sun and the Laws of Planet Motions, had helped to develop a small part of astrological techniques. He was the inventor of the astrological Aspect, called “Quincunx” (the effects of 2 planets at 150 degrees apart). He also published a paper titled “Concerning the more Certain Fundamentals of Astrology” in 1602 ( fig. below is the front page of Kepler's booklet written in Latin )... images/Kepler's Book Cover PageThere is also a well-known quote in the astrological literatures. Apparently once Isaac Newton was reported to be in verbal confrontation with his good friend Edmond Halley, the discoverer of Halley Comet, who had strongly criticized Newton for his deep involvement in astrology. Newton was dumbfounded, but he could only say “Sir, please study it first, before you criticize it!”…. It would be erroneous for us indeed to draw the conclusion that great men of science, such as Kepler and Newton, would be so unwise as to be interested in something deemed to be pseudo science by the laymen of astrology. It’s more likely that the laymen are missing something good! Perhaps it is at least wiser, if not more scientific, to take Newton’s advice by experimenting and verifying before rejecting it entirely. It is quite true, like many things in life, that serious astrological knowledge are often entangled or even abused by superstitious and commercial exploitations, but that's no reason for science to retreat from it.....  Actually there are many excellent computer programs today, commercial and non-commercial, written with extremely accurate astronomical planetary positions. There are also 5000 years of information and experiences accumulated by countless observers and experimenters for the benefit of the laymen to discover and rediscover. Perhaps that’s why recently there is an international trend that some very great and historic universities in the world are now considering the reinstallation of the Chair of Astrology in their faculties. In fact, some have already done so. It appears that the general reacceptance of astrology in the main stream of scientific studies is an inevitable event of the near future.

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