Two long letters (translated) written 15 years ago for the former Chinese leader Mr. Deng Xiao Ping (about developments in China, plus concerns for Halley Comet's visit (1985) and its possible effects on Gulf War, peace for Gaza and the world at large. I have also attributed the comet influence to be the possible cause of Spanish Flu (1918) and the present Bird Flu (H5N1). These letters were later sent to Dr. B. B. Ghali for UN's 50th Anniversary (see UN letter 1995.)... Now on the eve of UN's 60th birthday, here are some revisits, past predictions and reflections that are still relevant today. The following 2nd letter to Mr. Deng was mainly hints about the possible disturbance world wide caused by the entry of Halley Comet into the solar system :- (Please note: I have also written a Summary and Conclusion for these discussions but because this page is already too long. So I put it in the new page "Conclusions for these two letters". There is also a page of "List of Halley comet's visits and possible influences", which includes possible cause of Bird Flu. Please go to those pages when you have finished reading this page.).     

About the 2nd letter:- 

The two letters are very long, so I have separated them into two pages in order to speed up the loading. Now I will continue with the second letter in the following. This letter was also addressed to the same young friend but delivered by hand to the Chinese paramount leader and later sent to UN. This letter is more comprehensive. But before I start, I think I ought to laid down some background of this letter, if you would kindly bear with me! I think it might be interesting to revisit what was happening and why it was written 15 years ago, because in many aspects they are still relevant today...  

Saddam of Iraq invaded Kuwait in early Aug of 1990. The world was taken by surprise. Suddenly an atmosphere of much greater international military conflict loomed. Everyone felt that trouble had started, but no one could predict the consequence, because wars are never predictable and can easily chain react into situations out of control. In a great excitement 38 allied nations dispatched more than half a million soldiers and huge amount of war machines were sent to the Gulf. Whilst many retired senior leaders, like Nixon, Keath, Brandt and Tanaka went to Saddam’s home and personally warned him not to persist and get out of Kuwait. These were the days, the world, in particular the Middle East, was already in a mess of political confrontations without any clear solutions in sight and the Soviet Union had just broken up. Russia was facing a rather uncertain and unpredictable future, while many nations were undergoing economic recessions. Kids in Gaza were throwing stones at soldiers carrying machine guns. Around the earth, abnormal weathers, earth quakes, volcanoes, typhoons were more often than usual. Floods in Bangladesh took 110,000 lives. Gay communities were rising in force. HIV/AIDS virus was about to become a major threat then (fully confirmed in 1985-1986, although some cases were discovered a few years earlier). Draughts and mass starvation continued tragically in Africa. Even whales were committing mass suicide. Also an equally unprecedented phenomenon occurs in recent years when equally large and intelligent elephants are attacking humans and killing hundreds of them every year. I had been studying astrology and astronomy for some years. To me these unusual phenomena appeared to be caused by Halley Comet's disturbance on the solar energy field in which we live and evolve. Historically many astrologers have warned about the coming of Halley Comet, although no explanations have been given. I have now prepared a large list of Halley comet's arrivals and the historic events correlating to those arrivals during the past 2 millenniums. This list studies the possibility of Halley's influence to social changes. It also gives possible reasons why and how viruses might have been forced by the fluctuation of cosmic radiations to mutate. Please read also the following page "List of Halley comet visits and correlating historic events". 

Special notes (added Dec 2006):- I put the accompanying political letters on web (1st and 2nd letter), which I sent to former senior Chinese leader Deng Xiao Ping and UN chief Butros B.Ghali in 1989 and 1990, with certain reference to Gulf Wars, war and peace at Gaza, because I thought, since then, it is plausible that Halley Comet's visit might have brought some unusual influence on the human and animal brain, and I wanted to expose those probabilities. Since then we have seen some pretty strange and stubborn behaviours among some world political leaders who are making most of the news these days... One news worth mentioning is that Saddam Hussein was condemned to death (to be hung) two days before US mid term general election, and early Nov 2006 Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak remarked "Carrying out this verdict will explode violence like waterfalls in Iraq". I think President Mubarak knew what he was talking about, because during 2nd Gulf War, Mubarak offered Saddam safe sanctuary in Egypt, but was refused. Saddam knew very well, especially for the second time, that it would be impossible to fight and win the war against the Americans led coalition consisting of tens of nations.... 

In the end, instead of making a phone call to Egypt and find safety, he rather hide in that pitiful hole under Iraqi soil. What could have been the reasons for such a matured politician, like Saddam, to be so stubborn? I think President Mubarak was right... Prior to the out break of 1st Gulf War in 1990, 4 heavy weight former world leaders, Richard Nixon, Edward Keath, Willy Brandt and Tanaka, personally went to Saddam's home to warn him not to go against the 1st American led war coalition against him, which was then 38 nations. But Saddam refused to see the obvious danger he was in. Since 1986 Halley comet's visit, we have seen tribes after tribes of whales and dolphins committed suicide, also the suicidal act of Sept 11th, hundreds of suicidal bombers, AIDs decease have killed millions and infected 40 million lives, and yet homosexuality still grew like bonfires, even with legal support! Countless people have marched on street in the last years, demonstrating against corruptions and election frauds in Democracies. Almost every other month some Democracies in this world are in some forms of trouble...  But the most remarkable thing now is what would historians write in a few years time about Saddam and his would be hangmen?... What would his own people think of him in history, a stubborn man, a killer of his would be assassins, a leader crazed by wars, invasions and victories, or just a fearless man?... I think President Mubarak is right. Saddam's execution could not be the end of his trace in Iraqi memory ... But more importantly let us hope that he is the only stubborn political leader in our generation... 

The following prediction was made by the famous 16th century French/Jewish astrologer/psychic Michael Nostradamus, who predicted the death of French King Louis II (according to the movie named "Nostradamus'"). The prediction reads -  

"When the Jews return to Zion,

And the Comet fills the sky,

The Holly Roman Empire rises (this is roughly the European Common Market, parts of Eastern Europe and Turkey, the site of Constantinobo),

And you and I shall die,

From Eternal SEA He rises,

Creating armies on either shore,

Turning Man against his brother,

Till Man exists no more."


Of course, astrological predictions are often imprecise and other times astrologers only mean to provide warnings. However, scientifically, it is also not difficult to understand that sudden and strong disturbance in the solar energy field could affect weather, temperature on earth, and micro-electric behaviors of human and animal brains. In order to illustrate that solar planet's energies do affect biological and mental behaviors in a continuous fashion, which can cause abnormal human activities and social events, I had to take some risks to provide some astrological predictions in these letters (All astrological predictions included in these writings are the exact original contents of the letters written 15 years ago)  I think my strong warnings about Halley Comet did probably stop the soldiers of 38 allied nations from marching into Iraq in Jan 1991. Only air offensives were used.  Unfortunately, if I had been right about the comet disturbance, then what had already happened 15 years ago, some of the effects are still reverberating today, and probably could go on even much longer. Nature's energy fluctuations often echo for a long time and could induce chained reactions until finally the additional comet energy evens out. I have given in these lines some examples of possible influence due to Halley and its apparent effects on world events that had occurred between 1770s and 1950s, indicating that during each of the earlier 3 visits of Halley comet great social changes and wars had occurred. Now the 4th and the most recent Halley comet arrival occurred at the very end of 1985, and we are witnessing the consequence of the action that Saddam Hussein had taken back in 1990, as well as all the disturbing social and natural phenomena that I have described earlier....    

Sadly, Saddam Hussein did not have the privilege to be forewarned. If I am right about the Halley effect, then he was probably the worst case to be affected by cosmic energies and jumped to action, which would eventually cost him dearly. I say he was affected because so many important and well-meaning retired political leaders came to reason and persuade him in his home. Normally any wise politician would have been well aware of his own precarious situation, but Saddam was a man obsessed with suicidal motivations, instead of diplomatic advantages. I think any wise politician in his normal frame of mind would have realized that his war against 38 allied forces was impossible. In fact, if he had withdrawn from Kuwait, not only he would have avoided his subsequent terrible fate, he would have also greatly benefited diplomatically. This was very unusual for a clever politician. Therefore, it appeared to me that he and his aids were affected by Halley effect at the time. 

 Fortunately, his opponents were more wise, and were quick to take reasonable hints. It so happened that in the early days of the 1st Gulf war, the 38 allies not only had to face the unpredictable consequences of war, but they also urgently needed a centralized policy, so that the extent of war could be mapped. Without that it would have been difficult to group the 38 nations together into a common strategy. In fact, if the forces of 38 nation had marched into Iraq in Jan 1991, who knows what the consequence  and chain effect could have evolved today for the whole Middle East region, especially, if my hypothesis about human brains being affected by the comet energy were remotely correct. The research of Halley Comet's disturbance is a scientifically valid study because life and evolution on earth are governed by solar field energies. Also by close examination of the last few visits of Halley comet, there appears to be a second wave of impact, which is even more devastating. For instance the previous Halley Comet arrival around 1910 seemed to have added oil to the flame of first world war, which then carried effects onto the much wider 2nd world war. The 2nd World War started off with conventional weapons but eventually escalated to the use of first nuclear bomb. 

Any way, This letter was timely written and using the same young friend again as addressee. Who was this friend? This friend was a real person, a young friend with whom I did correspond previously, and whose name I had now conveniently used to cushion off the impact of directly addressing the leader of a nation. But the letter was written with intent to be presented to the paramount leader Deng Xiao Ping... Astrology was also the super instrument used in both letters to avoid direct political impact and provide hints. However, this letter was not meant for Deng Xiao-Ping alone, it was hopefully intended for international politicians as well. So, some copies in original Chinese language were sent to Beijing, which were duly delivered to Mr. Deng himself. Some original and translations copies were dispatched in Hong Kong and U.S.A. (including CNN) and Germany. Because this writing appeared just in time of crisis and because it did contain warnings and suggestions, it was quickly passed on to various political channels. By Jan 1991, it appeared that rumors had reached President Bush (Senior) who made a remark on TV in early Jan of 1991about "Psychic Prediction" being potentially dangerous. 

But by late Jan 1991 President Bush was happy to talk about something called the "New World Order" which reflected the contents of this letter. This letter was also the talk of certain circles in Beijing, Hong Kong and else where, although it was never officially published .... In any case, this letter contained a number of analysis and hints for the problems the world was facing at the time. It was also the first gentle persuasion for the peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians ... So persuasive that some of the phrases in this letter had actually become the theme and philosophy used during the last days of Gaza peace talks towards end of Sept 1993, shortly before peace treaty were successfully signed in Washington. It was not surprising, for after two generations of blood-shed and hatred, words of peace would be hard to find. These pages of message from a completely non-political source could be revealing not only in the case of Israel-Palestinian struggles, but also for many future human struggles yet to come…..

So, by end of Jan 1991, President Bush (Senior) declared that American actions in the Gulf were "without territorial ambitions” (similar to my words again) and that the Gulf war would be over in a very short time. Suddenly a "New World Order" was born to the world (some years later President Bush, senior, was asked about what happened to New World Order, his reply was "It was too euphorical"). The rest followed suit. i.e., the global control of Atom Bombs, the increased responsibilities of the United Nations, the question of Human Rights, the Middle East peace negotiations, the re-emergence of Deng Xiao Ping in China, the Chinese recognition of State of Israel and their promised offer to help the Middle East peace efforts, etc., etc.. All these manifested into actions and the world narrowly passed a danger point at the Gulf during the peak influence of Halley Comet. 

Consequently, Saddam was no more such an important threat and the half million soldiers and the huge ground war machines were never used in the Gulf, with the exception of the air power… In the meantime, Deng Xiao-Ping did re-emerge to open up China with broader steps (again my words) and launch the Market Economy. At end of May 1992, Gorbachev was invited to the USA and was awarded the Peace Award by President Bush (senior).  Americans proclaimed that day to be “ Gorbachev Day “. Gorby stood under the bronze statue of Winston Churchill and spoke for one hour where Churchill delivered his famous speech “ Iron Curtain “ in 1946. Gorby talked of the global control of Atom Bombs, about the ideas of a future World Government (He was still pushing hard for the World Government in 1998) and about the New World Order (some ideas suggested in this letter). Gorby also agreed that mankind has come to the point when ideology and principles of politics and wars should undergo a complete rethinking (also mentioned in this letter).

It is estimated from subsequent news medias that the essence of this letter had probably been passed onto quite a number of leaders (38 allied nations, plus Gorbachev, Israel and China, but not including any Arab Nations) at the time of Gulf War, but without revealing the origin of authorship. It appears that this writing was probably instrumental in the decision to control the explosive nature of war at the 1990 Gulf emergency (38 nation allies and half a million soldiers did not tread on Iraqi land). On Oct 22nd 1993, President Clinton declared that the Gaza Peace talk had been successful and that 48 nations had donated cash to support such a conclusion. Clinton also reported that King Hussein of Jordan had played a vital role in the success of the talks (a direct suggestion of this letter calling for King of Jordan to mediate). A few days before, on Sept 26th 1993, London BBC reported that the theme used during the final Israel-Palestine peace talks was "... The shortest distance between two points is the straight line..." (also words of this letter) ... 

I also think that the words from Nostradamus predictions have been extraordinarily alarming. Obviously, after two generations of bloodshed and hatred, words of peace and recognition would be more than precious to find. Hints of persuasion and revelation from a completely neutral source could be useful, not only for the Israel-Palestine talks, but also should be useful for similar future international negotiations, such as prevailing talks with North Korea (control of nuclear weapon), and other pressing conflicts, needs and aspirations of our age... Why? Because pretty soon human race would be up to the neck with the excess of conventional and nuclear weapons, the choice is between annihilation or negotiation... It's hard not to believe that since the bomb devastated Hiroshima, by now half a century has passed, even the smallest national defense ministry on earth must have already acquired those antique knowledge of how to detonate a simple and dirty nuclear device!... Indeed, heroic warriors who fought with swords and arrows face to face are no more, and gallantry is long dead. Nowadays, it's all done by pushing a button in complete safety, or from space, or by a telephone command and an unknown number of beautiful life would be wiped out....    

The 2nd letter begins

"Dear D----, 

" Before I move my factory into the mainland, I would like to write a little more predictive and philosophical material for your reference. Then I will write no more, as I would like to conclude all my world wide social forecasts, which I have been giving to you over the last nine years, for I will now begin a new life and new work for myself. I shall add in this letter a few more forecasts of world events. So, all together within the last 12 months, I would have made over 100 predictions (or forecasts) in one series both in English and in Chinese languages. Together with other similar forecasts that I have made for you over the years, I would have done enough to prove that even social events are pre-destined, as it is possible to foretell them to such an extent that the actual dates of future world events can be accurately calculated and foretold. One of these days I shall try to put down some of the relevant predictive techniques, theories and explanations...

"The forecasts in my letter of 12.6.89, as well as all my political forecasts of that year were more or less all accurate. Some weather forecasts differ by two or three days (basing on Hong Kong time). Three forecasts of Earth Quake all materialized . Once on the very day of my forecast (2.19.1990) when 3 Quakes took place (Volcanoes in Japan and Hawaii, and Earthquake in Australia) on that day. One quake I had missed by 10 days. There were two additional Quakes which I did not forecast, but they all occurred in that forecasted period. Later I suddenly realized that in the last few years, some parts of the earth crust have been much weakened by years of cosmic induced pressure. Any small additional change of pressure from the planetary force field could touch off earth quakes, specially between 1989 to beginning of 1994. Such chances might decrease in the years following 1994. In my view, this is because of the disturbance brought by Halley Comet. This Comet has a strange effect on earth. It travels in a very elongated locus and spends most of its 76 years cycle at the outer domains away from the solar system. When it comes into the Solar System, it disturbs the established balance in the force field of each Solar Planet, thus affecting the entire Solar system. When it comes even nearer, its volume increases and it also directly disturbs the cosmic force field of our Earth. The results are surges of very complex inter-planetary flux of influences both directly and indirectly, particularly at the moment of it’s departure and afterwards. I believe Halley's effect starts already some 2 decades before its arrival to Earth, but its departure creates an effect of drag, which is much stronger than its approach.. This drag would reach a peak roughly between the 8th to 10th years after the Comet’s departure. (Note:- So far no recognized scientific theory on earth-quake has been established yet. My theory is based on certain effects of solar energy field derived from astrology, which is in turn based on astronomy, but it becomes much more complicated when the cause contributed by earth is added. Astrology in the recent years has become a curriculum in one university and research subject of many universities. It studies the inter-planetary changes of positions within the solar system and their effects on human activities and environmental events)

"Besides this, in the recent years the comet effect might have been magnified the Green House Effect, created by greatly increased industrialization, and thus brought up the Earth environmental temperature even higher. So, on the earth surface, where more moisture is concentrated, there is more condensation. As a result, winters are not so cold. Regions close to the seas rains and floods are much in excess, whereas desert and inland areas, having little moisture evaporations, become drier and drier under increased temperature. Consequently, these areas suffer from years of prolonged draughts, ever since the approach of the Comet’s reaches the inside of the Solar System. I do believe that the coming of the Halley Comet does cause environmental changes and is a cause of concern. Because this Comet is not a planet, but a voluminous gaseous mass, its influences are subtle and complex. Its periodic arrival could trigger off new direction in biological evolution. However, because it comes only once in a life time, unlike the Solar planets which are with us all the time, and because unfortunately the studies of planetary influence to human life, namely astrology, is traditionally intermingled with psychic predictions, many scientists prefer to ignore it. As a result, the entry and influence of Halley Effect is left undetected by modern science, even though there are many historic records in different parts of the world, in which earlier people had expressed their fear and respect for the comet's visit.  

At any rate, this time the Comet probably brings also good effects to some particular areas, like some areas in the sub-tropics, where rain falls may be more plentiful then usual, and so the regional agriculture might benefit from such phenomena. However, disturbances in Cosmic peace not only influence the weather and earthquakes, it also influences the micro electric behavior of the human brain, and induces excitations of the mind. These influences to the human mind are simultaneous and concurrent to all people. As a rule when the micro-electronic flux of the brain is stimulated, the human habitual and rational behaviors are activated accordingly. Our social behaviors also follow in change and heightened waves. Consequently, new chances, new ideas and demands are born depending on the condition and trend of development at the time. Although the influences are varying to different individuals, due to different birth and inheritance factors, producing varying results, but the timing is the same. That’s why there are often wave like movements of social and political turbulences, followed by significant social changes and conflicts. 

Of course there are good and bad effects. Beneficial effects are, such as, breaking out of old bondages, and creating new ideas and new social constructions. Just as the Spring’s arrival, when suddenly new hopes and new lives emerge. (Note:- The Comet might have expedited China's new developments),  But changes could cause also undesirable results, such as inflations in economy, loss of faith, social unrests, wars or conflicts, perhaps even new species of viruses. Again the results depends on the conditions of the society or natural environment at the time. What’s undesirable is that once the irrational part of the human nature is provoked, it starts a chain reaction that cannot be easily understood and stopped. The only way to neutralize social unrests is through humanitarian measures. Meanwhile, an estimate for the extent of disturbances is carried out through the traditional study of astrology, as astrology is a study of solar planets' motions, in other words, the changing energies in the system and their effects on the individuals and on society. This is done through comparing past records and theories that have been accumulated for well over 4000 years (beginning in ancient Mesopotamia, today's Iraq), and then trying to predict the outcome. Although the method is still imprecise, the modern astrology uses very accurate planetary motions (called ephemeris), a definite pattern of effect may be observed. At any rate, if a society is to remain strong and stable, or to withstand, even to benefit from the powerful forces of Nature, then the political system of that society must possess the complete components of "five dimensions" (See above letter dated 12.6.1989). 

Annex-A: (Note:- All Annexes in these 2 letters were parts of the original letters but annexed at the end of the letter as supplementations. They are now repositioned following their remarks of references )

I believe that much of the greatest disturbances in the cosmic force fields of to-day comes from the changes in solar flares and the periodic arrival of the Halley Comet and other comets. Man, who lives in the environment in these force fields, is adopted to it by birth and by habit. He is unaware that he lives in a changing force field and is being driven by cosmic forces. So, when the micro-electron waves in his brains are unduly charged by strong changes in cosmic radiations, they cause irritations to his combined chemical electrical biological system and translate into behaviors accordingly, but he is usually completely unaware of it and cannot exercise control over it. At the same time, his instinctive desires, irritations, fears, urges .... all sorts of resident potentials from the raw nature are being activated. Logical and rational being may lose usual balance. In extreme case men can be driven to the extremes, even madness. Of course, it would depend on what kind of nature and DNA qualities the subject possesses ... 

The human is the most delicate and complicated being. Whenever he acts, it appears that his actions originate from a single decision making center somewhere in that person. So he is responsible for the decisions. In fact, it is not that simple. His action comes from a combination of decision making mechanisms, partly from his inherent instinct and partly from his acquired rational learning or educations. The inherent raw instinct is a continuation of animal nature since the beginning of human evolution and beyond, and the acquired rational learning has a total history of only a few thousand years. Comparing the two together, the acquired learning is so pitifully short. Therefore the human evolution is far from perfect. It is in fact still in the very early stage of development ... For a completely uneducated person, his whole life’s decision makings are practically driven by his primal instincts. His behaviors are held in place mainly by instinctive love of family, by trust of friends, by moral codes and by law. If any of these basic bondages is missing he can be very violent. 

Indeed, the history of human civilization is far too short and the progression of evolution is far too slow. There have been only a couple of sages over the thousands of years. Without implementations of education Men are still the slaves of their raw nature. In other words, the instinct is a very primitive driving force. Once it is activated, it could become blind, illogical, unbending and violent. Rationality comes only after analysis of experience which means education. Although there is also a good side to the human instinct, it must be guided with rationality through educations. Primal instinct can not be suppressed by force, or by deceit to wield its directions, otherwise it is liable to hit back or explode uncontrollably. Force and deceit can cause that very delicate human machine to be mortally wounded.... It is for that reason that the human society still need to be guided and governed by leaders of humane quality, moral standard, education and experience... The fate of human race depends on the quality of leadership, especially in the age of mass destruction.

To-day, majority of nations understand that the imperfection of human nature is a matter of course, and that it exists in every person in varying degrees. Although imperfection could be rough at times and offensive to society, yet because it comes with life, its existence cannot be denied or separated from life. So it has the right to exist along with life. Therefore, in some instance it is protected by law. If under certain circumstances nature’s imperfection takes action to satisfy its needs, while it does not breach any law or harm other people, even in cases when men of matured age agree to participate in not so noble deeds and such deeds are part of that undeniable imperfection. Then they are also protected by law. However, one thing should be remembered that is if a society regards all qualities are equal and give wrong qualities equal chance to govern, then again in the age of nuclear weapons, it becomes a risk or a threat to others.       

Unfortunately, imperfection of human nature is common to all. This phenomena should be understood, for which appropriate considerations should be given. A child makes a mistake. This child would be given forgiveness and continued education by his grown-ups to make him a useful and knowledgeable person for the future. Emotional mistakes and first experiences of life is not an exclusive privilege of the young. Matured men, even old men can also have first experience and make first mistakes. They should be given forgiveness and chances to make good too. Therefore, most nations of the world are taking lenient attitude towards human imperfection and giving them chances for correction, because many criminal offenses are the results of such human deficiency. They are part of that sub-conscious nature that are not obvious to the conscious mind, just as men live on earth but are unaware of the gravitational pull, or a doctor may not accurately diagnose his own illness. 

However, It should be strongly emphasized that men of power or authority, who deal in such human problems, should not draw decisions from their own sub-conscious nature to judge problem of this kind, because their own sub-conscious could be just as illogical and equally dangerous. So instead, they should judge from the source of strict consciousness and educated rationality, or consult experts who have specialized training and knowledge. Besides, in order to safe guard the society, legislations should be provided to prevent man of authority to misuse his power. If raw nature is rampantly used to lead society, such society will remain always primitive. It will be impossible to sort things out, except making things worst. Such society would not reach a orderly and advanced state. Historically, a great leader always leads the people to greatness and a wrong leader leads his people to wrong ends.  

Therefore, the political leaders of historically well developed society always are connoisseurs of human nature. It is important to understand human nature in order to provide appropriate fulfillment of the human need and guidance. Once the need is stabilized, the society is ready for growth and strength .... If a proper National Constitution is implemented and ratified, where human rights are protected and human nature receives appropriate fulfillment as well as conditioning. (Note: Of course, the term "human rights" should not be used as an excuse to justify unlawful or anti-social activities). This constitution will become the driving force for national stability and prosperity. The society will become a cohesive force.  Cultural life will grow out of stability, and morality will be the orders of the day ..... But then again, one single wrong leader could turn peace and security to tatters. The emphasis is therefore on the quality of leadership, and in order to guarantee such quality, the method of selection plays a major part. 

Just remember, the progression of evolution in human nature is an extremely slow process. Nature always takes millions of years to evolve. The fact that to-day the human is so much more advanced than our other animal cousins, such as the primate, is probably because our ancestors had enjoyed specially privileged environment to evolve. Similarly, amongst the humans, some are more lucky to have inherited quality DNA or develop knowledge through education. The difference could be very significant, because by natural selection a few thousand years of civilization cannot give too much improvements in the raw human nature. The brain capacities of a small child or a person in some rural communities in the world needs decades of educations. Therefore to-days’ cohesiveness of society and national strength is measured by the quantity and quality of education. The quality of people is the wealth and quality of a nation. But what's more immediately demanding is the quality of leadership and the method of selecting quality leadership...

[In Spring of 1989 Deng Xiao-Ping contended that “China’s biggest neglect in the last decade was education”. Since then the government often insists on raising the quality of the people. In the recent years, China's higher education has been advancing at an astonishing rate. Quality includes education and moral quality. It lies in the minds of people. In a modern society where competition is high, if the mind is deprived of education then life is crippled. If the mind is infected by corruption or drug, then even a giant will fall. Disruption and corruption come so easy but rebuilding often takes an eternity. Social unrests and revolutions are not always caused by poverty or external interference. They are the results of accumulated internal problems often related to moral degeneration. Judging from the momentum of social demands in about year 2009 to 2024 the world might undergo a sizable social readjustment in some regions, not because of war or poverty, but because the pressure of social and political problems have grown out of proportion. A great change in fundamental belief is impending, in fact, long over due because of the presence of the Communication Age and nuclear power. In those coming 15 years the world could indeed witness some New World Orders]

"Now let me give you three most recent examples of Halley Comet influence :-

"Halley Comet comes in every 76 years. The last time was in very end of 1910. As soon as the Comet left in 1911 the child emperor of Ching Dynasty abdicated, but there were strong internal strives. Chiang Kai-Sek started internal war in northern China, which ended in 1918. Also in 1918-1919 Spanish Avian Influenza killed 50 million people. First world war broke out, which finished also in 1918, but its consequence led to the 2nd world war.  Next, Halley Comet's earlier visit came around 1833 (the year Alfred Nobel was born. China's national strength was at historical lowest ebb). Grandma Empress of China Chu-See was having trouble with the British. Opium war broke out. Nine years later, China lost Hong Kong in the Nanking Treaty (1842). (Then a second wave of Halley impact occurred in 1850s when Hong Siu Chuan ( ) proclaimed the revolt under "The Kingdom of Heavenly Father, Heavenly Brother and Heavenly Great Peace". The revolt went on for 14 long years. The secondary wave or impact seems to be more wide spread than the first).  This was also the tempestuous period European nations were busily engaged in many colonial wars and wars between each other. Still earlier, Halley Comet visited solar system in 1757.  Soon America was to declared independence, and social conditions in Europe were heating to a boil. The French participation in the American Independence was to be followed soon by her own revolutionary movement, which began to inflame in 1766. Again this was 9 years after Halley Comet’s arrival. America declared independence in 1776, but the momentum carried on until 1789 when it exploded into the famous Great French Revolution, forming also a secondary impact. This was the 30th year the Emperor of China Chin-Lung had been enthroned. He advocated and revitalized the system of examinations for choosing government officials, thus giving the power and responsibilities to the learned Confucian scholars. Suddenly, in a strange way, the old China became effectively a democratic land. Chin-Lung’s plain cloth visit to the south of Yangtze and his interest to investigate the livelihood of the common people became an age old song and praise in Chinese history. This Emperor had completed the principal requirements for the conditions of [ five dimensions ].

No wonder his 59 years of reign were some of the heights of civilization and prosperity in the Chinese history. Undoubtedly, he had help from the Halley Comet’s stimulation. It would not have been possible otherwise ... To-day, we witness again great changes around the world, e.g. China’s open door policy, Eastern Europe and Russia’s liberalization, Western Europe’s Common Market, etc ...The whole globe has been undergoing a period of general political and economical reformations, while Africa sustains a prolong draught during the period of the Comet’s visit. To my mind, this is brought on by the Halley Comet. The peak of its first impact world wide will be over by sometime in 1994/5 which is approximately 9 years after the Comet's nearest approach (The very moment Halley Comet arrived, Reagen and Gorbachev met and embraced in Geneva at end of 1985). (Note: In 1995, at United Nations' 50th Anniversary great emphasis were given to prevention of nuclear proliferation and curtailment of international drug trade, which according to UN's statistics had exceeded the total sales of transport equipments world wide at the time. The drug cartel boss Khun Sa finally stepped down. The Cold War had at last ended. Indeed, for a moment the world seemed to have found some precious taste of relaxation and could take a breath of fresh air. This letter also timely arrived at UN)...  If nations and their political systems are healthy and humane, and if there is no destructions from war, these nations may draw from the strength of comet influences and stimulate growth and prosperity. However, as society reforms in too much stimulation, there will always be corruption and deterioration of moral standard, which could bring very serious consequences.... This time Halley Comet came (end of 1985 - beginning of 1986). Its effect of stimulation now slowly begins to reach a high point. There should be five more years to pass the final peak {See note below}. Now the pressure in the Middle East, which has been accumulating over 20 years, suddenly explodes. It should bring about great consequences affecting the whole world.

Note :- In 1994, Middle East Peace Agreement was partially put to work. Arafat had already returned to Palestine. Now South Africa discarded Apartheid. Nelson Mandela became President. Years of global political realignment following end of Cold War seemed to have passed a peak. This was around Summer of 1994 which was about 9 years after Halley Comet’s arrival. Since then the global temperatures appeared to have dropped somewhat. If the above mentioned Halley effect is true then the so called Global Warming would not be so serious as thought of up to now (end 1990). Since 1995 many astronomers have publicly discussed that the cause of Global Warming seems to be more than Carbon Dioxide, because the Earth has had periods of slight temperature rise and fall in its past history. The Halley Comet’s effects are of such periodical nature. It probably needs to be looked into more closely...  ( This note was added when the letter was sent to UN just before UN's 50th Anniversary 1995. During this occasion at UN, many important resolutions were reached by representatives of 179 nations, including nuclear proliferation prevention, global warming, human rights, dug and underworld cartel resolution, etc... The world seemed to have just passed the period of maximum disturbance 9 years after the comet arrival, namely 1985/6 to 1995).. 

Now let me give you some weather forecasts. This winter some parts of the world would be quite warm, and some areas would have excessive snows, similar to the past couple of years. In between next year’s Spring and Autumn great floods may cause calamities. Yet some areas may still have draughts. This is the general situation, as normal seasonal weather movements are aggravated by both Green House Effect and possibly the Halley Comet effect as well. In fact, the period between 7th of Feb next year  and end of Jan 1994 is also the climatic period of international political struggles and readjustments. It is also the climatic period of earth trembles. [Note :-  Exactly on Feb 7th 1991 Allied Forces started air strikes on Iraq. This letter was written at end of 1990]  

A greater tremble may occur during the Chinese Spring Festivals. If it happens in America it would not be good. But I may be wrong.  It could just be the height of a political stimulation. Beginning of April there may be big typhoons in some coastal areas. In particular from the middle to the 27th of April, rains, thunders and lightening concentrate at this point of time. Some parts of the world may suffer from great floods. About 27th of April weathers start to turn better, but winds would continue... [Note :-  In April of 1991, rains persisted in Bangladesh, causing great floods and death of about 110,000 lives. Then exactly on Aril 27th the rains stopped. The peak was over. This prediction was accurate to the day. Unfortunately the writer is not yet able to predict the location of such nature’s violence.]

In middle of May temperatures will rise, as the hot Summer arrives. From here till beginning of Oct planetary influence on the human brain strengthens. General health and the working mood should be carefully handled. Again patience is virtue. At this time young people are particularly active and excitable, while elderly people may have increased health bothers. Police are busy ....The following dates, i.e. just before May the 16th, June the 6th, around June the 24th, and before 27th of July are all dates sensitive to earth trembles. Some trembles may occur ahead of the said dates. Beginning and end of Aug winds may come to coastal areas. After this time, weather turns fine. Then about mid Sept to beginning of Oct rains pour again. This could be another flood period. After Oct the 5th the northern winds arrive. Weather will turn cool as Autumn is at hand ....There are of course other winds, rains and possibilities of earth trammels. I have only chosen the more likely dates to forecast (Note:- These predictions were not checked)

These weather forecasts are basically made for Hong Kong, but they are still partly workable for other areas, because they are calculated by planetary movements. Planetary movements do cause weather changes, but because winds and clouds are mobile, there are bound to be differences in various parts of the Earth. As for earth quakes, we know they are due to great strains built up in the interior of the earth crust. The strain cracks the Earth crust and cause the crust plates to slip and grind into each other. The Earth gravitational field is constantly being pulled and perturbed by the traveling Solar planets as they come nearer or move away. The crack occurs when the changing exterior forces cause the Earth crust to yield. Therefore the quake occurs often before the planetary forces reach the maximum. Thousands of years of astrological observations show that Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto's inter-actions in certain parts of the Ecliptic may be used to forecast Earthquakes. My forecasts are calculated according to planetary movements, therefore earth quakes or volcanoes might occur a few days ahead of my forecasts....    [Note :- There are many writings in astrology on Earth-quake. Unfortunately forecasting remains difficult. It is often complicated by unexpected interferences, such as in 1994 the 21 meteorites crashed onto Jupiter. These collisions seemed to have brought on more Earth-quakes and rain falls.]  

This is my third series of weather forecasts I have made for you so far. Through the combined materials of the three series, perhaps it would prove that astrological weather forecasts are largely possible. In fact, if such methods can be used, then it is possible to forecast ahead for a few years, even couple of decades.

In my 6th Dec 1989 letter, I mentioned that “The situations and political tendencies of the present days' international developments are, in fact, heading for a complete re-orientation in regard to the principles of war and politic“..  [Note  :- April 1995 Communist Parties of 20 nations assembled in India’s Bengal province. The theme was revision of ideology. Same month, 172 nation conjugated in Cairo for Nuclear Weapon Proliferation Prevention. USA Secretary of State Warren Christopher called it “The most important treaty in history”. Since this letter was written, the United Nations had increased greatly its global responsibilities. At UN’s 50th Anniversary, 179 national heads assembled in one hall, symbolizing the importance of UN’s future role. On Dec 13th 1996 Mr. Kofi Annen was elected as the new UN Chief. Mr. Annen is doing his best to reform the UN. This was part of the "complete re-orientation" referred to above. The first peak of Halley influence seemed to be over 9 years after its arrival]  

I should have said more clearly “Two World Wars and nearly half a century of Cold War have not proven anything except utter waste and human misbelief. Everybody has lost something and no one has won anything. Now thousands of Atom bombs cannot be used. Our leaders have arrived at the Cu de Sac and are about to turn back. Future heroic poems are to be written not about the ghosts of battle field, but about the spirits of the negotiation table“ ….. To-day’s Middle East situation has bought up the need to talk onto the surface.... Ever since the beginning of human history till the European Industrial Revolution, the might of war that created political power had always been executed through human physical strength, therefore idols of kings, warriors and heroes were worshipped. At the same time these idols and their personal interests became a necessity for protection. By the time of European Industrial Revolution, the might of war became idealized and mechanized. It required technologies and group effort to make war, therefore political power fell into the hands of political parties. Political theories became the fundamental belief and worship (the power of kings thus slowly dwindled to the point of no return), and the object to be protected became the nation and the party. Both world wars were caused because of that. To-day the evolution of human history is approaching a new era. I said in the 1st letter that “ mankind has finally reached the induced safety under the threats of total annihilation from nuclear war “. Not only this, but to-day’s economic systems, energy sources, foods, traffics and communications, technologies, ecological and environmental necessities .... are all inter-dependent for existence. The world 30 to 50 years from now will be even more inter-related and inter-dependent. If the balance for coexistence is broken, a chain reaction could occur. Those who cause that could receive self inflicting injuries. 

Therefore, the more war becomes massive and destructive, the less possibilities of its occurrence ( Of course limited regional conflicts will still occur ). This is the reason why the rationality of wars and politics must be totally revised now ( new orders are coming into existence). It seems in this recent time, signs of change are becoming obvious. East European nations have destroyed dominating ideology and political power has returned to people. From here on the policy of major wars cannot come from one single concentration of power. Conflicts cannot be so dangerous. Thus immediately large reduction of arms between USA and Soviet Union became possible. The whole European communities are joyous. 40 years of fear, and stress of cold war, disappear over night into history. This is the iron proof for the need of true democracy, because in this nuclear age, the destructive power of war threatens every being on earth, therefore now the political decision making power must be returned to the global inhabitants (Note:- Democracy can and does limit the random will of dictators and past rulers, but many wars and world wars still occurred under democratic systems. Even the demand of democracy could cause conflict and instability. I have no wish whatsoever to be a cause for the possible demand of democracy, or even to be suggestive that Western democracy is the best choice of political systems. In fact, what I referred to above was not Western democracy, but democracy in its true state, i.e. true People's Rule, not party rule.  At the time of writing, the atmosphere was explosive, all I tried to do was to mediate between the extremes of political ideologies. So, on the one hand I will admit that I have over praised the merits of democracy. On the other, I have taken some efforts to describe the political culture and the emphasis on quality leadership in the Chinese history. There is definitely something worthwhile knowing about China's 5000 years of peaceful civilization, because of which China never invaded another nation, even though in her hay days she had all the man power, know how, facility and opportunity to do it. What were the reasons?  Please read discussions in the 1st letter dated 6th Dec 1989 [the other page], which presents the historical view on the emphasis of humane leadership and compares democracy to selection of leadership quality)......

Upon examination of history, all invasive, or offensive wars that occurred over the last two thousand years, never once was the wish of the populations, and never once was organized by the populations. All such wars were the decisions that originated from the center of a concentrated political will power. On the contrary, all anti-invasion or defensive wars are fought and organized through the will of the entire grass roots. In short, it is quite safe to say that wars are caused by dictatorship or wrong leadership (including democratic leadership). If this is not thoroughly perceived, there will never be peace on earth. So, within the 21st century, or even before that, human civilization may still have a chance of being destroyed by nuclear war....... Unfortunately, now war fire flares in the Gulf already. Again it is one of those heroic dictator type who brings his own people into the path of destruction, and push the world into the danger and tension of nuclear warfare. This is why an organization that is capable of effectively controlling and conditioning all nations of the world must be brought into being. This is United Nations of the Future (Note:- This 1990 suggestion probably added some energy on the Prevention for Nuclear Weapon Proliferation ). 

Further more, people of all nations should only allow wisdom and rationality to be their leadership and not ambitions, greed, and prides as well as historical hatreds, nor any such motivations from emotional origin. Righteousness, global prosperity and humanitarianism are fine motives for leaderships. Perhaps one day such a global political power entity might begin to come into being. Perhaps someday its power might come from the votes and ballots of the entire global inhabitants. I visualize the establishment of a system for global military actions, global nuclear controls and even a global Constitution ....   [Note:- The theme and sentiments of this paragraph and other points of discussion in this writing was expressed in President Bush’s "New World Orders". On May 6th 1992, Gorbachev went to US receive his Peace Prize, He stood under the bronze statue of Churchill and spoke of a "World Government. This paragraph also reflected quality of leadership discussed in the 1st letter. It is also imperative to point out that democratic systems in some countries are not necessarily "true democracy" or "democratic ideals" as the name implies. "True Democracy" just as "True Communism" have not yet existed in practice anywhere in the world, nor at any time in history. Big words are often very alluring but no necessarily practical or real. Voting is of course an expression of choice, but more important is to distinguish whether your choice is the best out of all possibilities or just a limited number of possibilities. If the choices are limited (or in many cases just two candidates), then you have no choice but to choose what's given. In which case, you might as well let a trusted team of experts choose for you. So much energy and propaganda through world wise medias have been whipped up to convince the voter that he enjoys the sacred rights to choose his national leader under democracy, but none of such seemingly convincing push explains that the voter has only the right to choose usually one out of the 2 candidates already chosen by their political parties. Don't you think that's a little bit misleading? So if there are only 2 choices out hundreds of millions, how is it possible for people to make the right choice? And so why bother in the first place? It can only mean that usually, if not always, more than half of the population has not voted for that leader, that is when the under aged, over aged, criminally disqualified and those absent or unwilling to vote are counted in.... So, democracy doesn't even need to respect simple majority! How could the majority be happy about the outcome of election, and can the nation be at peace? Besides, there are no mechanisms, not even emphasis on filtering the qualities of leadership. Pure popular choice could someday put a comedian in charge of national destiny or the fate of other nations].

Whether the birth of this centralized control under such global democratic and quality human directive can materialize is still too early to say, but obviously the materialization of a future global authority under global constitution is a must and an act of nature. Specially in the fast approaching 21st Century, when nuclear energies will become the main support of life on earth. The control of wars and protections of humanity will become a task that must be fulfilled (During UN's 50th anniversary and thereafter, the question of Nuclear Proliferation Prevention has been continuously reiterated).  

Problems in the Middle East seem far away. Yet in many ways our lives are affected. About 12 years ago, I felt the urge to make political forecasts, and to tell my friends the predictive materials that I have gained. Nine years ago when I gave you forecasts about the Middle East, Hong Kong and China, my mind was stilled muddled. I could not see clearly the whole thing, but I felt the importance of the possibilities that were coming up. The Middle East is a big Time Bomb. It could set off other smaller time bombs elsewhere (it has been true and still is!). Then I saw the possible influence of the Halley Comet. It's a fact that the human brain, if sufficiently excited by cosmic forces, can lose its normal behaviors. Small things can end up big. Internal politics could bring external interferences. External actions could also induce internal reactions. Regional tensions could chain react wide scale fears. Fears and tensions always give way to actions. In the end, the results are the same. If it is allowed to escalate, it could still turn into a global danger. However, since Middle East problem changed into an open conflict and the conflict was brought to United Nations for joint actions. I knew that the Arab-Israel conflicts could be solved. These major problems now have fallen into good hands and come up into the open. Before long the China situation will also come under beneficial influence. My political forecasts can now come into a close..... 

The Middle East situation can be brought under control, because I understand the Western Culture, history, politics and level of educations. Their social structures and the will power to launch and withdraw from wars over the past few hundred years have shown some degree of restrain. The memories of World War II have given the political motives and controls into the hands of people (See Annex-B below) I do not believe that man like Hitler could ever appear again.. On the Contrary, I am rather worried about our own area.... Fortunately our society has started on its way. Now as the Middle East problems open up, attentions are centralized on the Middle East. There are so much to see and learn in the coming years. There are good chances for this region to march forward all the way. (Indeed, after this letter China did march forward all the way towards her historic modernization, although at the time of writing the trend was hardly visible). There are still severe problems, but these are the problems that the politicians must face and I have no need to use forecast to prove my points....  However, just before I sign off, I would just take this opportunity to say a few words about planetary influence on human beings and human society as well as a few more discussions on some social matters from my personal point of view. In addition, I shall try to give you one more year of forecasts for the sake of astrology. Thereafter, unless there is special need, I shall not make any more open forecasts ....  


Any society, no matter in political or economical life, if it can function well in this scientific modern time with an orderly manner, it must have the appropriate scientific and modern facilities to do so. There are many so called “Developed Nations”, which can undertake responsibilities in an stable and efficient way relatively free of set-backs. Primarily it is due to the better designs in their social structures and their capacity to execute functions in an automatic, smooth and continuous manner. On the other hand, any political system once loses its predictability or automatic functions, the consequences are inevitably very explosive and severe. Of course, in every stable society, there is a political system that can function automatically on its own and with safety device as well. Each such society has its own design according to their inherited cultural conditions and requirements. (Note: This was written in 1990. Even then I never thought that the transfer of a different political ideology could exist and prosper in peace without the support of regionally inherited cultural conditions and requirements).    

Nowadays, a lot of young and hot blooded patriots have little patience and understanding, who wish to have the same good things that others have straight away. Unfortunately their historic back grounds do not allow that. So they become quite enraged. Of course, young peoples are like the beautiful spring of a society. Certainly, they are the sprout of to-morrow’s world and the natural driving force for the growth and renewal of a society, but they still lack the understanding of nature’s evolution  .... When a balloon is put up into the air, certain amount of lifting gas must be pumped into it. If too much is pumped, it will just burst open. The trick is to get the ball up in the air and still does not let it burst it away. Then certain skills and know-how are needed. Although it is difficult, but it could be done. It is important to construct a good social system. For if there is no workable system, then there will be no workable society. If there is no agreeable system, then there can be no agreeable society. Still, it cannot be achieved with greed, with impatience and without matching the historical developments. It can only be done in appropriate time under given environmental conditions. What’s more, there should be a human consensus too. This is where the principle of [Five Dimensions] may serve as a reference ......... 

The principle is particularly difficult but important for a nation of great size. Particular emphasis should be given to “location”, which means attentions and measures should be directed to different conditions in various environments. A small nation may have smaller regional problems but quite distinctive of its own needs. A large country usually has large and profound problems. The problems increase with the size of the country and should be addressed accordingly ...... (in saying that the writer later felt the responsibility to point out the defects of Western style democracy, which might be incorporated within the "One Country Two System" concept, which was hastily agreed by China for Hong Kong soon after this letter). In a similar but larger scenario, the world has its regional problems too. The Russians and the East Europeans as a whole have roots that stemmed from the Christian and Socialistic origins. These roots are deep. Therefore, in order to re-design or to develop into a stabilized new system, they need probably 15 years’ time. The Chinese and many other South East Asian people have roots that stemmed mainly from the Buddhist and Confucian origins. Such roots are deep too. They cannot be altered too quickly, but they can be optimized with modern ideas. They may need 15 years just to come up with a blue print, which is still different but may work with the rest of the world. The East leans more on self-awareness and is more philosophical. The West leans more on the legal formulation and therefore is more mechanical. The difference needs to be understood and accepted in order to co-exist. Both sides are not perfect. Due to historic difference in time and placement they shall remain different and even distant from each other, but in due time they can learn to tune into each other's frequency to achieve orchestration and harmony for the benefit of all peoples. But this need time…(Note: This is of fundamental importance to Hong Kong, as she has barely experienced her own autonomous governance a few years ago. She must step forward with extreme care and caution, and each step should touch solid ground before the next step. It is also important for the world to understand that political systems, religious beliefs, and cultural ways of life are direct results of background historical developments and cannot be imported or exported over night at random or by the will of another nation. ).   

(I remember it was 1983 or 84, when I wrote to you that the present legal systems in the world are too mechanical. In most cases, such system can only judge from the “activity” of a law offender and then impose penalties accordingly, but when it comes to “ethics” or "morale" of the case, then the system becomes desperately inadequate. The percentages of such cases are very high. Often the intention of offense is clearly criminal, but the law cannot fulfill the need of moral justice. The system becomes the protection for the moral offenders. So I fantasized the invention of an “Moral Court” to be superimposed on the existing Court of Law. Under certain circumstances, or certain cases, this extra tool could be implemented when the moral aspect of a case becomes important. As some Chinese and other Asian people are still attached to traditional moral values, which have always been part of the education. In many legal matters, to render judgment alone on a technical aspect cannot provide justification and sufficient satisfaction. And when such undesirable energies are not dissipated, they often turn into a violent explosion. As civilization evolves, it always move towards self awareness, and therefore, ultimately morality. A moral society is a self adjusting society and an automatic one, but it becomes so, only when civilization is highly evolved, an utopian state ).

I see that China has at least five more years of heaven given opportunities to continue tremendous and rapid social reforms before she embark on her intended destiny. She would also have the opportunity to play an important role in the international political theater. During the said next 5 years time of great change, stability of life would not come easy ..... But the future, judging from a historical point of view, since the Six Day War till now, the evolution of Middle Eastern cause have been the important cross-linking stimulant for this historic change in China. It has already brought 18 years of open door policy. But the biggest influence is yet to come. In my view, this social change is so far still too cautious. Small and medium changes are easy to make. Economy can also improve as a matter of course. Social wealth will improve as well. Yet there are much greater problems awaiting solutions. If no broader steps are taken, then judging from to-day’s world wide political turbulence, it would appear that good economic opportunities, if any at all, are still quite limited.

Reflection:- The above analysis represents a crucial moment in Chinese history when Deng Xiao Ping decided it was time to open up China with maximum efforts, speed and boldness. He must have realized that once it got started, there would be no return. Thankfully he decided to take action that just in the nick of time as he was at the peak of his influence and  would soon pass into history. Even at such advanced age, close to 90, this historic leader went to work on his last book and laid down his thoughts and guidance before he passed away. He had given his energy and a part of his life, about 70 years, which is almost an average length of life, to revolution and modernization of China. He had stridden through imperial dynasty, republic times, Sino-Japan war, two world wars and more. Who could match his experiences? As far as this writer was concerned, such nick of time also represented the timely influence of Halley comet, because had there been more hesitation at the time, the cosmic energies would have dispersed and probably turned negative. 

So, on Jan 12th 1996 China timely concluded the negotiations with Britain for smooth transition of Hong Kong. The thorny long journey reached a smooth road. From the date of this letter till 1996 it did take five years. In these 5 years international situation was favorable for China’s economical leap forward. So after a long period of absence from political scene and having concentrated in completing his last book Deng Xiao-Ping finally reemerged in Shen Zhen on Jan 19th 1992. On this occasion he launched the Market Economy and declared that “Open Door Policy needs more courage. Experimentations should be brave. Once the direction is set, it is time to step forward bravely. If there is no risks, or no enthusiasm, it will be impossible to break new path and achieve new goals…. ”. This verifies this writer’s prediction that “It seems that not long from now this old but precious sword must be unsheathed to cut open new paths once again and to boldly pioneer the final broad way. He must work hard till 1992 Spring before he could take a snap rest……". The predicted timing was right too. Only the smooth transaction of Hong Kong's sovereignty was achieved through the quickly agreeing to "One Country Two System" (probably with Taiwan in mind). That's why the Hong Kong lovers and Hong Kong people must now take up the responsibilities on their own shoulders to construct not just a Western Style Democracy but an improved Hong Kong Style Democracy.  

Last year Dec, in the depth of a seemingly endless dark night, I boldly predicted to you in my letter (the above first letter dated Dec 6th 1989) that “on Jan 14th and onwards, the leadership of the Mainland may begin important new discussions. These may have to do with freedom, democracy and humanitarianism, influenced by the ideological realities in the Eastern Europe“. I separate the present Chinese question into three periods of evolution. The first is Jan 14th of this year (Gorbachev declared fundamental political change in the Soviet constitutions). The second is early Nov this year (Soviet Union's resolution to turn completely to market economy, plus the influence brought by results of conflict in the Middle East). The last stage would be Jan the 12th of 1996 (Also Middle East conflicts would be over, the world has already been changed)..    

Reflection :- 1990 Jan 13th mid-night Russia started her un-retrievable march by adopting the Multi-Party system. On Feb 4th 1990 she discarded her old Constitutions. On 1996 Jan 12th British Foreign Minister Malcham Ripken celebrated successful conclusion of Sino-British negotiations in Beijing. From this point on, Hong Kong’s smooth transition became a promise. All these prediction were accurate. Although the Middle Easter conflict relapsed into confrontation following the assassination of Itzak Rabin, it had become less violent. I do believe that rationality will finally prevail and a solution is faintly within sight.     

Of course, This is only an astrological vision, but there are also logics in what I say .... On examination of to-day’s world situations, Eastern Europe and Soviet Union have made up their minds to go through great risks at all costs for the quest of their new lives. This main direction is fixed. This, in the minds of most Chinese people, is bound to have some influences. Then again, on examination of political directives which were publicly declared in 1987/88 (under Zau Tse-Yang). These directives, prior to declaration, must have undergone considerations and received general consent at the time. Later on, their suspension and sudden retreat must also have serious reasons. So, the situation of China, in these great political weathers of our time, is like a big old house needing repairs, but cannot get it started. As the storms roar, it is rashly supported by temporary columns to stand upright. However, the bigger job still has to be done (Note:- There had been some strong differences of ideas and hesitancy amongst the older members of government and party, until this "precious sword", meaning Deng Xiao Ping, was unsheathed and hacked away the thorny path into smooth roads. The episode lasted until 1992 when Deng Xiao Ping re-emerged in Shen-Zhen to declare Market Economy and urge the nation to go forward in broader steps. This was the declaration that the "temporary columns" had been replaced with brand new ones.). To-day, in this writing, which consists of half astrological forecasts and half logical derivation, I have decided to boldly bring up some hard materials for honest discussions and purpose of reference. I believe they are useful for the Chinese people. However, as forecast materials are difficult for the majority to perceive and understand, misunderstandings could arise, therefore, apart from my wish to prove the science and reality of Astrological predictions, other matters, I have only lightly touched their surface.  

In my 6.12.89 letter I have also mentioned “ recently people everywhere are behaving just like headless chickens. They have become all legs, running aimlessly with such urgency to nowhere “ .... Of course this is just a blown-up description, but it has something to do with my theory of Halley effect acting on the micro-electric waves of the human brain. As you may have observed, some human brains under years of planetary excitations have finally caused troubles. The present Middle East situation, because of one Saddam Hussein's illogical actions, threatens the whole world’s peaceful balance. It cannot be estimated now how many innocent lives would be sacrificed in the months and years to come. According to my forecast, planetary excitations have not yet reached the peak. It still has a long time to go (Well, it has happened! But how long and how much more?). Now that irrational actions have been started, it could be already out of control. Many political leaders, who are already involved, have no way of knowing that they too are subjected to the strong cosmic influences. They are in danger of making miscalculations. Other political leaders, also under similar cosmic influences, are equally unaware of nature’s forces yet. The humankind once again enters a dilemma. Once inside, it is difficult to get out. Some political leaders, consciously or unconsciously motivated by their ambition and emotions, would gamble with the lives and hopes of their people (including those of their own children). Yet none of them knows exactly what end results his actions might bring. (Reflection:- These warnings probably had some effect on holding the 38 nations of allied forces from charging into Iraq during the Gulf War in Jan 1991. But indeed Saddam's children were affected and his own fate is still unknown 15 years after his gamble. In 1918 Germany lost the first world war, which brought on the second world war. Now Iraq is experiencing the second Gulf war, the reverberations will continue until final peace settles down, which is still far from sight. But would the imposition of confronting and power grabbing parties system in the so called democracy induce peace in the land of Iraq? )   

Of course, to sacrifice for the sake of self-defense is justifiable, but once one loses his own righteousness, how can mere words justify action? (This should always be a consideration) .... Since the establishment of the United Nations, there have been quite a few conflicts of wars. The United Nations has, so far, always stood between the conflicting parties, exerting influence of peace and negotiation, but this time she has herself become one of the parties (Note: Unfortunately no one noticed my words as something did happened to UN officials in Iraq. If the UN were turned into a political tool for one side, it would plunge the world into a tragic and uncontrollable confusion. What could be the consequence then?). The Americans, British, French and even the Russians are also on that side. In fact, all the world heavy weights are concentrated on that side. Yet hidden amidst the Middle Eastern conflicts are enormous unpredictable possibilities of chain reaction (unfortunately this was not foreseen by the parties involved). Now the Western nations must forge ahead or they will have to retreat. The situation is a stalemate. Perhaps there is such a thing as the End of World after all.... 

Perhaps now the Chinese have the chance to shuttle between the involved parties, holding high the banner of humanitarianism, using their experience from five thousand years of humanistic culture and their genuine desire for peace, to act as the cushion between those parties. They have a chance to earn a page in the human history as a peace maker. In my view, this man Saddam Hussein is determined to make the gamble. You just wait and see! Western nations can not withdraw either (Reflection:- I was right. These words were written on 5th Dec1990. Saddam's persistence did prove to be suicidal. China has been trying hard to make friends with everybody. Recently Chinese diplomat are working to mediate between the US and North Korea over nuclear weapons. All these words were not just predictions, they were gentle persuasions too! ). It seems that, the so called creature of the highest order of intelligence, the human, is once again caught in the battle against his own nature (And against his own kind). It is now the time that someone or something should happen to defuse the situation, before it gets blown up too big and out of control. (This was hinting that Halley's influence might affect normal human nature and render it out of control, or become suicidal)

In the recent years, three influential men appear in the Middle Eastern scene. One was the late Komani of Iran. He was a deep, strict and persistent religious leader. When the district needed strength, it was he who generated the religious energy. Although he is gone, but his influence remains strong. Another man is king Hussein of Jordan. This is also a determined leader with faith in his belief, but so far he has no chance to show it. This man, because of his family education and the influences of his environments as well as the unfortunate experiences in his family, has sense of duty and compassion in his heart. He really wants to care his people. The third man is Saddam of Iraq. This man is a cranky power genius. He is not a religious fanatic, believing only in science (Note:- Around March of 1991, Saddam Hussein answered this by publicly denying that he believed only in science and portrayed himself as a religious man) having a pretty sharp and fast brain, but he also has a distorted and violent nature. This man is capable of sudden decisions and actions, sometimes approaching dangerous proportions. Outwardly he looks stable, but inwardly tough and violent. He is unpredictable. Those, who do not know him, admire him. Those, who know him, fear him. There is something young in his temperaments. He likes clever and lively assistances. He can be quite fresh, but at times uncontrollable and always stubborn. Therefore, in truth he is a cranky dictator, possessing ability to execute and an unyielding authority. Thus he and that strict and persistent Komani became the exact opposition ....  (Saddam had been clever all his life, but his brain turned into jelly the very moment Halley effect hit him. I have just seen, between 9 to 10 PM on 23rd Sept 2005, on World channel of Hong Kong ATV station a science film, which showed various scientists and doctors were researching on human brains by passing a small dose of electromagnetic signal through it and observing definite changes in brain behaviors, such as seeing holy or unholy visions. Sudden increase of electromagnetic charges to the brain can drive humans or animals mad, or to commit suicidal acts ).       

As the Middle Eastern situation is brewing up to a boil, the Eastern Europe cracked, Saddam jumped to action with pre-determination to stir up the world. That’s why he would not be persuaded. But he is a crank, so he lost his righteous standing and became an object for attack, thus involuntarily giving allied nations a rightfulness and convenience to enter and solve the long term problems of that region, and perhaps at the same time, to save a lot of lives on the long run (Unfortunately it didn't turn out that way!). Otherwise, as time goes on, the situation in the area could get much worst (It still could!). As for King Hussein, although he is not a heroic type of man. Neither is he a genius, but he does have care and hope in his heart. In the end, he would stand for humanitarianism as well as just and fair negotiations. If one day the Middle East situations get out of control, he may very well be their savior..... and Saddam Hussein, temporarily because he is that threat of peace, gripping mankind by the neck, has become the distorted hero of the day. He is now forcing every influential and prominent politicians to come out of retirement to visit him in his home and persuade him to retreat from Kuwait (these words were written roughly 2 months before allied force bombed Iraq). Someday when the Israel problem is solved, he must finally face his punishment and be responsible for the consequences of his devious intentions ...... (Note:- In Aug 2005 Israel is scheduled to withdraw from Gaza, and probably Saddam will be put to face trial right after that. Nature works things miraculously!

Saddam Hussein's action to-day is once again a classic example. He is the worst kind of dictator. He does not need the public consent or support of his people to send an army to invade a neighboring nation. He ignores whatever world wide advice and criticism (Hopefully he is the only one around!). He knows he is facing impossible odds, but he would rather plunge his people and nation into destruction. Now a big part of the world is on his back. He has done wrong. He and his people are bound to be punished. Still he went ahead and despite the odds, he prefers to persist to the end ( I have just described how stubborn Saddam was, and again hopefully he was the only one! As I was writing in 1990 just before the Gulf War, I could already see what danger he was in, but Saddam, like the stone throwing kids in Gaza, or the whales chose the suicidal path ). People’s lives and properties become the stakes of his gamble. Almost all the prominent retired world leaders reasoned with him, but he ignored them. He ignored also the resolutions of the United nations. Soon his country will be burning up in fire (Note:- Just before New Year of 1991, about a month after this letter, Saddam announced that his defense preparations were complete and ready for war. That war lasted only a few days before it was all over). Bullets, bombs, rockets, and missiles are ready to destroy innocent lives. Historic achievements, and hopes for the future generations are threatened. Despite all these, the emotions of his war propagandas continue to drive his army towards destruction. His people have no say and no choice at all (War always tend to escalate with unpredictable consequence. Those war makers who think they can make a limited war will be in for big surprise. Conventional war can chain react into nuclear war and allied war efforts are in fact small world wars, which can also lead to terminal retaliations. Wars stop only when human brain and heart, not weapons, want to stop war. Therefore, if humans do not want to stop nuclear wars, then treaties for prevention of nuclear weapons are obviously never enough. The parties who initiate the limitation of weapons must also limit their own weapon production. But obviously some international measures must be instituted to prevent the initiation of war. For without someone to initiate a war, then there will be no fear and no reason to escalate or chain react more violence)  .

Therefore, as long as there are such dictators in this world, people will never be safe. Further more, if war spreads out of control, nuclear weapons appear, then all of us (including you and me) would be sacrificed too ..... That’s why the concept of war and politics must come under total review ( No one can afford to watch in silence). If Saddam wants to be the hero of the Middle East, he has right to endanger himself, but he has no right to sacrifice others. That's why United Nations must take charge of some control. That's why the whole world cries out for peace. One of these days, the people on this Earth will rise. They will not permit private lives or national resources to be used for political experiments or as gambling stakes of war, or big profits to be made from war efforts. Wars are allowed only in the case of proven national defense .....

Now I will write some forecasts as I discuss other things with you at the same time. On about Nov 25th the international community’s pressure on Saddam will reach a certain height. After this Iraq will step up political strategies. Many nations, including Canada and Iran will enter the swirl, and the United Nations become red hot until a peak is reached at Christmas. By New Year Saddam would have completed his defense strategy, but he will not pull out of Kuwait (Note:- See Note above. What happened was exactly as predicted!). Now Israel comes under tension. Situation will relax a couple of days during New Year, then the high tension will resume. There will be an eclipse of the Sun on the 16th of Jan. This is the main fuse for the explosion (Note:- On this very day, 16th Jan 1991, an ultimatum was given to Saddam Hussein). Meanwhile, international politics continue to increase temperature. By early Feb there will be a lot of activities at the United Nations. Certain important decisions are to be made. Then United States enters an atmosphere of high tension .... Meanwhile, before mid Jan Gorbachev’s days are long and tough, as internal and external politics reach a high point. Finally, in Mid Jan Russia will plunge into a new life {Reflection:- In the night of Jan 13th 1991, Russia opted for Multi-Party system and in the mid-night of 4th Feb Russian Congress abolished part of old Constitution}

From here on Russia will accept that rather unknown fate and face bravely their new challenges. Their fate is a long long fight .... At this point, both Britain and the States will have small problems at home {Note: Someone fired a Bazooka rocket on No. 10 Downing Street}. After mid Feb till end of Feb, America will enter state of high excitement. International affairs becomes turbulent and highly complicated. After the 6th of Feb Saddam Hussein loses his cool { Note:- On Feb 7th 1991 Allied air force started strikes on Iraq.} and so the world is pushed into a few years of friction and struggle, until Jan of 1994. During these three years Israel, Russia and Iraq will experience most of the problems and troubles. Some of the most experienced politicians, including retired leaders will enter the scene to assist negotiations and to arrange international affairs and the future of the world ..... As for Hong Kong, by the end of the year she would have already accepted her new fate [Note:- From 1st till 31st of Dec 1991, Hong Kong public started applying for the Rights of Aboard to Britain. About 50,000 families applied and were approved. The rest decided to remain in Hong Kong after 1997. This had a stabilizing effect in those days.]

Between Mar the 8th and 19th Israel will have some problems. March 14th till 26th the old Chinese Leader must face tests. On the 3rd of April the smell of gun power is strong again in the Middle East. In fact, from April 26th till May the 3rd fires of conflict can break out again any time. Finally by July 27th it may be said that the great conflicts of this year are finally over. In between there are quite a few peaks. Anyhow from end of April till June the 10th. Americans are in a state of high excitements. It could even be an Earthquake somewhere there. The atmosphere of excitements increases until it peaks on the 10th of June [Note :- On June 10th 1991, America celebrated victory in Gulf War. Great excitements.]. From May the 5th to 24th Iraq will be under tremendous pressure and feeling very inadequate, specially between May 11th to 22nd. During this time the United Nations will be very active, specially between June the 10th to 15th. June the 24th to July 13th an old leader of China will face real tests, but on the July 11th there will be an eclipse again. This helps this old hand to perform what he must do [Note :- China recognized Israel around this time. This was a major step for normalizing relationship. But like I had described the "precious sword" was unsheathed to open the road.] . So from July 27th onwards International problems of this one year of great turmoil begins to ease off. This does not mean that all problems are solved. There are so much handlings and bargaining going on. So comes August, things will become more peaceful. In Sept although again activities are high but already they are more or less benign. Still, at this time problems regarding Iraq are not entirely solved. After mid Oct other problems regarding Middle East are raised. Oct 18th to Nov 6th American economy still feels under pressure. Near Xmas, there will be another eclipse on the 21st of Dec. There is further great excitement in America. This eclipse will benefit China greatly [Note :- Dec 21st 1991 Chinese Premier Lee Pang arrived New York to address the UN Assembly for the first time. He stressed that China will never threaten world peace. All the astrological predictions in these 2 letter remain exactly as they were written. However, some of the less important ones had escaped my attention as some of the predictions were not checked and recorded at the time] .... 

So, in short, the 16th of Jan is one fuse point and April the 3rd is another, the last one being equally dangerous. [Note :- On April 3rd 1991, tension mounted again in the Gulf. Threat of war was given to Iraq, but it was averted, as Saddam Hussein capitulated to the demands by the Allies. If Saddam had persisted even then, the war would have enlarged with far greater consequence.], If both fuses did not fire up, then it will be just a whole lot diplomatic wars. If however both are lit up, then the consequence could be very severe indeed. Still I feel there should not be any large scale war, as there are enough countries involved that are able to monitor and keep the situation at bay. By the end of the year, United States will turn some of her attentions towards her domestic general elections. As she must care what her own people think, it is difficult for her to go unrestrained. Therefore, many nations of the world, starting from 7th Feb (this is also a fusing date) till end of Jan 1994, are involved in this struggle. This is about 3 whole years. In this time, Israel will become the center point of problems. In time to come she will receive internal and external pressures. Then when times and conditions are right, and as the Jewish people are a very matured people she, will find a final solution in about Sept 1993 (Note:- On 26th Sept 1993 BBC announced that peace had been reached between Israel and Palestine, with King Hussein and President Clinton as mediators. Later Itzak Rabin and Arafat shock hands on White House lawn). Meanwhile also about 1993/94 (or about March 23rd 1997, July 4th 1997) Saddam Hussein will probably answer for his deeds. 

Whether this man is a hero or a thief, a judgment can be given after this point. However, the world political theatricals will last till Nov of 1995 for this particular episode [Note:- In 1995 At UN’s 50th Anniversary, the atmosphere was not only that of celebration. but also that the world seemed to have safely passed through some considerable conflicts, even dangers. Now it was ready to deal with Nuclear Proliferation, Law and Order and UN’s own reformation. ]. It is because from 1992 Nov onwards, the United Nations would begin to become a more effective organization for balance and control of human problems, but she too must under go certain struggles in 1994. In Spring of 1995 many new important political ideals will sprout. World problems of great importance will come up more and more for decisions at the U.N.. So, from next year Jan the U.N. will slowly increase her responsibilities as well as her importance .... After these years of long struggles, mankind would have come quite near another world war, but evaded it. By this time, mankind will also agree that ideology of war and politics should come up for revision (Note:- Obviously, one of the most sticky problems would be the negotiation for prevention of nuclear weapon proliferation, and equally obvious this could not be achieved under any kind of threat or motivations based on pure national interests. The motivation ought to be strictly global and with pure good faith, which is not going to happen easily)

However, why must it take so much time? There are some reasons:-

1}, The Middle Eastern Nations are emotionally charged people. This is rather obvious. Wherever emotions are charged, relationships become complicated. It is difficult to predict actions and act rationally.

2), Since matters are brought to U.N. for solution, they will not be just one-sided affairs. If it were, the consequence could be worse

3), Planetary influences have been building up for already many years. Famines are common. World economy can not flourish. Many Nations, including industrial nations, do not wish to upset oil supply. They will do their best to avoid war.

4), United States and Britain have their own problems at home. Since they have no territorial ambitions, they have no reasons to take major risks. Further more these nations must consider their people’s wish and can not go to the extreme. (Reflection: At end of Jan 1991 President Bush (senior) echoed that United State's action in the 1st Gulf war was without territorial ambition.)

5), Iraq depends on importation for weapons. They are bound to lose, no matter they are embargoed economically or attack militarily. The world has no need to pay a big price for it because of war.

6), As Gaza is the focus point of conflict in that region, once this problem of 4 decades is dragged in, temperatures will increase. Much more time and efforts would be needed to find a solution.

7), If war breaks out then burning of oil field, poisonous gas bombs, nuclear weapons are distant possibilities. If war does not break out, then it will take time for solutions. (Saddam did burn his oil fields)

8), Lastly, under the actions of modern warfare, Iraq may suffer a great deal of damages. There may be peace makers doing their jobs... The reminder of Halley Comet's visit and Nostradamus' predictions might carry some caution..( I believe they did)

Under any circumstances, after mid Jan eclipse, another great danger of war would fall in between April the 3rd and July the 15th. If this is avoided, then after this period, the situations would ease. Political situations would become apparent after July/Aug. After this I would also give out no more forecasting.. (Reflections:- These forecasts here were intended only to evade the direct impact of cosmic disturbance on human brains during the peak period of Halley Comet's influence. Because the same comet visited earth in about 1910 and it could have affected the 1st World War. Then because Germany lost the war and the emotional energy carried on to inflame the 2nd World War. However, once the peak of cosmic disturbance is over, the brain becomes less excited. It appears Saddam Hussein could have been affect by Halley Comet's disturbance, so much that he did not even realize that if he had accepted the good-will persuasion from so many retired politicians and withdrew from Kuwait, he would have enjoyed increased prestige. He did not even realized what danger he was in and gambled everything he had. In fact, all his aids were affected too! Anyhow, in these two letters I have shown that it is not impossible to predict political events. It's no wonder that astrology is increasing becoming an accepted study in science)   

The Middle East conflict has been a long one. There are many hidden causes, movements and complexities involved over the years. I can only describe it as a “grinding struggle”. But the Middle East struggle is an international struggle. It is also a human struggle. As a whole, the chances of continued "grinding struggle" loom much larger than an out break of open massive war, but some military undertakings are always possible. Still it must not get out of hand. I believe to-day’s men are very different and wiser than men of 50 years ago. However, as Saddam is so determined to play that gamble, it should be reminded that war brings lose of rationality and situation can and do get out of control sometimes, because wars are made of enraged emotions. Often they are just inflammations of blind emotions deliberately called out by politicians. A little while ago, because of certain temple in India, there was a religious massacre. The Buddhist religion is the most none violent religion in all religions, but once tempers flare, it can lose control and rationality too. Now you see, the Sacred place of Islam is Mecca and Sacred place of Christianity is Jerusalem. History records one religious war called the “Crusader“. Therefore, we can see from the Indian incident that apart from a small thing called “reasoning” or” rationality”, all other human qualities are so weak and frail. Yet “reasoning” or “rationality” is not given at birth. It comes from education or learning. A large quantity of emotional, raw and inflamed human nature, is like a huge quantity of dynamite, or atom bombs .... If mankind hopes to safely enter and survive that nuclear space age, namely the 21st century, it is imperative that these things should be thoroughly understood before hand .... 

However, I do believe that in the end rationality will triumph over all other obstacles. I believe that to-days’ beautiful innocent young people will enjoy a generation of relatively safe and peaceful life. If I forecast right, then after Jan of 1996, years of turmoil would have relatively calmed down, the world is returned to peace. One whole generation of new political belief, particularly one whole generation of new understanding about religion will come into being in the world. This new revelation will spread quickly to people all over the world. Thereafter man will understand the relationship between science and religion as well as man's relation with nature. Then people will concentrate their interests towards space, to explore new dimensions of nature, to discover new courses for science, and the source of life and the Universe (Some of which has been proposed by this writer, and eventually posted in this website).... 

Further more, as a result of the Middle Eastern affairs, specially after few more years of world wide political struggles, the question of the future energy supplies should become a primary concern (So as predicted the 2nd Gulf War brought sustained increase in oil price). Mankind needs to go a step deeper in search for the completely safe and clean power sources, as this will be the inevitable task that must be achieved soon ( As a long term perspective, the more growth in human population and human productivity, the more energy will be needed. There is no escape from this dilemma, which also means there will be no escape from the need of nuclear energy. Hopefully, this would also force the humans to stop aggression against each other. Perhaps in that respect there is something to look forward to ). Then hopefully from this point in time, the human history will enter the true age of nuclear power energy and the space age of the 21st century. This is also the depth of that scientifically stimulating period called “The Aquarian Age” (a term used mainly in astrology, which covers the era beginning roughly from the first explosion of atom bomb and the advent of Sputnik for a total length of 2160 years).... However, if what I have just said turns out to be wrong, then there is nothing to stop St. John’s last chapter of the Bible, namely “The End of World” from becoming true. Because should any time a nuclear war breaks out, it will not be necessary to bring it close to home. Just a large quantity of radiation in the air should render foods inedible. Then before too long, no one needs to bother feeling victorious or defeated any more (see Annex-C below).

  Annex-C :- -

The last chapter of the New Testament was written by St. John The whole chapter was a description of the End of World. Later in the 16th century, a great psychic was born in Europe. His name was Michael Nostradamus who was a Jew. This man had written a lot of famous predictions. In the last couple of years a movie series was shown in Hong Kong consecutively 3 times. Each series consists of 3 separate movies, with Gregory Peck as the star. The name of this series was called “Omen”. I believe they are the work of Nostradamus, among which there was a well known but scary prophecy. I will now include the theme of his prophecy for your reference. (Please don’t be too superstitious!) :

When the Jews return to Zion,

And the Comet fills the sky,

The Holly Roman Empire rises,

And you and I shall die,

From Eternal SEA He rises,

Creating armies on either shore,

Turning Man against his brother,

Till Man exists no more

The domain of the former Holly Roman Empire consisted of the greater part of to-day’s  European Common Market, plus part of Easter Europe and Turkey, which are now trying to form a powerful entity. I have seen these films in Europe almost 20 years ago. So it is not a new movie.

[Post Cold War Russia settled in with democracy despite many problems as expected. Middle East Peace came into being despite lingering problems too. Nuclear proliferation Prevention Treaty signed by nations except India and later Pakistan. Hong Kong’s change hand expects no great hindrance. Perhaps the Gulf War could have amounted to something, if it was allowed to chain react, but that was prevented. So it’s not likely that anything like the End of World could occur soon as sometime speculated. Yet this prophecy above seems realistic. The world has never seen such huge scale drugs and corruptions in all history. So huge that the Under-World has bought Presidents. No doubt, they murder them too. They possess armies and probably run government bodies. They group their own international affiliates and over see terrorist camps. They “turn Man against his brother” metaphorically and literately …. Even world peace is under threat. …. Is it now about time to wake up? Is that why 150 nations have found it necessary to wipe them out. For if any roots are left, then they will penetrate and grow to uncontrollable proportions in no time. If that is the case, then the above prophecy has served its purpose. Men of the Under-World shall exists no more !] (Note:- At the time of writing 150 nations at the UN took action jointly to crack down drug trade, which had a turn over more than combined world wide trade in transport or communication equipment at the time. Following UN's action famous Burmese drug king-pin and others surrendered)  

These letters are centered on the pretext of astrology and hints. Hints go only up to a point. Readers are reminded to go further on their own. (Note:- However, Nostradamus' verse are very realistic and powerful. Who know! Nostrdamus might have saved an unpredictable situation centuries later by his foresight. Through out history other writers have also warned about Halley Comet too. At any rate, cosmic radiation's influence is a valid scientific reality) 

Amidst the present Middle Eastern problems, much influences have come from the States and Britain. These two nations understand well the danger the Earth is facing. As the States have declared that she has no territorial ambition on this area, on contrary, they are there to help solving a prolonged difficult conflict [Note:- Around end Jan 1991 President Bush (senior) declared that America’s involvement in the Gulf was without “Territorial Ambitions”. He also was happy to talk about the New World Order. Of course, all that remains to be proven]. Their politicians and consultants are experienced, well qualified and matured politicians. There are positive anticipations when such dangerous world problems are handled in the hands of these people. Over the past 40 years, Britain has let free 50 colonies. America has become the self-assumed protector of the world. The 2nd World War, if it was not for America, no one can say what to-day the world would have become. If the first Atom bomb was created in another nation’s hand, perhaps the world would look very different now. The U.S.A. is a nation created by amalgamation of different cultures, different classes of people, different races, yet she has a common initiative. Historically she has been the refuge and safe-house for political decedents from different part of the world. Traditionally she does not follow whatever great principles, nor does she worship any great heroes. Record shows she is practical and realistic, and she does not cling on to memories of historical hatreds. After she has been a foe, she can become a friend again. Wherever she goes, there she brings new opportunities and developments. Now she must face the problems of the Middle East, her forces arrive there without territorial ambitions. These forces are there just to solve the problems of a chronic dead lock. Therefore, someday both the Arabs and the Jews might yet be thankful because they are now there, otherwise, the situation could only get worst and inflame out of control. There could only be more destructions.(Note:- I admit I was trying to make friends for Mr. Deng, but there is definitely hope in what I said. Let's hope nobody spoil that for me!). 


The consequence of the Gulf conflict is very clear. Under the enormous political and military pressure from the greater part of the world, Saddam Hussein must be responsible for his own actions. This is a simple case of ambition, looting and invasion, but because there are far bigger things linked to the situation, Saddam is temporarily safe (Indeed his safety was short lived!). Of course he will try to drag the Gaza conflicts into it and drum up the Arab course for his own ambition. But the Israelis and Palestinian problems are of quite different nature. Both these people have truly deep rooted  problems and genuine causes. They are forced by circumstances of unbendable needs, hopes and desires. Theirs is not even a case of right or wrong, nor is it a case of ambitions. It is a case unique in History, something never happened before in the course of humanity. It is also a case that should not have occurred in the 20th century. Now it has become a deadlock. This has been brewing over a long time and has acted upon the nerve system of the Middle Eastern people until it becomes almost an explosive situation. Because of that the world also intuitively feels the threat....Yet, so much of to-day’s swift reorientations in the world, such as arms reductions; economic open policies; energy supplies and a host of other things are more or less indirectly linked to it....  Since war is not a solution and negotiations are more than difficult, therefore it must take time, and struggles will continue. That’s why I say it is mankind’s struggle too. Mankind can not just ignore it. For prolonged hatred and blood shed know no limits, after a few more years of struggle with to-day’s technology, if man can learn the rationality from his struggles, then the world will enter the 21st century with relative peace and coexistence. If not, then the future is indeed predictable and predictably short ....(see Annex-D below)  


The problems that face the Middle East region are also the problems of modern men. The situation will test whether 21st century humans can co-exist and whether their children can grow up along side each other with forgiveness or must they live their days in endless hatred and bloodshed? (Note:- These words were written in 1990. Now this Autumn 2005 Israel is scheduled to withdraw from Gaza. Perhaps final peace is possible. Perhaps no permanent damage has been done. All people are to be congratulated!) The Jewish people have wondered around the globe for over two thousand years. If they cannot come to rest in the Middle East, it would become a bigger problem in future for that region. But what about the Palestinians and also the other Arab people? This question touches the very desire and need of the human nature, all because of a piece of land to live, to root and to die in. It goes beyond the common conflict of right and wrong. Both sides are struggling for the genuine human need. Such struggles can bring out the most thorough efforts from the human will. It can be very dangerous. Action issued from the origin of phobia and undeniable needs can be completely illogical. For example, stones fight against machine guns, or machine guns versus stones. When the values of life are lost, it could touch off the most thorough desires to finish off the opposition. Sometimes, under a hopeless deadlock situation, it could bring out suicidal thoughts to punish the enemy. At which time, the chemical bombs, the stones, or the Atom bombs are of no consequential difference. (Note:-  Please remember these words were written on Dec 5th 1990, some 15 years ago... On  26th  of  Sept  1993 BBC radio announced that Peace has been reached between Palestine and Israelis and that the theme used during the last meetings of peace talks was "The shortest distance between two point is a Straight Line", which happens to be the actual words of this letter. Please read on!...)

To-day Man still lives on this Earth, all because he has urge to bring up his off-springs, so that he may live through them and extend the purpose of his existence in ever continuity. If not, mankind would have long been extinct. It is understandable, that when a people reaches the desperation of becoming homeless and rootless, sometimes even under the threat of total annihilation of all his people. That phobia has to be the extreme kind in human experience, but when other people also become homeless, rootless and have to face the same fate, it should not be difficult to connect that these people would put up also struggles in the extremes. Therefore, in every thought and in every action there are reminders for the resemblance in each other’s cause. Finally, perhaps from the human instinct or intelligence a sense of compassion must appear. This is what I call "the shortest distance between two points is a straight line" (Note:- On Sept 26th 1993 BBC reported that peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine had succeeded and that the theme used in during the last session of peace talk between them was "The shortest distance between two points is a straight line")  

This is the last hope for the continuity of human civilization on earth...Therefore, I believe that apart from the power of intelligence or advanced technology, there is also the force of humanism at work. Both can decide the future of mankind... Wars begin from the thoughts of Man. If Man does not want war, the Atom bomb can not fight a war on its on. So, by studying human nature, by exposing human instincts and by understanding humanism, wars can be controlled. For the same reason, all other conflicts can be avoided as well. Perhaps that why's the old Chinese used gun powders only for fireworks and celebrations.  

Note :- Within 21st Century, the technologies for nuclear bomb production and detonation could become a simple thing for all nations, even for the large conglomerates or nuclear power stations. It's hard to believe that even the smallest nation on earth would not have already acquired the knowledge that was used more than half a century ago. Mankind must watch out for five types of men who might press the nuclear button :- The obsessed type, men like Hitler and Saddam, who opt for only destruction; The suicidal type, like fearless patriots or political suicidals, who holds no value for his own life; And the rotten type, like the Under-World and drug boss, who has no soul, just any profits will do, and lastly the privatized weapon makers, who have probably come from Mars. Then finally, Let's see, which is more likely to do it? I will leave that to you... Notice I don't even include the fanatical politicians in the list, who dream of glory and victories and disregard any warning or criticisms. Why? Because I think even the worst politicians would have more wisdom. However, as nuclear arsenals grow out of proportion and yet cannot be used, the situation might change drastically. Any man could do it!  Let's all remember the first deployment of nuclear bombs back in the 1940s, which grew out of sword wielding conventional war, only a few years before. So, if any one thinks that wars won't lead to unpredictable consequence and developments, then it's time to think again. What's more, what if my theory about the cosmic influence, i.e. Halley comet, is true, then every one on earth would be affected and to some degree go bananas? ]

Let me repeat that the problem of the Middle East is the problem of a need that stems from the instinct. (Part of the roots could have been implanted long ago by the Crusaders. That war should have been called "the first world war", because it involved more than a nation. That war could have fueled centuries of embedded emotions in the Muslim world). The solution lies buried deep within the channels of humanism in the hearts of men, which must begin with understanding and compassion in order to accept coexistence. However, when someday that understanding is sufficiently reached, the nation of Israel has the great potential of bringing to the whole region a stimulation of growth. As long as genuine desire of peace and good will are present, as man’s aspirations are always positive, and his memories are rather short. So many enemies have become friends in our time. This is a distinct possibility, and it is most likely to happen soon (Note:- These words were written in Dec 1990. Peace did happen on Sept 26th 1993 when Rabin and Arafat shock hands on White House lawn, but I think by 2008 the real thing could happen because everybody has had 15 years to think about it ).

In my 1st of May speech I concluded : “ In fact from now till Jan of 1996, great political and social changes will take place all around the world. More than a hundred nations and more than two third of mankind are already involved in such great social political readjustments (During and after UN's 50th birthday, in 1995, a great deal of combined new proposals and actions had been taken by UN and supported by its members). This, in our history, is a major step forward in human social evolution without full scale bloodshed. Those who hinder these changes, are guilty of endangering mankind, should be condemned by mankind. Then after this, men of all kinds will be truly liberated from their past bondages. Only then revelations can be brought forward by great minds in regard to humanism, philosophy, laws, science, religion and the amalgamation of all these elements of civilization. Then eventually the human civilization may be finally brought onto a common platform, which will tell us all that we are all brothers, and that we have overcome the danger of self destruction, and that we are all quite limited in our strength and wisdom, and that we are liable to dangerous mistakes (Note: Of all living species on earth, only a tiny percentage attack their own kind, even when they are driven by hunger). 

Therefore, to think and to decide and to confirm with the crowd is the only safe way to live for ourselves and others. Only in peace and security can life prosper. All otherwise are just wishful thinking and empty talks…. In the meantime, I predict that the present social evolution will continue to advance in even greater pace into the Age of Communication within the Aquarian Age. I also believe there will be a global boom of culture soon. At first through music and then followed by all other forms of art “ ..... "D", you see isn’t it strange? The very moment I walked out of the Hong Kong Convention Hall after giving a speech of predictions (May1st 1990), I saw the first Karaoke machine in a Hong Kong shop. The first Karaoke entertaining hall also appeared in that same month. Now they are everywhere (Dec 1990). Do you still remember I told you three years ago to prepare for the Music business? (Note:- This prediction was made in Dec 1990, although in my private letter to this young friend in 1987 I predicted the oncoming global surge of musical interests and told him to get into the business. Since then music and computer digital art have changed the basic fabrics of artistic civilization)

On the 1st of May speech I also said “ Once Hong Kong has settled her own basic problems, and changes have occurred in other areas, there will be a few years when situations might turn beneficial to Hong Kong “. Now changes are occurring in many other areas. The problem relating to the construction of the New Airport will be the last basic problem for Hong Kong before hand-over. It seems I was right. Once the question about this New Airport is tackled, Hong Kong will settle down to her destined path (Hong Kong changed hand on July 1st 1997). Then I have said again on May 1st “ From Dec the 1st 1990 Hong Kong will pick up whatever she has got now and start to construct her own future “.... You will see things clearer by the end of this year. (Note:- From 1st till 31st Dec 1990 to end of 1991 Hong Kong public started applying for the Right of Aboard to Britain. About 50000 families got it. The rest decided to stay in Hong Kong after 1997. This had a stabilizing effect in those uncertain days) ... However, the political anxiety of the Hong Kong people, and their determination to take up future challenge are not the real cause for concern. The greatest question is whether Hong Kong can truly maintain her present economic prosperity, and continue to hold an important place in the international economical communities. I fear this will be very hard to expect. (Note:- After the change hand Hong Kong suffered many years of economic down turn)

Already great deal of money and brain power have been drained away because of the change hand, and still greater amount of them are also flowing into the mainland. The present international outlook is not good. American economy is in a recession. The European unification may increase market potential in distant future, but in initial stage normal orders may decrease due to market uncertainty and competitions generated from the newly liberated hungry Eastern Europe. Besides these, Hong Kong’s inflations aggravated by tensions in the Middle East causing oil supply and price problems ..... etc. etc.., All of these have negative influence on Hong Kong now. If this situation continues on, and wealth flows out without replenishments, and if she has no resources to regenerate new economical strength under her own steam, then after 1997 Hong Kong’s economy could suffer from unrecoverable damage. This must be understood now and appropriate preparations should be made for her. Perhaps in time to come the only replenishment in industrial and commercial resources must come from the mainland. (Reflection:- This was exactly what happened. Hong Kong suffered many years of continuous severe down turn until 2003 when China came to aid by pouring Chinese tourists into Hong Kong and by other means. I plainly predicted 7 years before Hong Kong changed hands)  Hong Kong’s future existence must depend on her strong internal resources and international willingness to give her favorable trading conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to make timely preparations, otherwise there can only be regrets later on. (Note:- This was the only warning one could read anywhere at the time. Yet it was presented to Deng Xiao Ping at end of 1990, and 13 years later China came to rescue!)

Now let me go back to international political situation.

Beginning from the above said Feb the 7th onwards and for the next three and half years, apart from the Middle East, it is also the period for the rest of the world to pursuit political changes, e.g. alternations of political systems, demands for freedom and democracy, etc. In areas such as the merging of East and West Germany. Also in Africa, people will take this opportunity to struggle for changes. In Russia, Gorbachev’s’ political direction is no more retractable. Starting from Nov 17th this man has began the work of his life time. Gorbachev possesses a keen, clear and modern mind. He is a gifted and inspired person. He is not a stubborn or dictatorial type of leader. On contrary, he has a firm belief and a noble wish to serve. This is a rare politician who is humane and sympathetic, but somehow put in charge of a rigid system. He is also a good person. It is a pity that although he has done great things, he is not quite suitable for his time. Now he is feeling on one shoulder the weight of 70 years of involuntary political legacy and on the other the wish of numerous people who need an appropriate modern life. 

Gorby is also surrounded and obstructed by forces from the hard liners. Nothing is going right for him, but this is a man rather kind at heart. He cannot bring out a heavy hand. All he could do is to concentrate his energy, hoping that mere persuasive wisdom could lead Russia through these violent changes. How little is his strength compared with such forces of great social changes ! However, he is not an ordinary politician. On his first trip to the States, he nearly scared his security men by jumping out of his car and shook hand with people in the street.... In any case, he is very important for Russia and for international peace, because there is no better man than him in Russia for such job in such historic moment. He still have two good years to express his ability and his influence in that changing world (Reflection :- Gorbachev did retire from politics in 1992 to work on his Gorbachev Foundation. This occurred two years from date of this letter) . I can see in less than one year, his hairs will turn completely white. Gorbachev can only function if he is alone or if he is completely in charge. If unfortunately, he has to work under some one, he will be used and in the end he will regret. Some day when he quits, it will be a loss to Russia. It will be a loss to the world too. (I wonder if Gorby had ever found out who wrote these words of appreciation and sent them to the UN)  The state of Soviet Russia has worse days ahead. She has acquired what I called long term chronic illness due to lack of complete dimensions in the social political system. This is a disease which could eat up any social belief and trust between men. Now she wants to tackle it. Perhaps there are some lucky elements for the Russian people in such a state of affair, but she must be thankful to the friends of this time and age, who must render her support for some time to come..  In fact, in any social life, if there are ills in the political or economic policies, such ills are still relatively temporary and remedial. They are like human illnesses in the limbs or muscles, but if the trust between men becomes corrupted, then these ills are like diseases in the nerve or cardiac system. They can corrupt morality and even stop the functions of national order as well as the precious characteristics of a people. To-day some men have come near to lose that trust and belief.... (Note:- From Karl Marx to Gorbachev the great change in Russia covered exactly two visits of Halley comet, which comes once every 76 years. Is this too a coincidence?) 

From mid Jan of 1991 onwards, Russia, perhaps under the threat of extreme cold and shortage of many things, could touch off measures that would turn their society into some years of heart aches. Until end of Feb 1994, she will experience 7 to 8 great ups and downs. If she can sail with the winds of change in this age, she will need 5 years of hardship and patience just to settle down. If, however, her people can not find a coherent mind, then under such pressure she will simply split up and could even get lost in dangerous situations. Still, at the end of that 5 years, she might make up her mind and come up with a new kind of democracy system suitable for her needs….. Under any circumstances, this is a great changing point in the her history. To view it from afar, it is important to know that any society, which loses old political orders, must be supported by new orders of social trust, otherwise it would be difficult to build up an orderly economy. So, I believe that Russia will need one more generation to construct a stable and prosperous economy as well as a cultural society (Note:- Well, Russia did split up some! But soon the time of a generation will be over and new signs of economic and cultural stability are already evident. Russian people have taken the enormous change with great endurance and dignity) Yet somewhere during this time of new struggles she will also give birth to great thinkers, to new philosophies of social politics because she has been through an unique experience and because she encompasses both Europe and Asia (Note:- A notable asset of economic and political potential). Then in that 21st century, together with the space age and clean nuclear power achievements, this already large and technologically advanced nation will become a great influence to the world of that age.

At this point, I have just noticed that I have given a lot of time in this writing. Perhaps I should write only when I am ready to write my books later on. So for now I will sum up with an additional discussion in general and call it a day…. In the recent two hundred years there has been a great deal of wars in the world, and as I have said, all aggressions of war were generated from a center of political power and never by the will of people under democracy or not. The motives of wars invariably originate from ambitions, pride, selfishness, heroism, nationalism, racialism or conflicts in beliefs of some sort. All such motives are results of some problems from the primitive level of the human nature. The extreme characters, who were war makers, simply fanned up emotions of the crowd and drive them to collective killing and dying. At times it was thought that a strong and conquering nation or just the ability to win wars is the greatest thing on earth. Yet, the consequences of the last few larger scale wars are crystal clear. Almost completely without exceptions, the defender of humanity have won the wars. Invariably, the heroes of invaders have all since become ugly historical creatures, who have given mankind some unnecessary bad memories. These heroes are now looked upon as low level intellectual animals or psychopaths. It seems to prove that things have changed quite a bit in the 20th century. The more man and his society evolve, the more the powers of the brain takes over the beastly drive of desire .... And now humans have arrived at an age when wars make personal heroism no more, it's all done by pushing some kind of buttons, upon which an unknown number of old men, old women and children will be killed. So, what's heroic about that? 

Therefore, the 20th century is an important turning point in the human history. Perhaps it symbolize the end of a long page of evolution in civilization. Back in the 19th century and beyond, pure human physical force dominated the world. The 20th century finished the chapter of cannibalism and cannibals. Large quantities of science, philosophy and educations spread out into the entire human community. The 20th century is made of knowledge, intelligence and communications, particularly in the last part of it. Nations of the 20th century are constitutionalized nations, evolved from different historic backgrounds. In short, the 20th century is the turning point when educated intelligence begin to implement the raw nature ... After the 2nd world war, politicians were still excited and stimulated. The world deeply indulged in cold war. Yet because of memories of the few years of destructive war, an instinctive want of peace and compassion grew out of the human mind. At the same time man at long last found the chance to break away his traditional bondages. So from about 1956 onwards, a moving and infectious force appeared out of the European society. 

This is the sprout of what I called the Era of humanitarianism. In that philosophically already quite advanced societies of Europe, a whole generation of young intellectuals, including anti-nuclear bomb activists, hippies, humanist, human right activists, musicians, artists, religionists, scientists, journalists, astrologers, even the early environment protectionists, and many politicians of that time felt the urge for change and burst out into action. These rebellious humanistic believers, through their respective field of expressions, with little organized leadership, but in sheer numbers, slowly but surely ushered the world to turn around. They had awakened the dormant human society and given it new feelings and new understanding. An echo resounded through the human mind after so much destructions of war. Soon many European nations canceled death penalty. They set free colonies, and adapted many humanitarian measures. At last man became a truly independent individual with choice of thought, of opinions and of political ideas. He had exerted a force from within which altered social ideals and found sympathy for all. Later, because of this, immigrants of different ethnic origins, war wounded and handicapped persons, even the near extinct animals were cared and protected by law. The world was no longer rampant with cannibals or cannibalistic thoughts. She has become a civilized entity... And then, as traveling industries grew, tourists increased, immigrations, commercial exchanges and communications mounted, nationalism and racialism gave way to new and direct human contact, exchange and understanding, which led to more cultural and economical interactions .... This was the start of that long course in the “Aquarian Age“ along which men are still marching through. Therefore, the Era of Humanitarianism is over lapped by the Era of Communication .... (But now, watch it! Bombs may come from the sky, or hidden in trains and buses. How long will it take before the air is contaminated with radiation?

Fortunately and unfortunately, in the recent years, due to Halley comet’s disturbance, disorders appear and compassion becomes corrupted again. This peaking period must take 5 more years. These years are extremely important. As the consequence is global, in time it may yet become a corner stone in human history. There will be many complex problems and tremendous tests yet, not only for the societies but also for each individuals, before the Halley effect is over. The more severe the tests are, the more there is to learn. And in that learning lies hidden a priceless value and hope, because nature’s evolutions are always towards betterment. Societies and individuals are not exceptions. Man’s qualities, struggling through nature’s tests, can only improve, and not deteriorate !.... The present instinctive human desire is still very raw and static due to extremely slow change in evolution, yet, the adopted intelligence from education is advancing at exponential rates. The educated understanding of humanism can implement the inadequacy in the raw nature to make a better world. 

In the not so distant future, namely the 21st century, educated wisdom and knowledge of the great cosmological existence together with advanced technology must be the safe guard of human aspirations. The most stubborn part of human nature, which exists in a form of belief, will be subject to doubts and tests until it finally give way to appreciation of true spiritual vibrations, which are in fact men's extrasensory bond with the greater nature, because we are the tiny intrinsic part of that almighty nature. In fact, all developed animals have extrasensory capacities and can experience psycho-kinesis. These extra senses cause humans to connect now and then with those yet undeveloped capacities, and therefore, those super natural existences. In animals they are simply gifts of evolutionary nature, which enable their survival. Gods are the immense mightiness of nature, which are unreachable to us. That's why there are so many religions and gods that never manifest into physical forms before our eyes... 

(Note: A strange thing happened in Chinese history. It is said to have started some 7000 years ago with the earliest ideas of cosmology discovered by leader Fu Xi or Fu Shi NAMES/FuShi.jpg. The Chinese theory of cosmology, called I-Ching, reached maturity in Zhou dynasty 1066 BC to 221 BC. The earliest Chinese belief therefore existed between the philosophy and the worship of nature. Only in the 7th century, Chinese emperor sent envoy to India to study and import religion. Due to this legacy of interest in nature and cosmology, which covered a span from 5000 BC to about 700 AD, any Chinese scholar would find it difficult to indulge in the super-natural or any religions, especially political religion. Buddhism was intentionally imported into China mainly for the use of the less enlightened folks. There were two separate approaches to the belief. The theoretical approach understood by the scholars took the name as the "upper rite" or "upper ride", and the "lower rite" has been the ritual worship of common folks. Buddhism was able to stay in China, because its ritual formation coincides and enhances the Chinese ancestral worship. The ancestral worship has been recorded in vast quantities of relics in "bone scripts" since the dawn of Chinese civilization. All religious beliefs are related to existence beyond the present life. If there is a continued part of the total or infinite existence, then what could be more intimate and believable then the continued existence of ones own departed loved ones? That's why the Chinese ancestral worship will last and can never be replaced by any foreign super-naturals, especially political super-naturals ).

In that century, men must also understand that our earth can be vulnerable and that it is only the temporary home we have. It is also impossible to destroy one continent or one human ethnic race without destroying oneself. Therefore, wars and conflicts are bound to become less alluring, and primitive or aggressive desires will eventually be replaced by the search to understand the universal existence. In fact, there will be no other choice!...  The United Nation’s jobs and responsibilities will become more and more important. Human rights will not only be protected but become an active force. Boundaries of nations will become more and more open. National and racial feelings will become immaterial. The world will become amalgamated and truly civilized! This is not just optimism, nor is it a dream, it is the inevitable evolutionary process. Such inevitable evolutionary development, judging by the speed of its progress in the 20th century, and in the presence of that ugly reality of a nuclear war, can easily become a reality within the 21st century! Perhaps the rich privatized weapons makers of today would soon switch investments to cultural products, or equipments for space conquest. After all, if it must, it's much more meaningful to sacrifice human life to space exploration rather than killing each other on earth...

The ancient Chinese people thought that China was the center of whole world, or that he stood in the middle of it (Note: the nation of "China" in Chinese language is in fact "Jung-Guo" , which means "Middle Kingdom" in the imperials days, or "Middle Nation" or "Neutral Nation" in modern terms. Therefore, the Chinese people is fact the "Middle-People". Let's hope these people will become the "Middle Men" or "Neutral People" for all people on earth ). So the “ Ru Learning “ or the Confucianism, born two and a half thousand years ago, spread and became the main social and political ideology of China. “Ru “ is a broad and impartial link between humanistic and cosmological philosophy. It teaches a humble and realistic way of life called “the Middle Way“ . All middle principles, ideals or philosophies are never extreme but practical and diplomatic. It is still so today and will always be! Because your name represents what you are!  When it was at its height, China was at the peak of the so called “ silk culture “. In those glorious days, “ Ru “ was the main influencing culture to all the neighboring nations. This cultural power helped to civilize many less advanced neighboring nations of those days, who then was said to have become pious to China. All that was not done by the might of war but by influence of culture. The old Chinese used to say “ a good young male does not go to become soldier “. 

(Reflection:- So, it never occurred to these old folks that they could easily go up north and put down the Mongolians and Manchurians who were so few in numbers (Still very few today). Instead,  they would rather build the enormous walls to ward them off. When China became weak and broken in by the same northern invaders, it was again this cultural influence that melted down her conquerors and transformed them into Chinese citizens. China continued to enlarge even in defeat. China grew not because of her might but because of her none extreme stance. I hope by now my readers have noticed that I too am trying to hold onto the middle stance. Absolute powers corrupt absolutely! Let's hope the men of such middle attitudes or "Middle-People" or "Middle-Men" or "Neutral-Men" will survive to help survival of our specie!    

For centuries China possessed gun powder and compass, yet, she used the powders to make fireworks for joy and celebration. The most fierce army in history, namely the Mongolian Genghis Khan was tampered by the culture of China to forget cleanly and completely about his Middle Eastern and European conquests. Such was the influence of humane culture that the conquerors even annexed their homeland to China and enjoyed the new found comfort of civilization. I think this is the only true and permanent form of conquest. Perhaps someday it is not impossible that the whole world would use all the gun powders only for joy and celebrations, and all the nuclear power for living comfort only. This is something for the modern people to ponder about for this is not a fallacy. If the old Chinese could do it, then the more educated modern men can do it too!. Remembering all those countless and faceless fallen soldiers in recent history, now looking back, their death seemed to have little meaning and forgotten.  Perhaps the old Chinese proverb that discouraged young man to become soldiers made more sense after all .... The old Chinese proverb never sounded too heroic, but to the mothers in China it sounded like music. Preservation of life and peace is an indestructible hope, which has flown through the blood veins of civilization for thousands of years. To love life is to hate war! To hate war is not a shame, it is a basic motive of survival for man and mankind (See Annex-E)..  

Annex-E :-

China still is, as she always has been, a country with a pretty large domain and a huge population. But although size is strength, China has another kind of strength, which is an unapparent energy that comes from 5000 years of accumulated experience on good or bad leadership. It all started at the dawn of Chinese history (roughly the same time as the earliest Egyptian pharaohs) when more than one powerful emperor would practice the following relay of power. i.e. the emperor would seek out certain virtuous young man in the country and brought him to the palace. Then upon verification of qualities, the emperor would train the younger man and make him apprentice Emperor under watchful eyes of the old leader. Then finally the old leader would abdicate in favor of the chosen young successor. This happened 3 times more than 4000 years ago (please read "Related Topics" page " 6) A proven 5000 years old unbroken chain of DNA), thus establishing the tradition of virtue and quality of rulers as the criterion of leadership. Such historical records were sang and praised for about 2000 years until they formed the strong cultural background for the Confucius and Taoist philosophies to mature (500 BC). These schools of philosophies examine human relationship as well as relationship between human and nature. Because they reflect life and life in nature, which are in turn reflected in daily living, they become an indestructible cultural force, which is still alive and well... All other ancient culture have become extinct, only this real human experience alone remains in the hearts of those who know it. There is no force, either human or supernatural, could ever remove it through 5000 years of tests, in war or in any other forms of human struggles...

Confucian philosophy is inward looking because it teaches self restrain, but it is not weak as such mental energy is merely restrained. Self restrain requires self examination and self conditioning before action is expressed, and it would take time for the restrained energy to expose. When carried to the extremes, a scholar could become somewhat anti-war, but always remain aware and conscious of practical needs. Hence the old Chinese society was in fact a self regulating one, where human actions were respected and judged from ones inner conscience. This is the ultimate goal of true democracy. As each social element was taught to perform with self restrain, there was no written law books until about one hundred years ago. The system was developed uniquely in China and allowed to grow into intricate details because China was an enclosed land since the beginning of human history until the Industrial Revolution. That's why China never thought of using compass and gun-powder to invade her neighbors. Confucius philosophy was also the main influence of individual character grooming in Japan (and Korean). Because Japan was never truly invaded, or conquered, which allowed the Japanese social fabrics to remain unperturbed, therefore despite Japanese Emperor Meji's modernization (end of 19th century) with emphasis on national strength and technology, the characteristics of the individuals remained inwardly self-conscious and restrained until the very recent years. Such characteristics have deep roots with Confucius philosophy. Therefore, the Chinese cultural system stood in parallel to the Western democratic ideals that are said to have stemmed from a Greek tradition. Both systems have roots going back over two thousand years. In fact, both were born in the same years about 2500 years ago.

Both systems, i.e. Confucian ideals and ancient Greek democratic ideals (when and if existed) require free and independent decision of the individual. These ideals have however implanted deep roots in their respective societies, and both have exerted tremendous influence which had lasted over the millennia. Although the two systems have no connection in heritage whatsoever, they are quite similar in essence and in timing. The reasons are simple, but unfortunately neglected by the modern people. As to which system is better, it depends rather strongly on the prevailing internal social and economic conditions as well as external forces.  Both ideologies are based on the individual. The Western democracy depends more on established rules of majority votes, while Confucius philosophy teaches meticulously how the individual should search his conscience before action, then it leaves the individual completely alone to act on his own. As the individual awareness was the center of motivation, therefore the Confucian philosophy resonated with all individuals freely forming an echoed society in unison. There was little need for votes, because fundamental issues are in unison. If a society could be brought into harmony or unison, then fragmentations or polarization would not exist. The old Confucian principles had worked well for a long long time.   

In the old Confucian society, democracy did not rest on the momentarily choice or decision of votes, it was already incorporated in the structure of the society. Government officials were chosen by exams, which ensured the daily functions of democracy. Each individual, including officials, were taught to behave and respect the democratic principles. Having implanted those principles in people's education, recipients were left completely free to interact socially. Thus people spread out to respect the freedom of choice socially. And beyond that, people would respect the old and love the young. Such a social political system worked as a alternative to majority choice. The influence of its legacy, not the exact formalities, remains basically in force today, as the individual aspirations are represented by chosen quality or proven qualification of governance, which impart a certain level of social stability. Because Confucian philosophy is a humane system, so it is easily understandable, penetrating, timeless and therefore fulfilling. It runs in the blood stream of Chinese social life for so long that people have no need to articulate its existence and the old Chinaman automatically carried its life force with him wherever he went. Because it has prevailed with about 2500 years of proven experience exclusively in China, it has also yielded a civilized, yet non-aggressive, philosophical and political legacy..... 

(The “RU” or Confucius principles may be summarized in the follow orders, which still are taught to every school student today in China (See also 1st letter, or the other page). Because of its importance, let me repeat in the following  : -

Analysis of matters ; ->Search for knowledge ; -> Improvements through self conditioning ; -> Coalescence of family ; -> Governing the nation ; and -> ultimately the responsibility for common peace and equality of the world .

Above is the main theme of Confucius or "Ru" principles. Apart from the ancient Greek tiny "City-State". This Chinese principle was the only true democracy ever exited in human history, and still is. Why? Because it exists as a way of life, or a philosophy, and not politics. It doesn't matter what dynasty or what form of government since Confucius introduced the philosophy so long ago, it has survived and still exists intact in Chinese head and heart. Since no one can deny its truth and the intention behind it, it's therefore timeless. It would be unthinkable for slavery to exist in China because all individual person restrained himself and respected each other, and therefore enjoyed the same social rights. The Emperor existed only as specially privileged figure head with certain moral authority and responsibility, but because of the philosophical energy, which drove every action in society, the emperor had little chance to impose his will on the common folk. The government ran on the bases of Confucian philosophy and within the limits of its principles. 

Different grades of governing official were chosen by local exams, County exams and Provincial Exams, sometimes State exams. A system known as "Raised by Exam" , which was practiced since the early centuries AD until just about 100 years ago. A scholar who passed the Town Exams was called "Siu Chai", which literally means "Quality Material". Those who passed the County Exams were called "Jue Ren", meaning "Raised Person", and those who passed the Provincial Exams were qualified as "Jin Se", meaning "Advanced Scholar". One had to pass the minimum of 2 tiers of exams to be raised as a governor of a small town, and yet not all qualified scholars were always raised, thus the competitions were extremely high. The exam system was the most democratic as well as the only means for a person to achieve success in life. One could therefore ask how much more democratic can it be, when a nation's whole body of government is chosen by exams?  

And all scholars were traditionally educated with Confucian school of social principles, especially the humane principle, known as The Middle Way , and also the principles to prepare scholars in steps for the ultimate goal of achieving peace and equality in the world. Each participant would be asked to expand his ideas of governance in his essay. In time the school of philosophy evolved into greatly detailed formalities, which would become a measurement of non-compulsory morality. Altogether, the structure and contents had groomed the Chinese scholars to become a body of intelligent and rational, but none aggressive officials and a vast society of law abiding populace. There has been no force, nor involuntary penalties involved, and yet the whole society honored it. As a racial and historical characteristic how much more democratic can a civilization or a people get to be? It is interesting to note that recently a cabinet member of the US government had invited China to join the "Civilized World"!   

So the land of China was automatically ran on respect of the individual and the officials elected or chosen by exams from the grass roots. In some old Town Halls or old government buildings one can still see today a big sign on top of the entrance depicting "What's below heaven belongs to all"  .  The first 2 of these 4.Chinese words say literally "All Under The Heaven" and the last 2 words mean " Are Equal For All" or "Belong To All". Together they mean "Universal Equality" or "Universal Civil Rights" for all.  It thoroughly executes Confucius teaching of "Peace and Equality for the World". I doubt any government under Western Democracy has got the guts to put such a sign or declaration on its front door. The first President of China, Dr. Sun Yet Sun loved to write these words to his friends...  Confucius taught all Chinese how to live and behave with such philosophy already in the 6th century BC, exactly at the same time when the Greek City-State was practicing "Demo-Kratos", the true state of "People's-Rule", from which owes Democracy its name and origin. Yet the Greek Demo-Kratos lasted like a blink of eye (while slavery was in practice), and the Equal Rights of people in China lasted 2000 years and still doing well. The up-rise of Socialism in China and elsewhere were said to have been caused by the inequality under Capitalism . 

You see, no Chinese in his right mind would betray his ancestral philosophy, which not only stands above all rules by dominating politics or religious politics, but has already grown into their blood for so long . The Western Democracy can never find a true and strong footing in China for long, even if it should find its way in, because the difference between the false and the real democracy will be quickly found out. It would be like teaching a carpenter how to hold an axe. This is how I notice the difference too!. So you see. Why should the word Democracy even exist in China? Or why should there be demand of Democracy? China lived with the principles since 2550 years ago (since Confucius) and built them into national Exam system since the beginning of 7th century. No subsequent dynasties needed to reinvent the RU principles to teach or perform Equal Rights or the essence of Democracy. Don't forget it was some 600 years later that Roman Emperors built the Flavian Amphitheathre or the Colosseum in Rome for the entertainment of human bloodshed. 

That's what I mean that since the great unification of China by Qin Chi Huang (who completed the Great Wall), China switched its interests from technology to humanitarianism  After hundreds of years of internal wars during the period called "Warring States" (Roughly 500-250 BC), the sudden rest from wars caused Confucian humanity to flourish. So in overall, only 1% of Chinese cultured was centered on technology and 99% of energy were given to study of human and human to nature philosophy. The individual, family, social and political phenomena are all parts of that philosophy. There are in millions of books through out different dynasties and in exam papers of those who became national officials. A similar situation will soon become the human civilization of the 21st century, because every nation on earth will seek to build a defensive Great Wall in the shape of Nuclear Weapons and there is nowhere to use them... An over ambitious nation could soon be the object of scorn of all nations.... Yet, believe me! If wars did break out in this nuclear age, what might still be left fighting? They could only be the individual suicidal bombers, not the big nations. In fact, many people already know it. You see, a couple of airplanes can wipe out a thousand lives in minutes. A thousand individual fighters or terrorists can fight on for decades, and there is no need of airplanes, nor airplane carriers. Quite an economy!   

Notice in the above orders of RU or Confucian Principles, each step is a huge course of training involving great details, which cannot be presented here. Such training started in the past already from childhood by family elders.  The personal grooming took up three courses out of six in total. Meanwhile each scholar was charged with the responsibility for peace and equality of the world. One could therefore be inclined to ask which country on earth, today or in the past, puts individual duty for "World Peace" as part of their school curriculum? China did so for two and half millenniums. Through out the dynasties, every town in China there has been a Confucius temple, where the Sage would be worshipped twice a year in Spring and Autumn to commemorate his birthday and day of passing. If there had not been the introduction of opium, which had weakened and corrupted the old imperial China for two centuries, and if there had not been successive wars and the so called "Unequal Treaties" with the past European colonial powers, the Confucian social and political system might have been continued in practice today. From a historian's point of view, it is not surprising that when the two world wars forced the decline and the break up of the colonial powers, Chinese revolutionists quickly took to adopt a more drastic nationalist and socialistic form of government, because it was a course of nature to unify and clean up the opium corrupted and scattered old empire. However, even the wars and the change of political systems and their timely measures cannot affect the basic educations and philosophy of an ethnic people. 

Confucius philosophy had prospered through two and half millennia of political changes in all dynasties without exception. Every ruler in each dynasty was too glad to revitalize and glorify the philosophy because it was the energy that maintained social harmony, therefore facilitated laws and orders. It is therefore still alive and well in the brain and the heart of the Chinese people. In time, when the modern Chinese life becomes affluent enough, such well tested and well loved humane principles will resurface in applause to path peace and understanding, probably even to divert the self destructive lure of commercialism. Confucius philosophy did not come abruptly out of nothing. It was, in fact, the crystallization of another two and half millennia of  humane culture before Confucius. In total, the Chinese civilization is the only living and vibrant human civilization that has survived 5000 years of tests and experiments. It has previously provided the world tools to make civilization. Unfortunately centuries of wars and disruptions have obscured the reasons and background that gave birth to those tools. Unfortunately not only the Chinese people but the world too have missed the opportunity to witness and experience the near utopian peace and contentment of the past Chinese society, as Marco Polo had witnessed.... Imagine, why should there be any particular need for democracy because democracy is your own being and really what you are. Democracy is necessary and particularly pronounced only if there is social injustice, such as slavery, tyranny, racial discrimination, colonialism or other oppressive forces present. I the majority conscience of a nation wants to take up a passage of drastic measures or idealism to clean up 2 centuries of corruptions and failures, that too is an intelligent and democratic choice, because that has become an inevitable and majority choice!    

If this is not the ultimate goal of democracy, then what is? The whole thing in fact encompasses the Western Democratic ideal, but it goes much deeper. It demands the ability and the need of analysis for every situation and self reflection, including self conditioning. The training includes the unity of family, which is part of the  readiness to participate in national governance. Yet the final goal is even greater, because each Confucian scholar is charged with the ultimate aim is to achieve common good and equality of the world.... Imagine the entire educated citizenry of ancient China was educated with the ultimate goal to create a world with peace and equality. Of course they probably thought that China was the whole world. Nevertheless, those were the days and Chinese scholar did practice these principles. Local officers were chosen from results of local exams. Higher officers were taken from provincial and national exams whose candidates must have passed the local exams first. All responsible officials chosen must have these qualifications, thus the entire process is not only democratic but the emphasis is on quality and not on popular consent, and each candidate is subject to test before they are qualified.... The competitions were very high. Only the best had the chance to be chosen.. 

If we take the “RU” system and bring it slightly up to date without changing its original meaning, we will have the orders as following: - analysis of matter>derivation of knowledge> self improvement> optimization of family life> managing the town or city> governing the province> leading the nation >and ultimately creation of peace and equality for the world.... This was the noble aim for any responsible leader and the demand encompassed the ultimate goal of democracy or any humane political ideology. As candidates were chosen by exam, each examinee would be asked to expand his  thoughts on these principles.... Now imagine how strongly people and scholars used to hold on to what they were taught and what they believed one or two thousand years ago, because in those days people had not so much to choose from, and they were not so independently minded. It's no wonder that it never occurred in the Chinese mind to invade other land. The old Chinese were seldom violent, not because they were inhuman and have no desires, but because they had been taught to restrain...     

It becomes obvious because about 2500 years ago the fiefdom of “LU”, birth place of Confucius,  was not big enough to have cities and provinces. However, the whole teaching clearly represents a complete political philosophy based on preparing the individual as an element of society. Then it is the individual choice from the level of conscience that action manifests into betterment for all men, which again is the true essence of democracy, and had actually been exercised by the Chinese. At least that was the original aim of Confucian principles. Now with this slight alterations, this “RU” system becomes in essence compatible to any political system and much more. The system made sure not only that leadership's quality is guaranteed, hence good performance is ensured, but the citizens are also educated with the same goal, thus it echoed with the individual aspiration and ultimately with the greater objective of the entire human kind.  That's what made China a peaceful, non-aggressive and cultured society, yet the society was a coherent, strong and a quality one, because individual choice came from choice of quality and conscience rather sheer numerical count. The system of education worked well for millenniums, unfortunately, after the 16th century such a non-aggressive culture could not prevail in a violently changing world. It was broken up by the sounds of guns, gun-boats and far worse, by the erosion of opium. Now, it exists mostly as academic references. But nevertheless, much of it remains in the heart and therefore in the behaviors of the people.. Still, good stuff has a habit of resurfacing, I believe that as soon as the Chinese society becomes reasonably affluent again, such proven lesson of human aspiration, joy and success, or parts of, will re-emerge with suitable combination of modern expressions. (Note:- The RU social structure exists no more, but the tradition and the characteristics of Chinese philosophy have not changed. The demand for personal quality is still the primary consideration for choosing a national leader in China. Watch them very closely, please!) 

[Additional Reflection:- The term "Democracy" had its origin in certain "City-State" in ancient Greece (sometime during 6th century BC, equivalent to the end of Chinese Spring and Autumn period). For a brief period Greece was broken up into small independent city-like states to form their own governments.  All sorts of systems were experimented, even communism. However, some City-States practiced a form of democracy, in which the whole citizen body formed the complete legislature, called Direct Democracy. Of course it was possible only because the whole population in such a "City State" was merely a few thousand people. Even so, this was not True Democracy. In such Greek democracy, women and slaves had no political rights. All citizens were eligible for a variety of judicial, legislative and executive offices, some of which were chosen by election, others were appointed due to their specialized nature and expertise. In short, within the allowed perimeters of the Greek democracy with very limited population, the recognized citizen did enjoy equal rights to elect, to be elected, or to be appointed or to govern. The original meaning of "Democracy" came from the Greek language in two words, where "Demos" means "People" and "Kratos" means "Rule", thus Democracy means People's Rule. However, the modern age democracy has totally lost those true meanings. Today the so called democracy is completely managed and dominated by mutually conflicting political parties.

The ideal had been largely modified by the English Magna Carta in the 13th century, which was not based on democratic or equalitarian principles, but set a law that defined the rights between the English King and his nobilities. Then by 1642 English King Charles I was executed, which put an end of the absolute rule of the monarchy and path the way for more political revolutions. Then in the 18th century the American Independence, which was assisted by France, soon brought about also the great French Revolution, resulting in both American and French Declarations, which guaranteed the Rights of Man and of Citizen, although the slaves were not included. All these events reflected the strong need for change in the autocratic rule by the monarchy in the European societies at the time, although the political principles of True Democracy, Equal Rights or Human Rights were not practiced, because slavery still existed. Even in the 1950s, by American law black people must give up their right of seat to white men when traveling in a bus (admirers of Western democracy should talk more often with those people, even now!)... Modern democratic systems, in fact all modern governments, although varying in different nations, are made of two parts. One part consists of politicians, such as the President or Prime Minister as well as members of Congress or Parliament, who are elected by votes in national or district elections  The other part consists of government servants or professional officers who are appointed or promoted through the ranks because of their specialized qualifications or experience. Both parts have the authority, but under certain constitutional restrains, to govern. However, although the civil servants do require qualifications and experiences, the politicians are chosen regardless of qualifications and moral standards, yet it is the politicians who rule the civil servants and the nation.       

Now let's look into the background. The historic development of European civilization was based on the fact that Europe was a large piece of land without insurmountable natural barriers. During the Neolithic Period, life in Europe, like all places, was dormant and inactive. The arrival of bronze age provided the tools and weapons, which brought about more than one millennium of competitions between tribes and military conquests which consolidated into one Roman Empire under the worship of Pagan plural gods. And gods were the super power that supported the rulers. Then the rise of rule by one single super God, i.e. the Roman Catholic church, forced European civilization to take an uncharacteristic turn and plunged it into lifeless depression in the so called Dark Age whose influence lasted some 700 years and longer. Then came un-expectedly the Mongolians who invaded Middle East and Europe and brought along riches of useful tools and new know-how from China. Although the Mongolians did inflict great damages to the Middle East, they left Europe completely intact, because the Mongolian forces withdrew from Europe to rule China. Now a great awakening occurred in Europe at this time. 

It was through the Middle East the Chinese printing press was introduced to Europe. The sudden influx of new tools and how know sparked off imaginations and interests for knowledge as well as hunger and opportunities for expansion. New science spread like the arrival of spring rains in that parched, yet wide open European continent and started off new technological competitions and wars. It happened at the time when much of the world was still in a state of dormant and incommunicado as those were the predawn days of modern civilization. The sudden awakening and competition in Europe would quickly provide the will, the means and the ease for the European military powers to invade much of the unprepared or less developed parts of the world and to war against themselves for the subsequent centuries. The entire process then advanced the human civilization in great acceleration towards modern conditions. This process is now facing an another abrupt change of direction due to the reality of nuclear mass destructive weapons and the space science as well as the understanding of evolution. Only some few short years are left for those who still think that shear super-naturals belief and military might can still enforce domination without massive or serious repercussions. And yet, thanks to nuclear energy the living creatures on earth would not be suffocated by the products of burning organic fuels. The inability to make war with Russia, China and India due to nuclear technology is enabling these formidable 3 nations to transform freely and to drive a new era of world economic prosperity. 

[ Note:- A similar process in fact occurred in China during the Chau dynasty, which lasted more than 800 years (1066 BC to 231 BC). Early Chau emperors created some 200 autonomous fiefdoms within China, which developed into competitions between them. New ideas and technologies sprouted and harvested for many centuries during the epoch called "Spring and Autumn". Then wars broke out between them, which also lasted a couple of centuries, in the epoch called "Warring States". Finally emperor Qin Chi Huang reunited china. Because ancient China was a land enclosed by physically insurmountable natural barriers, not long after Qin's unification its cultural energy, being limited by the natural barriers, turned from expansion to consolidation. Technological competitions were replaced by social philosophy. Therefore Confucian ideology became the main cultural force that organized and deepened the social belief. This philosophical energy, which became almost spiritual, abandoned technological search and began search for an utopian state. It succeeded and gave many centuries of highly regulated and harmonized family and social life until external wars broke it up... A peak of this culture was reached just before the entry of Genghis Khan.

Our world now has reached its limits of natural barriers. World industrial by-products are beginning to saturated the atmosphere with poison. What's more, our warring technologies have reached a scale of mass destruction. Yet, Uranium and Plutonium fissions are barely the beginning, within the present century more deadlier material will be discovered. The discovery of nuclear destructive power cannot be retracted no matter what other types of energy may be used.  Soon enough, a small display of political domination or territorial ambition will start many nations to race for nuclear weapons. Despite the treaties, where there is a will, there is always a way!  Especially in a world that will very soon depend on nuclear energy for every household. It goes without saying, those who invest in hatred will not be rewarded with love, for sure!. Further coalition of political and military powers must end up in polarization of the world into opposition groups. Therefore, invariably the forces of domination and expansion must consolidate and begin the search for a philosophy or a formulae for mutual survival. Alternatively, we can blow each other up!.. In the 2nd World War the death toll was in tens of millions, but when the next world war comes, the death toll should be tens of times more! ]    

But there is a lot more going on than the battle of the mind, or the conquest through religious belief. So let me tell you briefly the following story, which most Western people are not told, the story of "Heavenly Father, Heavenly Brother and Heavenly Peace Kingdom "". 

During the 19th century the dreamy old China was still under the rule of the Manchurian Ching Dynasty (1644-1911). Manchuria is today some of China's northern provinces, just north of Beijing (Peking). Believe or not, the Manchurians came to rule China by invitation of a general who had personal differences with the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty because of a woman. It was the general who brought the Manchurian forces into imperial Peking and took over the Ming dynasty. So there was practically no bloodshed involved in the take-over. However, the Manchurian rulers were apprehensive of Chinese society's enormous power potentials. So they introduced a school of literary  disciplines as bases of examination, through which scholars were "raised" or chosen to be officials. This literary disciplines consisted of 8 large courses, called "Ba Gu Wen". They were compulsory subjects for national exams. Those courses were pretty impractical, useless and inwardly restraining. Then they introduced the fashion of "bound feet" for women and "pigtail" for men. Thus the Chinese society sunk into a state of gloomy mental bondage and self confinement. It strongly detested aggression and war, and then later, opium invaded China under the pretext of being a miracle pain stopping drug. The entire nation disappeared hopelessly behind opium smoke for 200 years  The result was a totally weakened, corrupted and rotten nation where drug dealers and under-world criminals run amok  So hopeless that Chinese scholars once called their own compatriots "Sick men of East Asia". Then finally the fate of nation fell into the hands of an totally ignorant grandma who ruled in the name of a child emperor... 

This happened just when European military expansion was at its peak. So, China was attacked several times by a coalition of Western powers. Still, unlike other undeveloped countries, China was a highly cohered and culturally advance nation. European forces were also apprehensive of China's size and civilization  So they came up with the most effective two-prong attack aimed at the mind and brain of Chinese people. One was the introduction of opium to China and the other was the introduction of religion. Both were enticing, captivating, totally overcoming and hard to shake off. Drugs, other than alcohol, were unknown to China before. When opium was introduced, it was advertised as good for stopping pains, and indeed it did. Only it did far more than that, it also led to such bliss more than words could describe. So very soon the whole nation was puffing away. And soon it was already too late to find that everything one owned went up in smoke and ones soul went down to toilet. So China, which was already demoralized, demoralize some more! China was no more what it once was. Finally opium wars broke out and different foreign powers rushed in to carved up the spoil.

In the midst of opium wars a religious fermentation was brewing to a boil from Macau to Canton, now Quang Dong Province of southern China. It broke into a religious revolt when a group, led by Hong Siu Chuan, took use of the chaotic situation to start a new kingdom, under the name "Heavenly Father, Heavenly Brother and Heavenly Peace Kingdom", sometimes referred to as simply "Heavenly Peace Kingdom". Hong was proclaimed to be the divine brother of Jesus. This Christian revolt eventually took over 16 Provinces out of a total of 28, and lasted 4 times as long as the 2nd World War (over 14 years 1850-1865) when a couple of millions of soldiers and civilians perished in it. AFA_Images/MacauCathedral.jpg

Left: This Macau Cathedral was built and rebuilt 3 times, each time it was burnt down to the ground, until they finally quitted building.  Hong Siu Chuan, a Cantonese, the leader of Christian revolt, was proclaimed the 2nd son of God and brother of Jesus. Of course, as expected, neither his heavenly father nor heavenly brother agreed, or acknowledged their kinship. Actually God never acknowledged that Jesus was his son either. In fact, nobody had ever proved what God really is. And no one ever knows what is heaven or where it is either!.

So, the opium and opium wars in fact did less damage then religion did. Religion came through Macau, a tiny seaside village with a total area of less than 10 sq. miles, granted to Portuguese as trading post in the 16th century. Both Macau and Hong Kong are within the geography of Canton Province. Hung Siu Chuan  was a Cantonese. The consequence of internal revolt, external wars and a two centuries of over run opium weakened China so much that even the tiny island of Japan thought it could take over China. Without the introduction of opium and religion into China there could have been neither internal revolt, nor external wars, then in that case there could have no Sino-Japan war, nor Second World War for China. Millions of deaths and war related destruction and poverty could have been avoided. Then of course there would have been no subsequent revolutionary efforts and no concentrated political will to rebuild from scratch.

Unlike the European folks, who have witnessed and lived through their history the concoction of religion by Roman imperial authorities, also the absolute rule of the church above European monarchs, also the cruel religious persecutions to heretics, the European Dark Age, the religious revolts and conflicts between churches, the wars of Crusaders, the aid of religion in external conquests, etc., etc... the Chinese people were, and still are, totally unaware and uninformed of those historical facts, including the background and birth of the European religion and what the church has been capable of doing. There are no literatures about any of that. Many Chinese never realized that religion could be an integral part of politics or the rule of land. All they knew, and still do, was the individually inward reaching Buddhism and the ever present love and worship of ancestral spirits.  

The 19th century Chinese believed Christianity whole heartedly, and many died for it during those years of Christian revolt without knowing any clue about its history and background. The Bible was not translated yet. In fact, even today no one bothers to investigate.  That why it is very important that the general Chinese public should know some facts about the political past and evolution of European religion....  Yet, despite the national indulgence in drugs, the opium wars with foreign powers and internal religious revolution, China was survived because of her invisible, yet immense reservation of strength due to the self reliance of her vast population of peasants, the real roots and vanguard of the country, as well as China's traditional wisdom and rationality passed down by millenniums of common sense, endurance, social tolerance and cultural harmony through Confucian teachings. Because of that China have always remained cohered despite all the troubles...   

Now, however, times have changed, the journey of humankind has arrived at the age of pure science and knowledge of evolution, even cloning, not any more Adam and Eve, nor divine creation, and China is not drugged any more.. Logic, science, rationality, though philosophic are characteristics of Chinese civilization, therefore, an immense future in science is awaiting China. Nevertheless, it should be understood, that the only way to shake loose the foundation of such a solid and sober civilization must still go through the brain and heart of its people. It's important for the younger folks to know and understand the history, the birth, the past performance of different religion because religions are very alluring and some of them want to  possess your heart and soul. A religion that truly refines the individual soul and spirit should not be a tool of invasion and conquest, not even the rule of its own land. It should not have record or history of cruelty. It should not possess military forces or history of military conquests. A non-logical supernatural belief should interfere national or international politics. What's more, a priest that takes sexual advantage of young believers is the worst kind of preacher there is. They are known to have numbered in hundreds, and are still preaching away, and their organization have merely paid in cash for their proven crime. 

On the other hand, any God, if existed at all, or said to be loving and divine, yet almighty, would never stay silent and inept, watching any religious wars, bloodshed, cruelty and political maneuvers be carried out in his name. I think, this is pretty obvious. Therefore it is the duty of parents to warn their children, and national governments to alarm their citizens, and the school teachers to warn their students. It's even worse when a religion of foreign origin or of foreign control becomes a disguised tool or organized means to cause social and political conflict. At the same time no proper or respectful foreign politicians should demand freedom for such concealed purpose... Let me repeat, I say this because a certain Catholic leader in Hong Kong has joined resident politicians to demand fundamental changes in local government structures and constitutions, despite the fact that Vatican is also an independent sovereign state and a member of Unite Nations.    

In the last couple of years there has been an exertion to install so called Democracy in different parts of the world. Democracy or Western democracy has therefore become something like a heaven given right for random exportation, even under military presence. When that happens democracy then becomes the force and belief of national governance, which must replace thousands of years of traditional politics, which is invariably linked to traditional cultural life. These contemporary politicians think they have the right to change it over night. Democracy is of course a beautiful word. Unfortunately, our politicians have forgotten clean the meaning and purpose of democracy. I have started this page by referring to the origin of democracy in Greek "City State" 2500 years ago. Democracy was created for the uniform rule of the people, by the people and for the people. From Greek City State to centuries of Roman Republic it was practiced without formation of political parties. A perfectly democratic society also existed in China under the presence of monarchy for millenniums, just as it still exists in Britain and other European monarchs, but without the division of political parties. Democracy was never meant to be controlled by any fractional groups or any one of the political organizations within a country. 

A true state of democracy exists in a unified nation in which the government is made of people, by the people and for the people without slavery or prolonged social injustice. An ideal nation is one that has an unified goal and policy, or an unified political will, and therefore, an unified structure. Such a nation is critical and answerable to the aspirations and demands of its people, not political parties. In other words, there is no principle that says only a nation controlled by political parties, is a true democracy, or that democracy cannot exist in a nation without the polarization of political parties.  In China such a society existed without the label of democracy for thousands of years. They had succeeded to the degree of near utopian uniformity and harmony under the philosophy of Confucius, where each individual learned to observe own motivation, to self control, to harmonize family, to organized the government and to create peace and equality of the world. Yes, even the peace and equality of the world too! There was no force, nor pressure, involved ..  For about 2000 years all government officials were not only trained with such philosophy but were chosen strictly by district, county, provincial and national exams. Thus the Chinese society already practiced democracy in its most realistic expression and execution, compared with all other systems that claim to be democratic. And the quality of officials and leaders, not politics, then was the primary concern of such a society. A glimpse of such a society was reported by Marco Polo, even though China was already badly disturbed by Genghis Khan at the time...  

After the return of sovereignty from the British in 1997 with the promise from the Chinese central government to allow autonomy in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong government entered into a dilemma of either to maintain the peace and stability of the political and economical system left, in fact engineered, by the British that has brought this little domain to a competitive stance among world nations, or to submit to the growing demand of Western democracy by a minority group of activists. However, Chinese people have been always somewhat apprehensive of the Western style of democracy, not only because of their long valued experience of that described, cohered traditional society, but also because of a bad experience in the early part of the 20th century when China first tasted Western style of democracy ( when immediately one Chinese political party tried to annihilate another by bloodshed, even though at the time China was being invaded by Japan ). Finally, the Hong Kong government came up with a plan to introduce a democratic system with a much wider representation compared than mere competing political parties, and to adopt a step by step approach. This arouse even more urgent demand for Western style universal suffrage. Twice in 2004 and 2005 pressure were applied to force the government to adopt Western style democracy by organizing street demonstrations. One of the outspoken activists was a Hong Kong Roman Catholic church leader who had voiced his intention to mobilize other Christian churches to join the demand. 

This was what motivated this writer to expose these political letters written for Deng Xiao Ping back in 1989 and 1990, which were later sent to UN in 1995. But these writings were not at all for the purposes of showing what democracy should represent and the historic backgrounds of the Roman Catholic church. It was written for a much more significant purpose to give a timely alarm of the possible cosmic influence brought by the visit of Halley comet, together with the possible cause of unusual phenomena, such as suicidal whales, Bird Flu. etc.. For these reasons I have therefore prepared a list of Halley comet's historic visits dating back over 2000 years, together with corresponding social changes to illustrate the comet's possible influence. I know some of what I have exposed in these writings could be tough to swallow for some readers, I am sorry I have do it, but I am thinking of the destruction and bloodshed caused by Christian revolt only 150 years ago. Please see List of Halley comet's visits and possible influences. Also as this second letter has become very long, I have written a separate page to sum up these writings. Please read also Conclusions for these two letters...... End of reflection. Now let me continue with the actual letter written in 1990.] 

In my letter of 6th Dec 89, I took Christianity as example and explained that this religion knows how to adapt to time and environmental conditions. It has not only maintained vitality but also the capacities to expand and grow, because the Christians know how to take the Bible and use it in all kinds of ways to interpret the events of every day life. Therefore the Bible lives on .... Any culture, if it is meant to continue and to extend, must put a great deal of effort to path the way from past to present and it must fit the location, or the 5th dimension. Just like a tree that grows flowers or fruits must be watered but it must also be fertilized by the right soil in the right climate. Therefore, man should not forget his roots and what’s more should not hurt those roots. If he does, he will lose that vital force of life and must wither in time .... 

That's why the truth is that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but most people do not see it. They want to be more clever and rather search for the truth the hard way. So they drop that very direct way and go onto highly twisted path, and turn a few thousand turns before they end up in the same starting point again (Reflection:- Now 12 years later will the same peace agreement in 1994 between Israel and Palestine finally happen, or would there be some more twists and turns?). By that time ages have passed and much have been sacrificed for their sake. The human compassion is of the shortest distance between men, irrespective of culture and race. It exists in the West and in the East, in the past and now. There lies deep in each human soul is a direct humanitarian channel from one to another. That is what gives life to a society, without which there is no society and no hope for the world. Without which the human civilization probably would not live pass the nuclear powered 21st century.... The Chinese and the Jews are probably the most matured and the most wise people. When one talks of China’s 5 thousand years of history, one is referring not to some glorious conquest, nor a few antique relics, but to China's humane philosophy and wisdom. In the years ahead, when international whirl wind reaches high peaks, perhaps time has come for those trained by over 2500 years of humane diplomats or Confucian ""Middle-Men" to shuttle between nations to find enduring peace and securities for our world. (See Annex-F)  

Annex-F :--

Roughly in the last two hundred years, due to technical developments and automation of weapons, conflicts of war took place everywhere. Social unrests followed. Social struggles and political conflicts never stopped. It happened across the planet. The many revolutionary leaders involved were emotional patriots. These revolutionists more than often did not understand that successful social evolution must have the right conditions and ingredients. The timing and environments must be right too. They have little patience and often strived to solve historic problems in their first attempts. Some of them based action on impulses that are impractical and become destructive in their attempt to force change onto a society that was already trouble laden and emotionally complicated. These patriots blindly demanded to shorten the intellectual evolution process, that needed years to ripe, into one day. What they did was simply to chop off the old head of their society, and screw on a new one, but the old body and heart could not take it. Nothing worked out right. In the end violence and chaos escalated, leaving the poor patient to suffer even more ....  (Remember, this was written 15 years ago and not last night!. Now look what happens around the world, where sudden change are imposed... )

Then there was another type of patriots who appeared to be slightly more practical. They have received certain foreign educations and trainings. These patriots adored the beauty and orders of other nation’s affluent and apparently successful social political pattern, without understanding that timing and environments are important, and that an affluent society is not built in one day without cause, or sacrifices. They too had little patience, and attempted to bring all the good things home, hoping to cure the social ills, although in a less dramatic way.  So they changed the patient’s blood, but were unable to change the brains. In the end, the patient also suffered also more .... Such political dramas have been going on and off for more than a century in different places. Consequently, nothing went right for those people (Note: this was written in 1990 and sent to UN in 1995. Perhaps I should have posted it in the Internet 10 years ago). As a result, obviously external interferences took chance to interfere, and flames of destruction blazed even more. As a society, such injury could take centuries to heal... 

There are, however, two other types of society that have profited. One is the kind of societies which already have strong foundations. Their foundations were built upon economical and cultural achievements as well as human relationship. These societies were not afraid of wars, nor natural famines and external pressures on economy and politics (These words should be underlined). Since they have relatively little internal strives, they are able to make use of changes in the world. With sheer determination and self sacrifice they can still come up from the bottom and avert permanent injuries (I think Deng Xiao Ping understood this much better than I did in 1990). So they became better and better and more and more stronger .... Lastly there was another kind of societies. These were young and new societies, such as those without a strong cultural past. Many of these new nations have small populations and easy to manage. They had no historical burdens, and were free to borrow successful systems of the world. Some of them have adopted other people’s, ways of life and even the languages. Many of them even knew how to add timely improvements in accordance with their local conditions. These countries have achieved harmony with progress. Many of them are doing well. Some of them have come up on top. Others, that are developing well, will reach a state of maturity in the next 30 to 50 years, if they are lucky to find good leadership for long enough.

My conclusion is:- Every individual nation or society, if she is going to exist, and exist without sudden destructive turmoil, which could cripple a people for a long time. Then she must adhere to at least three fundamental conditions that connote that existence of that people: i.e:- 

1) Firstly, the past:- A society must identify and protect her historical roots or origin. If the roots are pulled out or damaged and there is no roots to hold on and pass nutrients, then there can only be worse chaos and strife. Traditions and cultural heritage are the base from which civilization evolves. They are also the treasures and memorials that bind the generations together.

2) Secondly, the present:- A society should recognize and identify her own present state of existence, so that she knows what to do in the overwhelmingly changing world. If she is confused about her own identity, she could become a kite without a string. Such a society can be easily dissuaded by political maneuvers, ideological invasion, or malicious intents.  Therefore, the quality of immediate leadership is of paramount importance.        

3) Thirdly, the future:- This rather depend on the past and present, which determines the size and shape of the future. All botanical and biological lives have DNA heritage. The future is what you make of, but you can't make life out of stones. To create a future out of difficult present and past requires super great leadership, often requiring drastic measures to shake loose historic burdens and effect reunification. Yet the laws of nature demand that future is more important than the past and present. So many insects, fishes, animals and many humans are willing to die in order to survive their off-springs...     

This trinity of basic conditions, only when they are complete, a society is alive, and living in harmony. If any one part is not present, then there is no more healthy life force and no continuation of purpose any more. That is because no life can begin from nothing, and go no places. Life and cultural life are continuous existences. It is a processes that must have an origin, a present life force and a purpose or a destination. So, if this formula is not false, then we should make the following detailed reflections for our own society:  

[1], The historical Chinese social and political system evolved almost completely from the teaching of “RU” or Confucian philosophy. It is a philosophy of discipline, morality, equality, paternity and humanism. It starts off with inner searching for conscience and knowledge but end up with the aim for good of mankind. It is called ‘the Middle Way‘.... (My translation of "Middle Way" may be too simple, as in Chinese the term also carries the connotations of Balance, Tolerance, Harmony, Neutrality and Non-extreme Philosophy in it).  Every scholar in the old China studied and practiced it. Everybody was influenced by it. Even the past Kings and Emperors had followed it. This system that cross-links philosophy, science and human relationship to the functions of nature. Because it relates nature's manifestation to human behavior, it was accepted naturally and readily, and with it the need for the supernatural became secondary, except for worship of ancestors spirits, which reinforces extra bond and love of the Chinese family.  It is therefore also a successfully tested system of social and political education.  

I am not suggesting that modern societies should copy it exactly, but certainly it should do well as references, or better still, modernize it, because such a beautiful crystallization has been ruined by years of wars and disruption in national faith. However, although on the surface and in its modes of application or execution much of it have been dislocated with time and environment, but the essence of its principle is really not restricted by time and location. It is also a system particularly apt in dealing with the human relation, which can well supplement any existing political system. Therefore, the ‘RU’ learning system can be easily used to revive economical and political well being. It has already existed alongside all kinds of dynasties and political forces for well over two thousand years, and in different locations. Even today it lives in the hearts and in the daily life of many Asian societies, including Japan and Korea, which proves that much of it can co-exist concurrently with any political system or ideology and in contemporary life, even futuristic life, if environmental conditions permit.

[2], The 2nd identity is the state of life:...... It is an undeniable fact that the present political structure (of China) is a form of socialism. But the present socialism has departed a long way from the traditional socialism, not only in methods of execution, but also in essence (meanwhile communism existed only in theory but not yet in practice anywhere in the world). A system only exists if it is executed in time and location. That was the reason there were conflicts with Stalin and Ho Chi Min, because after all Chinese socialism has to be executed through Chinese scholars onto the Chinese society. However, this present form of Socialism is one that is rapidly changing to find its form, or rather it is an experimental type of "Chinese style Socialism". Under strict scientific scrutiny, in fact, it is an ideology so far given name, but not yet fully given contents. If it goes on like this, on the long run, there might be misunderstanding and unpredictable social consequences. Something should be done about it very quickly 

(Note:- That was probably where Deng Xiao Ping, even at his advanced age, was compelled to clarify all his ideologies and declared terminologies ( because he had started it, so only he could explain it ), so that there would be no future misgivings. This was 1990, he then took time to write his last book, the 3rd volume of  “Deng Xiao-Ping Thoughts”, which has become some of the main guiding principles ever since. He then reappeared in Shen-Zhen in 1992 to announce the "Market Economy", where he also echoed my calling by announcing that “Open Door policies should assume broader steps. Experimentations should be more brave….”: Now the world can see what great strives China has taken since 1992. Imagine this was from a national leader still working hard at the advanced age of 87years old. I wonder even if anybody could, yet at that age still would. Sadly very soon he passed away. By that time he had already been involved in some 70 years of revolutionary struggle in the rebuilding of China. They called him the paramount leader, but he remained a humble man. His given childhood name was "Deng Shi-Shien" , meaning "Rare Wisdom", but he changed it to that mere humble "Xiao Ping" ), meaning "Small Peace", just as a diplomat would do. Indeed, physically he was not big, but historically he is a giant, considering his leadership and his many contributions in the modernization of China. His book just before the end of his life was the crystallization of a long life time of experience and his very last priceless gift with which he had bequeathed to his people.) 

[3], What about the future? The future is above all important, otherwise there will be no aim and therefore no plan for progress. Any society that is undergoing experimental developments should give primary emphasis on developments that will suit the future needs ( the future need was obviously the reinvigoration of a higher living standard and a successful cultural life, as well as liberalization of central control, which had been necessary in the initial efforts of re-unification after centuries of turmoil ). This would mean taking reference from past and present, plus the required conditions of the approaching local environment. Further more, a consideration must be also given that it may truly represent the general aspiration of the masses, and not just the choice or will of a political party. Besides, this system must also contain the means of peace and co-existence with the rest of modern world. (I have a feeling that Deng knew these things also much better than I did). If this were to be democracy, then the future democracy has vastly improved and broadened meaning. This future democracy cannot be the exact copy of the present or past democratic system existing in the West or any where else. Unless all human societies stay permanently stagnant and social characteristics never change, the future systems must shift towards contemporary needs.... (I wrote these words in 1990 for Mr. Deng, and sent it to UN in 1995. It has now become necessary for me to explain why I publish these letters online, because I hope to promote Hong Kong government's effort to build not just a democracy or just Western style democracy, or any democratic constitution, but a fundamentally democratic democracy suitable for her own contemporary and future needs, irrespective of whatever other nations' preferences)  

Also the goal of any political system surely does not mean that the mobs, drug lords, criminals and ill intended or corrupt elements are entitled to enjoy every right and run rampant under the banner of "Freedom" or "Human Rights". Therefore some considerations should be given not to encourage criminal intents, which would be unfair to law abiding and well wishing citizens. True democratic ideals should not be a tool to dictate with ones own way or discredit others, including other political systems. In fact, the true democracy is not necessarily manifested in any particular type of election methods. Its essence lies in representing and protecting the individual interests in the best possible way, while the individual must fulfill his duty to represent and protect his society and his government accordingly in the best possible way he can. (Reflection:- J.F. Kennedy's ideas of democracy was expressed in his best remembered quote "Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!:". There are some misinformed radicals who take pride to act as if a government is made only for attack or blames)  Due to different conditions of evolution of the past,  present and future requirements, all nations must develop their own best systems, which would be different according to historic background and local demands. 

(Note:- This is exactly what's happening in Hong Kong. The present Hong Kong system needs to choose a leader from a relatively broader base of electorates ( the details of entire system are presently under planning and expansion. So I will leave them to the experts. However, I suppose there is no harm in adding some of my own rough understanding on the issue here ). Some of the electorates are themselves democratically elected to represent their constituencies. Other electorates are taken from responsible members of various existing governmental department, whose performance are constantly under daily public auspices and whose public trust has been well established with the populace ( If their performances cannot meet with the public aspirations they would not be able to hold their jobs ). These electorates represent not only qualification, experience and quality decisions, but also represent the public interests at the grass root level. An optional group of electorates may be added with members from various functional or professional sectors of the community, for instance, education, health, economic, other social services, etc., etc.. These electorate may be elected by votes from within their own professional guilds or organizations, or by appointment of the government. And lastly, there could even be another special optional group of electorates chosen by appointments purely because of the member's personal achievements that could be important to the community. All these electorates therefore have the responsibility as well as the qualification and experience to elect the responsible Leader of Government. 

A candidate for the election may be proposed by a member of electoral committee to be further sponsored or seconded by a minimum number of other committee members, or must first qualify certain initial conditions before he or she can be admitted for election. These conditions may be adjusted to achieve optimum results. Such a democratic system is not only an uniform and true Democracy by Direct Representations from a much wider scope of communities in the society ( compared with only political parties ), but it would also yield the best quality of electorates and elected leader.  The number of candidates may be adjusted by numbers of sponsors to achieve optimum representation while avoiding unnecessarily large numbers that could cause confusion. More scopes and size of electorates may be created subject to discussions by the government empowered constitutional committee. One limitation may be observed that is electorates must not represent any foreign political or religious interests, or have affiliation with such interests. This way the democratic process is purely domestic and much more democratically and uniformly represented.    

On top of the above, the real advantage is that the election is not influenced or controlled by political parties or party politics. Because party loyalty destroys the purpose of democracy. Yet party leaders, governments officials, community leaders and individuals do stand the same democratic chance to be elected as the head of government by a completely responsible and experienced electorate, as long as the candidates' qualifications are appropriate and can satisfy the initial conditions.  Since the committee of electorates consists of regional representatives democratically elected and representatives of government departments, the trust between the public and the committee is well established through the said election and through daily intercourse between the citizenry and its government. This is how true democracy and true national interests should be represented. The ideal of true democracy is that all people should have the same rights not only to vote but also to be voted, subject to certain qualities or qualifications and independent of party politics or party controls. And lastly, although it would not be wise or appropriate for me to discuss any details of the proposed system, which are being prepared by government experts, I would nevertheless suggest that such an electoral system, if necessary, may still be confirmed by universal suffrage, but only if necessary, or only after the system has sufficiently passed the initial tests. My suggestion is that after the voting of the selected committee of electorates, the resultant conclusion, i.e. the successful candidate, can be further confirmed by a final ballot given by the entire population, i.e. by universal suffrage.

The way to do it is to take the first two or a larger numbers of forerunners from the elected candidates who have received most votes, then finally an universal suffrage by the entire grass roots may decide one candidate to be the head of government and another to be vice or deputy head of government. Parliamentary or Congressional elections may be carried out along with or separate from the election of the Head of Government, but without party controls. In other words, political parties may continue to exist, but they should not control or interfere the will or the responsibilities of the government. A formula may be established by debate to appoint members of Legislative and Executive Bodies. This way the election could never run into a minority government situation or government by coalition of parties, causing fractional instability in the nation. Besides, the trust of the public for the committee of electorate is already established through electoral representation or through the trust already established in daily interaction between a citizen and his government, and also through the best qualifications or expertise of the entire community and the committee of electorates. Further more, improvements of the electoral system should be continuously studied and implemented after a certain fixed duration to ensure that it harmonizes with timely social, economic and political environments. . 

The electoral candidates are therefore much more democratically represented than the bi-party or multi-party election. And above all, quality electorates always produces quality of electoral results, i.e. leadership, which is the most important purpose of election in the first place. Another great advantage is that since there is no sudden change of will or control by political parties, the domestic and foreign policies are much more stable, directional and cumulative. This used to be the privilege enjoyed only by the rule of monarchy or monocracy to establish tradition and stability, now it can also be had by improved modern democracy. This is the main idea. The finer details may be worked out by dedicated system designers under the direction of the committee or the government. Meanwhile, the creation of parliament, or the congress, or the legislative and executive bodies as well as their election or appointments together with their duties and mandates, may also be designed and adjusted accordingly so that there is no conflict as a whole. This is what I would call True Democracy by Direct Representation. This is a system that approaches the original meaning of "Demo - Kratos" or "People's Rule" except by direct representation. It is also indeed the nearest thing to " the government of the people, by the people and for the people ", and therefore not "of the party, by the party and for the party".... I think Abraham Lincorn would agree!    

The process also does away all the convicted criminals, the trouble makers, the ill intended, as well as the ignorant, the illiterate and inexperienced or any other undeclared schemes, such as a Trojan Horse group,  which might not necessarily give ideal results in selecting a leader to achieve and to protect the interests of the entire territory. This should be mentioned because the forces and/or influence of such non-constructive elements could be rather disruptive in the process...  However, this combined multi-layer election is in fact a multi-layer democracy, but its emphasis is on security, qualification, experience and responsibility and not party politics. The leader is elected also by people, only these people are either representatives of people, or professionals who are already responsible for the business of governance and for the livelihood of people. Yet the system's greater advantage lies in the emphasis of quality leadership and therefore the quality of governance, because the electorates are fully qualified and experienced in the business of leadership. The system can have a much bigger and flexible array of electoral candidates, from which the best man may be chosen and a better democracy is ensured. 

The whole exercise of electing a national leader is to find the best possible quality of leadership and optimum guardianship for economic developments, for maintaining world peace and for leadership in times of crisis and not for the aspirations for one political party or another. In the 21st century nuclear world the political and economic interests between nations could evolve into highly complex and stressful states, only the best candidate chosen by the best qualified electorate can safeguard national and citizen's interests. And yet, such electoral system is in fact more democratic than a minimum number of candidates chosen by a minimum number of party politics. The essence of democracy lies in its intent or substance, and not necessarily in its alluring name or slogan. As time and environment do change social needs, it's only right and appropriate to evolve new structure according to timely and regional needs. Hong Kong is only a single township, a small territory in the middle of the stormy world, she must hold onto her steering wheel with extreme vigilance. What she needs most is stability and continued stable developments, definitely not changes of policies by any winning political parties once every few years....    

Note: It needs to be pointed out that the presently existing system of "Democracy" has serious faults, even frauds. As already discussed in the First Letter, here are some more of its imperfections:-

1) Under modern Western electoral system with political parties the independent candidate has little chance to compete. A candidate for national leadership must be a party member, party goer, party lover,  party supporter and party leader, and finally becoming supported and therefore controlled by the party. True democracy is a fantasy. Although in argument Western style democracy does not dictate, but in reality the system produced repeatedly dictatorships, e.g. Hitler is a good example.  

2) Multi party elections do not always give simple majority (i.e. above 50%). Coalition of parties with different party goals does not give stable government in defense or economic and other national policies, etc,. which is a direct result of party politics and party based election ( see examples of 2005 elections of Germany and Chile in the upcoming paragraph in red ).

3) Bi-party electoral system thus is the natural result of evolution from multi-party systems, but it gives only two candidates chosen by the parties and not by electorates. What's more, such two candidates out of hundreds of millions of population become the least possible choice statistically and do not represent people's rule ( democracy means "people rule" originally ). It represents the least possible, or the minimum and not the maximum, nor even the average of choice, or the intent of democracy.

4) Loyalty to party and party politics or party ambitions destroy the aspirations of true democracy and people's real needs. It also produces frauds and possible cheating in election.

5) Choice of candidates by political parties cannot represent free choice of candidates, in particular the true qualities of candidates, by the public before general election, and therefore defies and denies the purpose of election, as well as search of best leadership.... 

6) In times of peace and economic stability, due to political stability a bi-party electoral system in a stable society can easily end up in very close and even electoral results (Note: On Nov 18th 2005. Mahinda Rajapakse won Presidential election in Sri Lanka with a margin of only 50.29% out of the total votes). Thus give rise to the chances and possibility of preconceived frauds or unfair competition, for instance, if one party could secure say 3% to 5% votes by hook or by crook ( say in the last vote casting Province or State ), then that party can be pretty certain of winning the election.   

7) Political parties can easily become the stepping stones for the rich and powerful or the modern aristocrats to rule the land by making use of the party hierarchy and therefore side stepping the process of democracy or people's rule to become modern king. In other words, democracy may be cheated by manipulation to become a party candidate, and the possibility exists that election can be swindled by cheating with a relatively small amount of winning votes. So, the control of ones party, plus a bit of cheating could land the man on top of hundreds of millions of people. Even without cheating such candidacy stands 50% chance of becoming the head of nation.

However, here lies an even more frightening but real prospect. that is, by exporting or inserting such system into a targeted foreign nation, it becomes possible to take over the entire rule and policy of that nation by remote control. This may be carried out through building up military, political and monetary influences and then make use of such similar loop holes in electoral system to acquire mandate. Such a juicy proposal is an offer that cannot or would not be refused by any collaborating politicians or partner in crime.  

But that's not all, once that nation is under control, it can be used as a secret tool or a coalition partner for a planned war or for use as coalition for further international political pressure.  In the end, the control of land and government may be preconceived with plots and obtained with relative ease, even wars could be preconceived. Therefore democracy under the control of political parties can become a dangerous liability for the rest of the world.  All these is not impossible and yet it would fool the whole world and look very democratic indeed. Such built-in defects must be avoided in the age of mass destruction.

8) The acquisition of party leadership by the elites and the privileged inhibits real talents in leadership within the party and therefore national leadership.  

9) From the above it becomes evident that Western democracy is a disguise of political parties competing to rule. Political parties are then in turn ruled by modern aristocrats. Universal suffrage thus cannot represent true universal choice of people. It becomes mere endorsement or rubber stamp of false democracy for political parties and their bosses to obtain the rule of land and the power to make wars. 

10) Political parties and party politics to acquire national mandates often provide dangerous power base for wars and potential disasters, such as Hitler's NAZI party and Saddam Hussein's BATH party, and numerous other examples. Yet, not all nations with single party rule, or nations with rule of monarchy, instigate wars or provide undesirable or unpopular leadership. Some of the greatest achievements in human history were accomplished under single leadership or leader. It's always the quality of leadership that counts and never the format of election that really matters. 

11) The limitation of maximum two-term office under modern democracy does not give long enough time and energy to construct maximum or prolonged social, cultural and economic stability  

12) If a leader, elected under such a system, can established a cause to start a war, rightly or wrongly, he stands a good chance to be reelected for the second term due to the predictable national sentiments. If and when this occurs, the system then becomes a temptation for war and could lead to long term destructive consequence of some unfortunate nations. It could even escalate into bigger and unpredictable international repercussions as well as all sorts of future revenge undertakings ...  

13) Universal suffrage usually includes the uninformed, ignorant, uneducated, criminally minded, rebellions trouble makers, ill intended and the corruptly purchased electorates who do not always produce true electoral results, especially when the candidates are running neck to neck. These unfortunate possibilities can be eliminated by forming a large committee of only quality electorates representing district elections and government officials whose trust and expertise are pre-established through daily responsibilities and contacts with the public. 

14) Bi-party election usually gives a small wining margin, therefore, in average, almost half the votes, in reality, do not give consent to the final elected mandate (In the above said Sri Lanka election 49.71% voters did not give mandate to Mahinda Rajapakse )

15) The overall electorates do not include those who do not or cannot go to vote, and the over or under aged voters, therefore, do not represent true majority of the entire populace (And yet Mahinda Rajapakse has already declared to change Peace Treaty with the Tamil rebels). In fact , bi-party systems usually, if not always, do not respect the simple majority of population, i.e. when the under-aged, over-aged, absentees and legally disqualified voters are counted in.  

16) National leadership produced under bi-party or multi-party elections causes fluctuation in domestic and foreign policies, resulting in uncertain and unpredictable government directives and performance once every few years, for instance, one term of rule by one party the government would pursuit a course of peace, the next term of rule by another party the nation would take the course of war, all within a few short years, or even months. 

17) Party politics is the main cause of organized ballot cheating that one hears all the time. So much and so frequent that the UN and other human watch organizations have to assume a role as observers in elections all over the world to check such possible cheatings...   

18) Democracy therefore exists only in name and not in substance, but electorates are either completely unaware of it or deliberately kept uninformed (except for my present efforts). So the system goes on unchallenged for centuries bearing the impression of fairness and righteousness as well as false contentment. So much that some politicians would believe it to be the ultimate ideal brand for export.

19) It happens now and then in a nation of Western style democracy that when a national leader's public approval rating drops to well below average, yet the leader doggedly refuses to budge and persists his own way as if nothing has happened, or when Congress, i.e. the representative of people, demand change, yet the leader still single-mindedly goes ahead unperturbed, or even tries to install his own people in controlling positions both nationally and internationally, then there is description for such a scenario, i.e. all signs show a dangerous dictator is in the making. But the system gives him the mandate and power to do it. Some democracies require 2/3 majority in Parliament to impeach or dislodge an elected President, but this is never done because his party supports him. So once a President is elected, he can always afford to be corrupt or to dictate.     

20) The mandate obtained under so called majority consent looms so far above restrains that it permits irretrievable power to offend individual human rights and even international rights at will and unchecked anywhere around the world. And yet the system and its citizens do not even notice it, or are powerless to stop it!

21) The leadership of a nation is an extremely heavy responsibility and serious business that affects the fate of citizens, the nation and often a great part of the world. It requires the best of character, integrity, education, experience, proof of achievement and reputation. The mode of modern voting system does not give citizens adequate choice of such suitable and responsible qualities from candidates. Instead, it turns the business of election into a popularity contest. Popularity contest could put an extremist, a fanatic or a political radical, or someday even a comedian in charge of the fate of people, of nation and probably, of the world, while people of great leadership capacities and potentials are totally ignored. (Note:- Parents, Doctors, engineers, scientist, inventors, constructors, social workers, business people and workers, philosophers, theoreticians, teachers, artists... more sorts of workers, you name it, all work to build a livable society or a wonderful humane civilization with their blood and sweat over years, centuries or millenniums. But one wrong politician could destroy them within a few short years).     

22) The defects and falsehood in the party controlled democracy are defects in human civilization, which can be rectified and removed by improving the electoral system or by new systems which aim to eliminate controls by conflicting parties. While the refusal of rectification and insistence to spread a faulty system all over the world is a certain sign of prolonged hidden global conflict, which the age of mass destruction can ill afford.

23) Judging from the above analysis, it is possible for a ambitious politician to seize the power of the most war equipped nation on earth with relative ease. Once any such glory or victory loving person puts his hands on the control button of the nation and all those military powers, he would not be able to resist the desire of pushing those buttons. Should any wars or verbal threats occur under any form of pretext or excuse, it would quickly cause many opposition nations to start arm race, and lead to possibility of more forms of coalition of wars or world wars. 

24) Now that you have read the above 23 faults, frauds and loop holes in the system, wouldn't you be tempted? Think of all the respect, the authority, the might of military forces, the national wealth, the international prestige and even a place in history to be had and to play with. Yet, you don't have to contribute to the building or achievement of any of those great things that have been made possible by billions of lives before you. All you need to do is to manipulate your party and the voting ballots, and you can have all of those great privileges and loads more.... Therefore, the biggest fault of the Western democracy is the ease of temptation to fraud and do anything to get the power. You don't need to prove your qualities or your capacities or your contributions to become a modern emperor. Then after that you can even plan to make the rest of world miserable too! 

25) Human societies are not built for constant flip flop change of governments.  Governments are elected to fulfill the aspirations of its citizens. These aspirations are peace and stability to live and work, and to bring up children in a peaceful, comfortable and predictable environment. As it happens the fate of nation is no longer in the hands of people, and the individual citizens in democratic country are neither truly represented, nor truly in control... Great human civilization needs un-waving and sustained leadership over a prolonged period, often requiring decades under one mature leader. Flip Flop change of leadership is not the formula to accumulate and sustain peace and harmony within the society, which are the main requirements for the slow building of a time honored great civilization. Because the greater it is, the more time, stability, mature leadership, good will and great efforts are needed... A 4 or 8 years term of leadership may, at best, establish some trust among people, and not notable reputation of leadership with required achievements. But then some Western democracy would already force a flip flop change of government and start an unknown leadership all over again.   

26) The above 24 points are related to potentials and consequences within the nation. There are lots more complex and much more serious consequences relating to international matters. But here, I would point out only one more problem that may lead to permanent sorrows and regrets sometime during this 21st century. 

When a nation is run and polarized by political parties, national interests will turn to politics. In time, politics will become the center of attention, and people's real needs would lose focus. If the nation uses privatized defense industry, such huge private interests will use politics or politicians to compete with people's real needs and siphon off national budget to grow. The more such industry grows, the more it will need to survive, and grow greater. 

Meanwhile, such vicious cycle escalates global arms race, presently nuclear arm race. Unfair and forceful prevention of arms race will only create underground arms race. Growth of privatized defense industry needs excuse for wars. Any wars could spur off more wants to make nuclear bombs. And the smallest excuse will give chance to escalate more defense budget, and siphon off more national resources from needy people. 

Then, there will be promotion of absolute press freedom, and of course, word wars or picture wars will create tensions and inflame violent sentiments, and finish up in threats at both ends. Threats will energize more defense budget and siphon off more of people's real needs. Wars of words will grow anyway, and very soon medias of all sorts will grow out of proportions world wide, fanning up more tensions, also in vicious cycles... ( Note:- And of course "Freedom of Press" is only O.K. when it is used to attack, otherwise it is a strictly "Controlled Press", because as always nobody, or no government, on earth is thrilled to hear the opponent's criticisms or unwelcome comments in the national radio or national medias. Therefore "Freedom of Press" has never truly existed, because it is not natural and therefore not human nature).

Eventually there will be nothing else in the world, except party politics, more politics, political tensions, press freedom, wars of words or pictures, threats, more home land defense and defense budgets, arms race, prevention of arms, under ground arms race, small wars, then more wars, more defense, more politics, more word wars, more budgets..... and finally a big show down or big blow up... of course, nuclear blow up!  

The world will never know peace when global fate, national fate and people's fate are in the hands of politicians, political parties and private arms makers... While the arms makers grow to astronomical size, and the poor, the sick and the needy, who cast the votes, are still neglected! 

On the other hand, if nations are run by pure people's representative, yet there is no parties to turn life into political preoccupations, or to defuse real needy issues.  Then not only democracy will be truly practiced, but also competition, corruption, strife, polarization and world tensions, even wars will cease. In which case, national interests will have to focus on people's real needs and on building an ever greater and more positive nation... When that happens, the nations can respect each other, separate cultural lives can learn from each other, or grow and mature on their own, arms race can stop, and the world can settle in peace... If not, all it would need is another 20 years!    

If I could list 26 defects in the system, then you can be sure there are bound to be more and lots more serious consequences lying ahead. I will continue and expand the above list on faults of democracy in the new page Conclusions for the two letters" because this page is getting too long. So please read it... Despite the fact, I am not suggesting that the whole world's present Western style democratic systems be scraped. That would probably be too much and too much to ask for. However, I do encourage that some new or improved designs should be proposed and exercised in some smaller domains.


The above list of defects in Western style democracy contains certain disturbing prospects of explosiveness both in national and international politics. If you look into the system from afar, it appears harmless even with defects, but under the magnifying glass, those frauds become uncontainable and peace threatening. One way to deal with all these imperfections is to redesign the entire system, and get back to the very first principle of finding a leader, i.e. as they always say "The best man wins", which also means the insurance of "the best quality of leadership" and remove party politics or party choice of politicians, whose quality cannot be determined outside the party. It is of course understandable that this new proposal would meet with the toughest opposition from the party politicians or international politicians. Let's hope that none of such above described international interferences are already at work, or would ever take place in Hong Kong. Here I merely point out the possibilities. The rest is up to the my compatriots. 


At any rate, one must always remember that a small fault in the political system in any one of major nuclear power nations, even just any major military power on earth, could end up in global conflicts and big wars for everybody. Yet, it should also be said now, that if unfortunately any major wars should broke out and escalate, then it's likely that everyone might be scrambling for nuclear bombs with or without prior prevention treaties, because in the age of mass destruction, which we are now living in, wars would mean death en-mass and it would be the last chance for nations to defense or retaliate. Therefore, to give maximum safety to every person in the increasingly dangerous age of mass destruction, is to expose all the possible hidden and explosive defects in the function and body of political systems and their global implications... In the coming decades ahead, we would not be able to just watch and report political conflicts or wars, as if they could never affect us. No!  When things gets going, we may not have even the chance to look back and say we should have been responsible for the escalation. Always remember that human nature is still very raw!  


I wish I didn't have to write these awful warnings and analysis, if I didn't see the dangers of turning a traditionally stable culture that incorporates teachings of world peace and equality into agitating party politics. Also I wouldn't be writing this page if there was certain religion does not attempt unrelentingly to intervene national directives. But I do put a great deal of labor to keep my analysis completely academic. Let's also hope that no world leaders would promote religions to stir up sentiments or memories of war, or to encourage supernatural belief  to whip up conflicting politics in any peaceful society, and yet demand freedom for such religion to continue. Every home land tradition has its traditional rights. Every nation has its national rights and every person has his person rights to reject and repel the irrationality of religion or falsity of politics, thus injecting strange and rebelious ideas into his already rational society or his life. There is no such thing that an external religion can supersede any of those basic rights and to direct national policies. What would become of heaven and earth? If Gods turned into politicians and politicians turned into Gods? ... Now having told you all the pros and cons about the basic Chinese belief in reflection to the bases of modern democracy, as well as what some religions are doing in these parts, I will have to conclude that any politicians who use democracy, religion and press freedom as means to attack, can only mean that that they can't find any thing better to attack with. And if that's the case, then surely, our people must be doing pretty O.K. !  


Now that we have all the past, present and future put into consideration, we can draw a conclusion. The conclusion is that all things change with time and regional environments. Nothing lasts forever! What is out of date must be up-graded and up-dated, or else sooner or later, it will be out of reality and out of grade. Coincidentally, what we need today was already anticipated by Confucian school of education 2500 years ago. Or Confucius didn't anticipated it, he merely taught us a "timeless" concept. The RU principle was not just a political system, but also a political education, a political ideology. The ideology did not specify any methods or modes of execution. We have to adopt the principles and execute them through our own modern conditions and structures in appropriate time and suitable environment. One of the important consideration is that Confucian principles were not created in a world with open conflicts and allied aggressions, they were designed in an enclosed world seeking social peace and order, therefore they are not only non-aggressive but also inadequate in self-defense. But who knows, perhaps as the modern world get to understand that nuclear technology must eventually either prevent wars, or devastate the entire mankind, such entirely humane and rational principles might find their expression once again. In any case, Confucian ideology is a Chinese legacy. And as a bonus, our ancestors already taught us how to prepare our own qualities and be responsible for the world. We have no need to cut off the old head and screw on a completely new or foreign one ).     

Therefore, it contains the following very important significance:

" Five thousand years of Chinese Culture, under continuous development in the modern social environments, is marching on hand in hand with all human-kind to achieve ultimate global peace and equality". (Note:- After 4 recent centuries of turmoil, Chinese people are in luck to be afforded the opportunity at the turn of millennium to fully redesign a modern system that encompasses the past success, present needs and hope for the future in the fast moving contemporary world. Who can say that's not welcome?)  


Besides, such a system, designed with national and global interests, how can it not be righteous and prosperous, and welcome by all peoples of the world? This formula is easy to understand and should receive endorsement from all nations, and should be explained and exposed to all nations. It is not difficult to explain and glorify, because the Chinese people already have inherited the necessary chemical elements in their veins. Of course, if a traditional culture wants to live on, to revitalize and to grow, so that it would not turn to dust with time like so many past civilizations that had perished in time, then it must be scrutinized, re-vitalized, optimized and modernized as well as emphasized to contemporary world. Such a revitalized system, having the complete [Five dimensions], can only enjoy praise from an increasingly humane and peaceful future world (forced by nuclear bombs to abandon aggression and wars ). As to the detailed system design, we can leave that to the experts..... China takes up almost a quarter of the human race. Proportionally, she shares grave responsibility towards mankind. That's why I high light the "RU" teaching's "Middle Way" here, as Middle Way is a non-confrontational way. Switzerland remained untouched through out the world wars, because she has chosen the Middle Way.....    

I even visualize that as mankind enters the early part of the 21st century, every nation on this home planet should include in their national constitutions some provisions to safe guard orders of the world for their own interests. This day shouldn't be too far off because our planet is really shrinking fast and every few months a new nuclear power station will be built. Sooner or later the human kind must make a final choice. Very soon indeed, even the smallest nation will be using nuclear energy. Then someday even power stations, public or private, would have the capacity or knowledge to make nuclear weapons. A knowledge cannot be monopolized, the day will come when even the most aggressive nations will be forced to put away their thoughts of aggression and arms.   

Judging from to-day's international conditions, these are days of golden opportunities. China should take more daring steps. It is time, on the one hand, to courageously prepare a wider open door policy and to up hold her humane culture amongst the nations. On the other hand, to put an effort in assisting peace negotiations in the Middle East, and do what can be done as a peace maker (Note:- China normalized diplomacy with Israel soon after this letter). Meantime, to try to work with King Hussein , to stop conflicts and achieve peace in the Middle East (Note:- On Oct 2nd 1993 President Clinton declared on White House lawn that peace between Israel and Palestine had reached a successful conclusion. He added that King Hussein of Jordan had played a vital role in the peace process. Unfortunately, in Jan 1997, parts of agreed terms were held up and the situation went into a stalemate. President Clinton sent envoy to make peace without success. Then about Jan 18th King Hussein came to assist. Within half a week agreement was reached once again). 

If this is the case, I dare say that China’s own problems will also receive understanding and support (Note:- Since 2003 China has been a major mediator between the United States and North Korea regarding the control of nuclear weapons. On July 14th 2005 US Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice publicly suggested that China should negotiate directly with Taiwan government. Now President Wu of China has just personally congratulated (on July 17th 2005) Mr. Y. J. Ma for his successful election as the chief of KMT party ). My expectation is that some time between Autumn of 1993 to Autumn 1994, certain logical common ground may be arranged. Mr. Deng could visit Hong Kong earlier than planned. (I guess he has caught a cold lately, but he has recovered since Nov the 10th ) (Note:- This was exactly what happened!  Sure enough, news from Beijing reported that on those exact days Deng Xiao Ping went into hospital for 2 days for treatment of a common cold) . From Feb 7th on, he must deal with many international headaches. The worst would be between Mar 26th to July the 9th. However his health and mind should be better than the earlier two years. Now he must also work in conjunction with world peace. His work load is very demanding. By end of Aug he should begin to be rewarded. By Dec he will feel that all has been worthwhile. His life’s biggest task, may begin next year (he went home to ponder and write his last book and laid down his theory, also his explanation and hope for the future to avoid ambiguities in his ideas. This was a particularly tough job but extremely important, which no one else could do for him! Then he remerged in Jan 1992 in Shen-Zhen to launch Market Economy). However, the three eclipses of next year will bring him great help. The experiences of his entire life should be used now. That’s why I indicated in my last long letter that not long from now, this old but precious sword should be timely unsheathed to remove mountains and open bigger and newer roads.

Above discussions come from a writer with no political affiliations whatsoever so far. As he cares for his culture and the world peace, and because of the influence from the learning of the Three Elements, namely Nature, Earth and Man, he ventures to offer these materials. However, it is important to know that the writer believes in Middle Way and that these materials are meant for reference purposes only.

Annex G :- (The following Annex has been partially realigned and newly expanded. I have used the space to add some new alarms but I leave it in black because much of it is part of original writing)

I believe that much of the great changes in the nearby cosmic energy fields of recent years come from the disturbance in solar radiations brought on by the Halley Comet. The human, who lives in the solar environment since birth, is unaware that he lives in a force field and is being driven by cosmic forces. In fact, the entire human evolution has been driven mainly by the changing energies of the solar system, which engulfs our earth. So, when the human brains are charged by strong and unusual changes in cosmic electromagnetic radiations, they cause irritations to the human bio-chemical electromagnetic system and translate into human behaviors accordingly, but the human is usually completely unaware of it and therefore cannot exercise control over it. At the same time, his instinctive desires, irritations, fears, urges .... all sorts of resident potentials from the raw nature are activated. Logical and rational mind may lose usual balance. In extreme case men and animals can be driven to violence or madness, even to commit suicides. Of course, it would depend on what kind of quality in the fundamental make-up the subject possesses. Because the the cosmic forces come in periodic waves affecting everybody at the same time, the effect becomes a coordinated social movement. The waves usually are accompanied by unusual weather changes, famines and wars as well as epidemics of  new viruses and deceases, but it can also give extra energies to stimulate surges of growth in social, economic, political and cultural developments, depending on conditions and trends of those developments at the time...    

The man is the most delicate being because his body is the most complicated electrical bio-chemical physical machine. Whenever he acts, it appears that his actions originate from a decision making center somewhere in that person. So he is responsible for every decision he makes. In fact, it is not that simple. His action comes from a combination of decision making mechanisms, partly from his inherent instinct and partly from his acquired rational learning or educations. The inherent instinct has been rooted in his nature since the beginning of human existence, much of which is still there, and in human terms, it can only evolve extremely slowly, but his acquired rational behavior has a total history of only a few thousand years. Comparing the two together, the acquired learning is so pitifully short. Therefore the human progress in evolution is far from perfect. There is a constant battle between the instinctive being and the educated being in each human... For a completely uneducated person, his whole life’s decision makings are practically driven by his primal instincts. That's why there have been only a few sages over the thousands of years. Without implementations of education men are still the slaves of their raw nature. In other words, the instinct is a very primitive driving force. Once it is activated, it could become blind, demanding, illogical, unbending and violent. Rationality comes only after accumulation of experience which requires education. Primal instinct cannot be suppressed by force, or by deceit to wield its directions, otherwise it is liable to hit back or explode uncontrollably. Force and deceit can cause that very delicate human machine to be mortally wounded and react accordingly. This is particularly important when it comes to select a national leader who may hold the fate of his nation, even other nations, in his hand....

To-day, majority of nations understand that the imperfection of human nature is a matter of course, and that it exists in every person in varying degrees. Although imperfection could be rough at times and offensive to society, yet because it comes with life, its existence cannot be denied or separated from life. So it has the right to exist along with life. Therefore, in some instance it is protected by law. Of course when nature’s imperfections manifest into selfish acts that are unacceptable or harmful to others, or when it is in offense to the laws or moral codes of a society, then restrictions are imposed by the society. People all look alike, but what's going on up in the head is hugely different. Among the people who walk the same street, some of them are thinking how to commit a criminal act, others are thinking how to care for the sick and poor. There is no way to tell the difference. Yet, no one is perfect. Imperfection of human nature is common to all. A child makes a mistake. This child would be given forgiveness and continued education by his grown-ups to make him a useful and knowledgeable person for the future. Emotional mistakes and first experiences of life is not an exclusive privilege of the young. Matured men, even old men can also have first experience and make first mistakes. They too should be given chances to make good... 

Therefore, most nations of the world are taking lenient attitude towards human imperfection and giving them chances for correction, because many criminal offenses are the results of such human deficiency. They are part of that sub-conscious nature that are not obvious to the conscious mind, just as men live on earth but are unaware of the gravitational pull, or a medical doctor may not accurately diagnose his own illness. However, nature’s imperfection may be exposed and then remedied by positive education. But if the sub-conscious being is suddenly given punishment before it could understand, it is likely to explode into worse actions, for which the family or the society would have to pay. Therefore, protection of law for human imperfection is not encouragement for the evil, but a humanitarian measure and part of human rights. Human rights sound big and noble, but behind the words lies a world of complication. Each case is different! Only a court of law, or better still, a judgment of social or moral conduct, can properly define the nature of offense, after detailed examination of the circumstances. Besides, national interests can and do often conflict with personal interests. So the circumstances can be extremely involved. 

A society is held together in cohesion by a few things, i.e. self awareness, education, legal stipulations (such as laws and constitutions), family traditions, social obligations, proper religious belief and common moral codes, etc... Among these things only legal stipulations are written precisely in words. All others are too vague and too involved to be defined exactly. Yet the well being of a society depends on their proper function. Nowadays, people travel all over the globe. Each person carries his own ideas, his understanding and interpretation of things he or she experiences. There are bound to be a few who think the moon is bigger and nicer abroad than at home. But a greater majority of these innocent people are unaware of the fact that there are vicious political wars and ideological wars going on at all times (well, you can't shoot bullets everyday, but you can easily shoot luring ideas! The most potent 21st century weapons are fast becoming the entertainment and information medias). There is also the possibility of setting up a "Trojan Horse" group right amidst your folks.

Around the mid 19th century, almost the whole Chinese nation was puffing away with opium smoke, thinking that it not only stopped physical pains but it could just about bring you towards heavens. Later, opium wars broke out and the Ching Dynasty government became a sitting duck. When the Ching government was weakened enough, and officials and generals were all in reclining position puffing away, one foreign inspired religious group broke out into the surface and tried to take over the country. The group proclaimed a new kingdom called  "The Kingdom of Heavenly Father, Heavenly Brother and Heavenly Great Peace". Plenty of people followed, thinking what could be better than heavenly peace on earth. But it wasn't to be! In 14 years of revolt and internal wars a couple of million Chinese lives perished for it. Finally the army of one scholar turned general Zeng Guo Fan ( 1811 AD - 1872 AD) broke into Nanking (presently Nanjing), the walled capital city of this new heavenly kingdom. Then of course the leader Hong Siu Chuan ( ) and devotees who had no idea of what the religion's history was like (even Bible was not yet available in his time) perished too! And as always and as expected, Heavenly Father and Heavenly Brother just watched and did nothing! Looking back, it's no wonder that Chinese patriots, and there are plenty of them, are very sensitive and vigilant about these things... 

(This year 2005, British people are commemorating the 400th anniversary of Guy Fawkes day, because on Nov 5th 1605, one Guy Fawkes and other Catholic conspirators tried to blow up the British Parliament to kill King James I, his queen, his heir and his ministers by hiding large quantity of gun powder next to the parliament building. The plot was to let other Catholics members a chance to take over the country. Guy Fawkes was caught red handed, and was tortured, executed and his body quartered. For the next exactly 400 years, the English people burnt bonfires and fireworks to simulate gun powder explosion and to remind themselves of this plot... The plot to take over China by "Heavenly Father, Heavenly Brother and Heavenly Peace Kingdom" was not commemorated every year, but the story is told in most school history books. Still, most Chinese people would have forgotten it, if it wasn't for the constant reminder by the local religious leader who loves to incite political conflicts against the government).

Of course, ideas are still benign, but there are always a few who would go to the extremes and take violent actions against his own society, rightly or wrongly. Sooner or later some of them would start the blood flowing. For whatever reason, the normal peace and functions of that society are threatened. In the end the regional management is bound to take action against the threat. When that happens, the huge but speechless "silent majority" who wish for nothing but peace and stability, or the workers who must labor for a living from 9 to 6, or the numerous non-radical thinkers, would shout " hooray at last! ". Then another group of those who do not wish you peace and stability, or those professional agitators, or the party orientated specialists (only some, not many) who always claim to represent you (the grass roots) but really only represent their party politics and powerfully organized objectives, would complain about "freedom" and "human rights". Then a third group would emerge to pose as onlookers and non-aligned agents who would typically report in the medias the views and complains from the politically aligned groups. When all these things are happening in your neighborhood or in your home town, not just occasionally but in increasing strength, then you know something unusual is going on and there should be an invisible hand is pulling the strings, especially when your government is trying its best to improve the general living conditions for all. 

So, nothing is obvious, clear cut, or simple, because in each society or any family there are always unsatisfied and unfinished objectives, even if you are a millionaire, you would want still to be a multi-millionaire, but you don't realize the poor family providers who make it possible are working their fingernails off. Besides, those poor providers must first guard against intruders and sometimes against invisible invaders for your security. They have a tough jobs at hand, if they take preventive measures, they could be labeled to have offended freedom and human rights. Yet, if they don't guard the society, then your society will escalate towards bloody conflicts. Once blood begins to flow, then external interference becomes immediately justified. Therefore, if you love your society or your family, just bare in mind, but none too much, what J. F. Kennedy once said " Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country! ".  So, watch out! Sometimes, not always, under the slogan of freedom and human rights anything can be complained or riot against. Traditional values and moral codes can be systematically dismantled. Your father, your uncles and all your ancestors have given their lives in building up your culture that has lasted millenniums in peace, now its your turn to make it work. If you pull out your own roots, you will become a kite without a string.  There is a tremendous new influence and forces, good or bad, spreading fast across the world like lightening through the communication medias. By all means participate and learn from them, but don't be a kite without a string! Very soon the situation will reach what's call the "biblical proportions" and explode.  The Bible says it was under such conditions that Mosses had to introduce the Ten Commandments...   

Every society has its own rights for self defense. Without national rights or social rights there can be no individual human rights. Such scenarios happen through out history everywhere. The difference is in the extent and nature of preventive measures, or how extreme and urgent the situation call for actions. The human society is getting more complicated by the minute as the new forces are always dismantling old orders. The stipulated laws and treaties cannot catch up enough with reality. It is quite alarming because the world has already experienced that conventional war could lead to nuclear war, namely the 2nd World War. Yet, politicians are carelessly aligning themselves in groups to go to war without any serious cause. Each allied war is in fact a small world war, or a step towards an escalated terminal war, and the only possible defense is also the threat and the possession of nuclear weapons. It's quite natural that if a potential enemy has the capacity to destroy your people, you will seek to have the same capacity as defense. No treaty in the world could possibly prevent the will to survive, especially in the face of possible total annihilation. So whether the prevention of nuclear weapon proliferation treaty is a true deterrent or an illusion remains to be seen. From here on, any small aggression will lead to the thoughts, and therefore the possible actions, relating to the ultimate use of nuclear weapons.    

Meanwhile, the raw human nature has hardly improved over the last few thousand years. Natural evolution depends on repetition of acquired knowledge and experiences over many lengthy generations before it can pick up a tiny bit of information and retain it in the DNA or pass it on by heredity. The entire history of effective human civilization covers only a total of little more than 4000 years, or 150 generations of heredity. In some communities this sum of civilized experience is even less, and only in a few communities whose historical experiences are more concentrated than others. Besides, the concentration of gene characteristics are halved and diluted through the marriage of male and female. Genetic chromosomes are hidden and reappear only after a few generations have passed. Imagine even a simple chemical laboratory experiment might require more than 150 samples. Therefore, there is still not enough time or repetitions of DNA for our genes to test, blend, experience and accumulate information to optimize the evolutionary improvement. So, to be quite blunt, the modern knowledge may be technologically advanced, yet the human nature is still un-evolved, raw and even barbaric.( The champion of all primates, the human beings, are still drumming up emotions of young soldiers before sending them out to invade and kill other humans, which is exactly what wild chimpanzees would do. Only the humans would use even religious preachers to encourage the soldiers in their jobs.) There are two ways to overcome this short coming. A permanent way is to wait for few more thousand years. Another temporary compromise is to elect a responsible leader with the best available qualifications and/or best DNA qualities.     

Not too long ago, the Romans used to enjoy watching men or gladiators slaughtering each other or animals tearing apart men at Rome's Flavian amphitheater, called the Colosseum. Nowadays we turn our living rooms and TV set into new Colossuems, although the presence is less threatening  But, there is not much difference in essence! Violent and bloody TVs, video CDs excite the mind, and killing is becoming a daily private spectacle. Nowadays a youth learns or experiences digitally at least 300 to 500 ways of murder before he or she reaches the age of twenty, although not everything sinks in but enough gets there. Meanwhile the old films and old ways of killing are becoming a bore, so day by day the killings are getting to be more graphic and vivid. Our own Colosseum is doing better than the Romans' amphitheater. For this too, somewhere there seems to be an invisible hand turning the wheel of human civilization backwards. 

Yet, sometimes when blood flows, we would call it "terrorism"... Everybody knows that weapon manufactories can be privatized for profits and weapons are becoming more deadlier by the day. All of them are competing to kill humans. Where is the evolutionary progress in the human nature that is supposed to have been? The human may be the champion among all living beings, but he is not adequately civilized yet. In fact, he could be far worse than a beast at heart. No beast would kill unless it's for its own survival. No beasts would kill for ambitions or for conquest and glory. Only a short memory away, some people were beaten into slavery, which no beasts in nature would do!. Nowadays, the execution of such terrible deeds may have been forced to stop, but behind all the talk of high principles, those beastly raw urge are hidden in disguise. People who walk on the street all dress alike and look alike, but what's going on in their heads and hearts are vastly different. How do you spot one passer-by with intent to kill, and another to revenge the killings? How does one distinguish a violent character from the non-violent one? After all, much of human and animal nature or motivations are the result of evolution and therefore quality of heredity. But with less than 200 generations of DNA exchange, or even less, in civilized experience, the human nature is not much more tempered than a few thousand years ago when cannibalism were rampant. And yet, the biggest businesses on earth today must be those with designs to kill humans, or the weapon makers.  So, where is civilization heading for?.. Someday, pretty soon, the human population must double and treble, and underground oil resources must run out, then the only energy big and clean enough for human consumption must be nuclear power. How can the human stop human politicians or weapon makers from killing humans with those ever more potent weapons that roll out of arms factories, especially those made to line the pockets of rich arms makers?   

This puts the choice of quality leadership in the center of focus. What could happen if the wrong kind of leadership should take charge of decisions in the nuclear age?  What would the world look like today if Hitler or the Japanese militaries were to deploy atom bombs first? How can you be sure that today's nuclear bomb makers would not be to-morrow's war makers? The modern societies depend everything on education, yet education may advance knowledge but cannot advance or eliminate the raw nature, which still drives the desires. One single leader charged with raw urge is enough to cause vast destruction and untold damage for some people, or some nations. A huge quantity of raw instincts in coordinated action is as explosive as a mountain of dynamites. If you were in the Colosseum and waited for the whole crowd to reach a climatic moment, and then ask aloud "Do you love blood?", you can be pretty sure there would be a thunderous reply, saying " Oh Yes! ". This is exactly what politics could do. "Democracy" is capable of doing it too, because wrong Democracy can be the "false" representation of massive Will. That was how 1st and 2nd World War got started. People lame all political ills to dictatorship, and yet Western democracy produced the biggest dictator, Hitler, in recent history... On the other hand, "true" representation of collective human Will moves in the same direction and the same will of nature's evolution. It cannot go against nature's will to survive and to evolve. It's no wonder that the search for true quality of leadership is the immediate and ultimate goal..   

Now, the more advanced and the more abandon the weapons become, the more damage they could do and the more hate and retaliation are bound to follow, because the human nature is still raw, the human society has long been homogenized and there are no more rooms left to accept domination, as the slaves once did. Then how long would it take under modern conditions for the so called advanced technology to spread all over the world? Waist strapped bombs, aerial bombs, digital bombs, or suit case nuclear bombs, what real difference do they make? The more you invent them, the faster they will spread. And who would give the orders to use them? There are mainly two obvious groups. The political leaders who sit thousands of miles away in comfortable armchair, and never have to be at at the bloody frontiers, and the enemies who are blinded with revenging rage because they may have been trampled upon. Without the leaders to give orders, bombs and soldiers do not kill by themselves, and without killing, then there would be no need to revenge. Can politics ever stop the urge to revenge? It cannot, because revenge comes from the primal instinct of survival, it is so infinitely stronger than politics...

So, in actual fact, what is more potent and likely to annihilate a city or a human community, politicians (just some, not all) or bombs? What then needs more control and prevention? What would truly trigger off a crime against humanity, the political intent or the weapons? Perhaps instead of prevention of nuclear proliferation, there should be prevention of political decision to start wars because regional wars could prolong, inflame and end up in coalition of warring parties. Then coalition of warring parties could be the first step to global wars. Small arms could end up in mass destruction weapons, nuclear or non-nuclear. Modern non-nuclear weapons are fast becoming just as efficient and destructive, which are bound to call out the use of nuclear weapons. As long as there are nuclear technology in existence and as long as there are threat of war, or even just the imposition of will and ideology upon others, someone is bound to eventually deploy those nuclear weapons. No one and nothing can stop the want to survive and revenge! No one can be sure that his enemy is not secretly keeping some small stock of nuclear weapons and materials here and there, and ready to be assembled into bombs in a jiffy. Finally, no one can foretell which one of his enemies is willing to give his life in the act of revenge. 

So how long would it take for human carnage to stop? And how long would it take yet for human nature to be truly civilized? Judging from the slowly progress of evolution, it could take many millennia yet to evolve out of the primitive desire to dominate and devastate unnecessarily, and to feel the urge for revenge. Yet, in the meanwhile, there are plenty enough to share and enjoy in peace and mutual prosperity? If you worked out the total number of soldiers and civilians killed, say in Europe alone, in different wars over the past 300 years, you will be astonished how big the European population would be by now?  Because when one single life is destroyed, hundreds and thousands of would be off-springs of that life are also terminated with it too... What to do?  Again this is where quality of leadership becomes an overriding need. If you are the father of a business empire, you would choose the best of your sons or daughters, or the best equipped manager to head and protect it. In the business of a nation, you would want the best equipped person to lead it too! One that's genuinely capable because you are charging him with the fate of your nation and probably the responsibility of the world. A right leader could lead the nation to peace and prosperity, whilst a wrong leader could lead the nation to wars and revenge. Does the faceless public know how to choose the right leader?  Can any one guarantee that the faceless public can always come up with right choice? The difference is life or death to some people. Are the party politicians more loyal to their parties, or more loyal to the nation and the faceless public? How do you know which party boss is going to turn out to be the right national leader?  

If you are not sure what you are choosing, then by all means elect or delegate a group of best qualified men to represent you, and this delegation would then elect a leader on your behalf, because they are the experts in the business. National parliamentary member are elected to decide vital decisions for the nation. Civil or Public Servants are trained to consider and execute those vital decisions for the nation.  So why not go a step further and delegate or allow those expert representatives to elected yet the most suitable candidate to head the nation? So, organize from the chosen members a specialized electoral committee large enough to represent all the vital sectors of the community to elect the best national leader. Another thing is, if the elected leader becomes over loaded with dangerous responsibilities, then why not share or limit that power by joint leadership? History proves now and again that rivers of  human blood could flow because of a single wrong leadership. The purpose and emphasis therefore must be centered on the search for quality of leadership, which is more important than party policies. A quality leader would bring security, prosperity and international prestige and harmony for the nation and the world. It is important to bear in mind that with each new leader there may accompany a new fate for the entire nation. The political mandate created by so called popular consent allows an elected leader tremendous powers to mobilize resources and actions, which could lead to unexpected consequences for the rest of people in our shrinking world and in this nuclear age. 

There are two major systems for selection of leadership that are in practice today. One system is by choice of general election for a leader among candidates often with or without emphasis or strict demand on personal qualities, especially established personal reputation for love of humanity and peace. Instead, the motives are always political and directives generated by a political party. Usually there are two political parties, each party mechanism decides and produces its own candidate for national general election. Such democratic electoral system boils down to a "Two Men Democracy", which is in fact the least or minimum possibility of statistical choice, since one candidate cannot constitute a choice. So the whole democratic principle is based on the least possible choices. Then great overwhelming excitements are whipped up to vote for one person out of the two candidates fixed by political parties alone. Such a system gives an extremely powerful mandate due to the false impression that popular participation gives popular mandate, but in reality the majority votes that give consent is not much more than the votes that are against it. Besides, counting in the under aged, over aged, the criminally disqualified and the absentees, etc., etc.. the number who vote for the winner always represents the national minority.  Then the winning or deciding votes represent only a tiny percentage of the whole. (since I have gone into much greater details for this subject in the previous letter dated 6th Dec 1989 and in the Conclusion of these Two Letters, please read discussions in those pages too). But what's more important is, the quality or the potential wisdom of the candidate, or future leadership, is not subject to voters' choice, but political parties alone. The voting public must take whatever that's given, which is just two choices out of hundreds of millions of possibilities. This is a political tradition passed down from distant history. It goes to show that although the science and techniques of wars have advanced to mass destructive capacities, and the world has become a highly complex and dangerous place, but the political initiatives of democracy are still not fully understood.... 

A relatively new alternative system is based on pre-selection of quality leadership by creating a large body of electorates from mainly 3 groups of responsible personnel. One groups consists of experienced government officials, or civil servants who are in charge of daily business of governance. Another group consists of responsible legislators who are themselves popularly elected by separate district constituencies as practiced in presently existing systems, and lastly, a group of responsible people chosen from the leaders of various sectors of society, including the business sector. This system not only involves all the eligible electorates from the grass roots to represent the population, but also a body of representatives from the government who are well experienced in governance for he populace, but also those who are responsible for the employment, welfare and success of different social sectors. Of course, such new electoral system may adjusted to include wider or narrower range of sectors of the total community, if needed. The final formation of such special body of electorates will be subject to tests and periodical adjustments, but it will be such a combined body of responsible personnel who then elect a national leader under public auspices (probably subject to public scrutiny and final approval by universal suffrage of some sort). 

The candidates for national leadership with established qualities and experience will then seek admission, i.e.. proposed by a qualified body or by a member of electorates, to qualify as a candidate for national election under certain minimum requirements, e.g. a minimum number of supporting signatures must first be lobbied and obtained from this large body of electorates. This condition and other requirements may be adjusted from time to time. Finally, a successful candidate will be elected by the votes of this qualified and experienced body of electorates. This way the quality of elected leadership is guaranteed because the body of electorates are themselves qualified and conversant in the business of leading their separate societies, or political parties or respective governmental departments. In simple terms, the best leader is selected by a cross section of best qualified electorates (instead of an inexperienced and emotional faceless public). Of course, in time if needed, this body of electorates may be increased or decreased, or reformulated under some constitutional directives, thereby ensuring that the process is not only democratic and fair, but also the quality of the elected leader is endorsed and sanctioned by the best qualified people.  Needless to say, some considerations should be given to safeguard national security as well... The system may be augmented to include a Universal Suffrage by choosing two final leaders instead of one. The public will then vote who will be given the mandate to lead the nation, leaving the other candidate or candidates to share the national responsibilities. Such mandates and responsibilities can also be defined accordingly. The Universal Suffrage thus  becomes the final level of democratic expression. The earlier levels are carried out by much widened democratic representation to form the electoral committee as pre-election safe guard of quality candidates and true democratic aspiration, in lieu of selection by political parties as practiced in the Western democracies. The final level then involves the public votes but free of dictate from political parties. This final process therefore also replaces the universal suffrage as practiced by the Western democracy, but with improved meanings.  (Note: As I am not in the business of governance, my above descriptions are not intended for blue prints. They are just some suggestions) 

This said system in fact involves many layers of democratic aspirations. Firstly, any qualified citizen is a potential candidate. Secondly, electorates include those democratically elected by popular votes. Thirdly, qualified and experienced public servants are included who are already working for the people under their daily auspices. Fourthly, the major election of national leader by the body of electorates (the cream of society) is an improved democratic process. Fifthly, the representatives of political parties are also included to participate but cannot control or decide the electoral candidacy. This is a major improvement in democratic process. Sixthly, final election by universal suffrage is carried out upon layers of improved meaning of democracy, hence consequences. The improved system also eliminates the inability to select quality of candidates by an inexperienced and faceless public. Therefore, the emphasis is to maximize the chance of improvement on quality and qualification of leadership, and to minimize the fights, manipulations, corruptions, cheating and complaints usually attributed to Western style elections in less developed or inexperienced lands of democracy, causing dissatisfaction, instability, even unrest and bloodshed in the national that often prevail the entire length of elected office (I shall illustrate this by including in my further writings a growing list of struggles, even bloodshed occurring in many lands that have adopted democratic system without historical background developments). I say this because history shows that nations that have come through extreme diversity of human problems, such as slavery or colonial immigrations, knows how to accept and tolerate the extremes of human diversifications past down imperatively by history, whilst nations that function on traditional values and belief are ill equipped to accept strong diversities in social and political demands.     

Imagine you intentionally split the nation into a few parts controlled by political parties. Then you insert between the parties the strongest temptation on earth, i.e. the chance to become the ruler of nation for a few years, enjoying the equivalent power, authority, privilege, prestige and values of a traditional monarch or a king. Unless you are forced to understand and accept your limits, or unless you are a sage, perhaps a supper human, otherwise, wouldn't you try every trick to gratify the temptation and every cheat to hang on to it? This is what is happening everyday in the lands of newly adopted democracy, especially in the less developed corners of the world, where the introduction of democracy means fights, manipulations, corruptions, cheating, complaints, etc.. causing constant instability in the nation, and in extreme cases, riots, unrests, bloodshed and civil war (Note: The advent of Republic brought decades of civil war to China in early 20th century). Therefore democracy should not be blindly worshipped. It should be closely scrutinized.      

So, let me reiterate, my above descriptions of improved and widened democratic election are aimed at widening democratic representation, improving quality of national leader, as well as the elimination of political part control. The above multi-layer filtration ensures that fate of nation and livelihood of people, even the fate of other nations in the age of mass destruction are carefully entrusted in the hands of best quality leaders. It all boils down to the reality that time has changed, human awareness has deepened and the world has advanced, so political systems must be revised and improved in sync with time and space too!. 

Thus the traditional democratic electoral system may be regarded as a quantitative choice of leadership but newer puts emphasis on qualitative demand. Yet the quantitative choice is expressed in huge national votes just to centralize power of mandate in the hand of the elected. In such system, the right of choice really goes to the party mechanism and not the voting public. It only creates an false impression that each voters has the right to choose and vote, but in reality the voters are rail-roaded to accept what's given by the political parties. Therefore, the purpose and outcome are in fact not democratic. Meanwhile, in the proposed new system, the democratic essence is expressed in multi levels with much considerations for a more stable government and designed with better protection in the dangerous nuclear age. So, which system out of the two do you think would better safeguard the future of the people, the nation and the human kind at large, particularly in a world that will inevitably be saturated with nuclear know-how within this century... So, let this be an open world wide discussion! Perhaps none of the above systems are perfect!  If that's the case, then why not let people join in to suggest some more? The world is changing by the minute, why can't the electoral systems catch up with the needs of nuclear weapon age? Why stick to an outdated system that carries an overloaded responsibility?   

This reminds me of the past. The past did not have detailed laws precisely stipulated, the society was held in cohesion by self awareness, education, family traditions, social customs, religious belief and moral codes, etc., all of these things were imprecise metaphysics, and they still are..  Take China for instance. Well over 4000 years ago, ancient emperors believed in quality of leadership and would pick up from the country side a young man with acclaimed qualities, then trained and tested him under guidance and finally passed on the responsibility to him as an emperor. This happened not just by co-incidence, it happened with intent three times. It was these 3 repeated wisdom that started the Chinese civilization and their influence can still be felt. Their impact was so huge that through out Chinese history rulers were judged and maintained by their virtues and humane qualities, otherwise the simple peasants would not have it, and the dynasty could not last long (Please read stories in the 1st letter). The tradition went on continuously for ages. By the time Confucius was born (ca 500 BC), social conditions were ripe for the sagely scholars to compile more humane principles and passed on for another two millenniums until the most recent century. The old Chinese people talked only of self restrain, humane quality and global harmony, and therefore keep their culture alive for 5000 years. I wonder how long would the present state of our world last before a third world war wipes off most of the humans. Bombs can come any moment from the sky, or hidden inside a train, a restaurant, a car, or a waist belt of a person. You will be kidding if you think that you can control them unless you control yourself first.... So, what do you think? And what to do? Give an ultimatum, or else you will clean out of this earth?      

Confucius or "RU" school of thought taught the individual how to look at oneself in the mirror, then to harmonize family relation and national unity, and then the world will be in peace. But then, one would have to contribute to the human society rather than to complain (Let's repeat JFK's "Ask what you can do for your country. Ask not what your country can do for you..."). History proves that the Confucian society produced a none aggressive, wise and humane social life ((Note: Confucian ideals were based on human nature and its interaction with nature, or with the environments. So its essence is timeless, but its mode of application does need modernization. I am not suggesting that the old culture should be re-employed, but the re-exposure of its historical influence can substantially enlighten the mind, because it had been successful for half the length of human civilization. However, times may have changed, but the human is still human and nature is still nature). In the old Confucius society there was little use for detailed laws. People simply conducted their own behaviors, which automatically took care of all the imprecise laws and moral codes. In other words, the old society was a moral one. In many other historical societies this moral responsibility were assumed by different religions.. In the film called the "Ten Commandments" there was a scene depicting a scenario when the flock of men lost utterly all the moral fabrics. Moses saw the hopeless chaos and corruption, and  had to go to the mountain of Sinai for 40 days to bring, or to contemplate and create the Ten Commandments, which became the core of morale for both Judaism and Christianity (Note:- Similar chaos and anarchy occurred in Roman Empire during the 3rd century AD).. Why should humans require God's commands or laws? The human is the champion of all creatures, why can't they be taught or influenced to restrain themselves?  Like they did in the Confucian society....

The day is almost near that in some nations of today a new kind of "Commandments" from probably a new religion is due, because the old ones won't work any more and is disintegrating fast. Alternatively, something fundamentally different must take over. Why? Because the old Commandments forbid even adultery let alone buggery. You see, once before we were all tiny sperms. The sperm is the beginning of every man and woman. It's the sperm that carries the spark or torch of life and the soul, then passes them down from generation to generation. That's why the human bears his or her father and forefathers name. Both Nature and Gods never intend for precious living sperms to end up in awful dead in men's unclean sewage disposal. Nature always chooses what's favorable for evolution and what's not suitable for devolution or elimination. That's why even the most ferocious beasts in nature wouldn't do it. Yes, even the most basic insects know where and how to act out their sex. HIV and AIDS were first discovered amongst guy communities. Now unfortunately even priests are openly leading the way to promulgate such anti-nature or anti-God sexual practice. Also some governments are legalizing such practice and hence giving encouragements. This is an extraordinary modern  phenomenon because now by shear curiosity and temptation unknown millions of kids are about to try it out under official sanction. Yes, our own kids! So, just sit and watch! 

Then of course if you dare to object, you will be guilty of offense against "human rights", and of course also against the sacred word "freedom" as well. Therefore, soon the day must come when no fathers, nor mothers, nor school teachers, nor governments would dare to offend the new sacred commandment of "human rights". Why do I have the feeling that Gods are all on holiday, and some of the 5000 years of Chinese ancestral ghosts are turning with terrible ulcers in their graves.... Perhaps, this phenomenon, like the suicidal whales, might have something to do with Halley comet too! Perhaps the recent Tsunami in South East Asia and floods in New Orleans, also lots of other recent disasters around the globe might have to do with the comet's second wave of impact. If there is any tangible link at all between these phenomena, then better watch out for the Bird Flu, or any other new viruses, also earthquakes, and above all, watch out for any strange human brain waves, especially those of some national or world leaders... And don't say no one has warned you! More about possible cause of virus mutation please read "List of Halley comet visits and correlating historic events"

No matter how much laws man can write, as long as political leaders are not of the required quality, then no matter how many treaties are signed to prevent nuclear weapons. It will still proliferate! None-stop cold wars, words of threats and damnations, etc., always turn into hot wars. Someday the fossil oil reserve must run out. Although not now, but in less than a century from now, there would be enough nuclear energy to pollute the entire atmosphere. When the Russian Chinobo nuclear power station ruptured, foods in many European nations were polluted. Mankind's future fate is written in the heads and hearts of those who have the mandate given by their people to do what they do. So, what would they likely do? What would they do with the increasing multitude of man killing weapons, each one more devastating than the last? Would they pile them up in their secret go-downs for ever, or would they blow up some neighbors with it?. Don't forget, judging from what's going on in recent years, a new breed of individuals have been created who don't mind giving their lives just to blow up people. Do you think they won't use something more drastic and devastating, if they could buy it or find a way to put their hands on it? So whose children or parents are going to get blown up? At this rate and such social political climates, how is the world going to look like 200 years from now? Already some people are piling up guns and cannon like weapons in their homes, how long would it take before they upgrade into something even bigger?       

O.K. That's enough! Let's not be too pessimistic. Let's also do some reflections. Although nature's evolutionary progress is far too slow and man’s raw instinct is still rough, recently man has acquired speeded up knowledge through books, e-books, videos, the computer and the Internet. Also in general the raw human nature is receiving expedited exchanges and understanding through personal contact, communication and education, etc... Although in no way such improvements are satisfactory. Yet, there is a glimpse of light coming through. The hope is to send less troops to any strange lands and talk more about human rights, or racial rights, or animal rights, or to respect rights of governments to exercise and maintain their own national security and stability within established laws, or to define the true meaning and cause of "terrorism", also to define and upkeep the rights of civilian lives by avoiding indiscriminate aerial bombardments with nuclear bombs, chemical bombs, or conventional bombs, and finally to upkeep the true promise and good work of preventing crimes against humanity! This way, day by day, there are bound to be less and less suicidal bombers to blow themselves up. And let's encourage the qualities in leadership. This is the only way and path by which human civilization and human nature can evolve towards mature qualities. This is also the way and path by which great nature exercises evolution...   

(Reflection:- In Spring of 1989 Deng Xiao Ping contended that "China's biggest neglect in the last decades was education". Since then the government often insists on raising the quality of the people. But this is always a slow process, which takes more than mere policy and determination. Quality includes wisdom and moral conducts. Wisdom is to understand the ways of nature and moral conduct is to behave in accordance to ways of nature. These things reside in the mind and in the conscience of people where all actions begin. If the mind is deprived of educated wisdom, then life is crippled by blindness and stupidity. If the conscience is polluted or corrupted by unnatural morale, then forces of nature will overwhelm it. Corruption infests easily, but morality is hard to build. Although Deng Xiao Ping did not fulfill his dream of seeing Hong Kong after change of sovereignty, he did see China's 14th National Party Congress, which dealt mainly with morale and morality. In his last couple of years of life, he did not appear in public, but he did not rest. He wrote profusely on his last book and clarify his ideas for those who follow, so that there wouldn't be ambiguity or uncertainty. He must have known that his health was frail and his own chapter was approaching end, but he went on working. Indeed, very soon after he finished the book, he passed away. He was already almost 90 years old. In the history of leadership, his chapter is a chapter of genuine quality and concern... )  

So, dear "D", now I can conclude my nine years of predictions to you. This writing should supplement my writing of 6th Dec 1989. Let me add here, however, I am just an ordinary guy and have no great ambitions. Because I am influenced by Astrology, and have studied the cycles of planetary effects and their timing.  I try to let open my mind and remain concerned but detached and impartial... .Prediction or forecasting of the unknown future is a fascinating thing. It is beyond description of words, because it is about the future, and future remains always in the future. It cannot be seen or proven right now. Therefore, it can only be an indication or just a hint. That’s why there are many hidden meanings in these writings and between the lines. I have done my best to describe things as apparent as possible with as much background information as I can. Still I have left so much unsaid for the good of all. This writing is simple and uncomplicated. I provide these simple reference materials, because I thought I ought to supplement and explain the few points I have raised in my letter of 6th Dec 89. If I am not thorough, it wouldn't do any good. If I am too thorough I wouldn't be wise. So after some thoughts, I have decided to write just this much, plus one year of Astrological forecasts. On the one hand, I really wish to raise the interest in Astrology. On the other, I may now finally conclude my interference with nature. Yet, at the same time, I also may express my concern to society at large.

I have to thank you all for passing on my previous letter and for turning my last year’s forecasts into useful actions

Yours sincerely, by Adam W.L.CHAN, Dec 5th 1990  

Please note, when you are done with reading this page please proceed by clicking "Conclusions for the two letters", which is important but too long to be added in this page. Please also read "List of Halley comet's visits and possible influences",. This page describes the possible influence of Halley comet  by tracing historical events back over 2000 years. It includes the possible cause of Spanish Flu in 1918 and the present scare of Bird Flu. 

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