28) A few words about the Aquarian Age:- (This page was originally published under Related Topics in this website. I have now made it also part of The Regenerating Universe Theory, because it is strongly related to the evolution of human life and the development of civilization... Added 17th July 2011) (checked May 11th 2012)

In the following. I am about to describe an important cosmological phenomenon called the Aquarian Age. It has to do with our planet earth's turning motions. We all know that our earth turns around the sun and the Ecliptic, or the Zodiac once a year. It also turns on itself once a day, and it also has a third turning motion, which wobbles, causing the Earth axis to turn slowly backwards once around in a great circle through the 12 Ecliptic Constellations or 12 Zodiacs divisions taking altogether almost 26,000 years. This wobbling motion is called the Precession of Equinox, which is divided into12 great ages. Now due to the different energy environments and characteristics of the Constellations, these different ages bring about significant changes in the ecological and living conditions affecting evolutionary developments and civilization on earth. So now, our earth's Vernal Equinox, or axis at the starting point of Constellation Aries, has already moved from the Constellation of  Pisces backwards into Aquarius, therefore we have just left the Piscean Age and entered the Aquarian Age. Now because of the important nature and consequence of this age I have made a long and detailed effort to describe it and include it into this theory. However, as it involves astrology, the oldest branch of cosmology, I will need to dwell into some depth of astrology. I hope readers would have patience with me!

Well, ever since the beginning of civilization humans have been observing the cosmos. They found that patterns of earth and solar motions were not only changing the seasons on earth, but also the influence of different solar planets were actually affecting human life and events in society. Those patterns and influences would in time become recognizable and predictable. In fact, highly accurate and reliable predictions of seasonal change based on solar movements have been well established and accepted, although such influence on human life are less obvious, but still recognizable! Some ancients believed that solar phenomena were divine manifestations and planets were gods, and so mythological deities were invented and worshipped, others continued to observe and learn to predict and use those cosmic phenomena scientifically. Today we know these stars and planets are just cosmic bodies that radiate electromagnetic energies, and that human made machines can land on them. 

However, whilst supernatural beliefs came and went, the study of cosmic phenomena developed into a course of knowledge. Such knowledge were confirmed and correlated by numerous observers in different lands and cultures that it would become a specialized discipline of predictive science. It is known as Astrology! Western Astrology was first begun in the sandy deserts of Mesopotamia, today's Iraq, some 6000 years ago, and was therefore the ancient precursor of Cosmology (equally old is the ancient Chinese cosmology, I-Ching, or the Book of Change). The desert sky of Arabian nights, in ancient time as also in modern days, has always been cloudless and crystal clear. People are able to observe the unblinking moving planetary bodies clearly with naked eyes. It was quite inevitable for the ancient Iraqi to observe and recognize the influences of solar energies affecting not only the ecosystem but also the human society as well as the individual human life. However, the ancient Iraqi were just the starters, countless other observers all over the world have been doing the same through out all 6000 years of history, and they don't argue over the principles, the methods and techniques, even the resultant interpretations of astrology...

Both theoretically and practically the science of astrology is valid and credible, because it simply reports what it sees and feels, and there is nothing unbelievable about the sun's presence that brings forth heat and light to the human world. Even when there are more subtle influences, such as those that affects the individual mind, the health and emotions of oneself, ones family and/or ones community, if one observes the repetition of planetary or starry movements and the different effects they carry through the one and only same ecliptic circle or zodiac degrees over years, decades, and centuries, one would notice and realize the difference influence of each planet or each important star eventually. The records of such lengthy and repetitive observations have made astrology what it is today, which is also how each and all sciences have becomes what they are! Astrologically there are basically two programs of enormous cosmic energies affecting everything to live, or to sprout, to grow, to act and to decay on earth. Firstly, a program of practically regular, or repetitive and continuous dynamic energies produced by the sun, moon and solar planets, as well as their satellites, even the different zodiacal divisions, etc., in rotation. Secondly, there is also a program of much farther away energies coming from distant stars, galaxies and starry constellations, etc.. 

In other words, we live, grow, flourish, decay and finally perish under the cosmic energies coming from the solar system and from the distance universe. Both programs are cosmic energies and forces that energize our environment unceasingly, but because they are separated by vast distances in between the two sources of energies, there is a difference between the speed or the rate of influence affecting our earth and therefore our people. As to how the energy or influence of each individual distant star or nearby planet could be like, it is what exactly astrology studies and tries to predict by estimating from results or knowledge recorded and passed down those millenniums of astrological history. The above description is indeed what astrology really does! Therefore, in principle astrology is one of the trials or efforts in pure science. Unfortunately there are no lack of other forces of belief or opinions, which have so far prevented it from developing into a matured or useful cosmological science in our space age! 

Cosmic energies are so colossal that they pull the entire earth's oceanic waters up and down twice a day. They make storms, seasonal changes, volcanoes and earthquakes. In fact, they are the same energies that drive the entire solar planets and the whole solar system to go round and round, which we humans can do nothing but watch. Only because we humans are living right inside such energy environment, and we are so accustomed to it that we are almost unaware that if huge planets and ocean waters are driven to move, then we too are subject to the same forces! However, in order to detect the effect and rates of these energies objectively, we need close observation and analysis of their effects, as well as past records and accumulated knowledge for each cosmic or solar object. This is what Astrology has been doing for 6000 years. 

Astrology therefore bases its predictions on those known rates of solar planetary motions, and some accumulated knowledge on effects produced by those planetary influence. Briefly speaking, the cosmic energies of the more nearby solar system and their motions through the different degrees and segments of the ecliptic affect the changes of seasons as well as the daily influences on human life. This has always been the main stream interest of astrologers. However, there is also a less-known part of astrology that finds interests and meanings in the study of cosmic influence to the changing eras or ages on earth and in human history. It has been discovered millenniums ago that the Precession of Vernal Equinox through different parts of Zodiacal Constellations produces distinctive changing ages in history. Such ages are then given the name of the Constellation, e.g., the Piscean Age, the Age of Aquarius, etc., etc..

Astrology had its big ups and downs in history, but in this writer's view its importance is due for major revival because we have already entered the all important cosmological age since the 1950s with the advent of  Sputnik.  This is what I mean earlier by saying that astrology is the oldest, yet is also about to be the newest revived science in the world. So new that it could yet surprise the world... Nevertheless, I do not intend to discuss the detailed reasons of that statement.  Here I have only space to briefly relate the main concern of this page, i.e. the discussions on "Aquarian Age", or the age we now live in. The name "Aquarian Age" is defined by astrology, because the Vernal Equinox has moved into the Constellation of Aquarius. It is because of the importance of this age that I have to briefly introduce the history and some basic characteristics of astrology.  I hope that after reading this page, readers would agree with me why I treat this age with importance! So let's go! 

According to thousands of years of astrological and astronomical observations, it has been established that due to the wobble of the Earth's pole or its axis, the Vernal Equinox (sun at zero degree of Aries) moves backwards, describing a circle, along the plane of Ecliptic through the 12 Signs or Constellations of the Zodiac. As a result the Earth experiences notable changes of energy in the solar environment producing not only a succession of clearly predictable seasons and seasonal differences, but also great ages or long term changes affecting slow progression in civilization and ecology on earth. For instance, the Sun's forwards motion, with normal speed, through 12 Constellations produces 12 monthly and 4 seasonal changes, whilst the Axis of earth (Vernal Equinox ) moves backwards, in slow speed, through the same Constellations therefore produces 12 Ages of Civilization with 4 mega seasons of more pronounced energy differences as well!.

As this backward motion of Vernal Equinox describes a completes circle once every 26,000 years, dividing the Zodiac into 12 equal parts, or 12 ages, each age therefore lasts 2160 years. The beginning of an age occurs when the Precession of Vernal Equinox enters a new Constellation. Now due to unmistakable developments in recent historical events as well as those highly expected and recognizable characteristics of the new Aquarian Age, which is governed by the energy of Uranus, the Vernal Equinox has already precessed (going backwards) into the Constellation of Aquarius, therefore we know we are now living in the Aquarian Age (the 11th Sign of the Zodiac). However different scholars interpret the Precession of Equinox differently, there are various opinions on the actual timing of entry into Aquarian Age. Therefore there is still not yet accepted date of beginning of Aquarian Age (although in my own view, we are still in the early stage of Aquarian Age... I will explain later). So to fix the date or time, one has to search through history for unmistakable signs that could have changed or affected the entire civilization in order to show that an entire great new age is born!

Historically there had been two phenomenal occurrences with such significant impact and change in human civilization that could have announced the arrival or the start of Aquarian Age. The first is Copernicus' revelation about the solar system, but Copernicus's revelation did not immensely affect every human life on earth, and his timing did not fit in with the expected motion of Equinox's Precession. So we leave it alone! The second is the combined colossal historical impact and phenomenal discoveries of the1830s, i.e., Charles Darwin's Evolution (1839) clearly signifies the impact of the departure of Age of Belief (the Piscean Age) and Michael Faraday's discovery of electricity (about 1836). These discoveries have literally change every human life ever since! They have also confirmed perfectly with the expected timing of arrival and characteristics of Aquarian Age (ruled by Uranus, hence Uranium nature, or highly explosive nature). Then in the 1940s the nuclear explosion of Hiroshima and in 1950s the advent of Sputnik, the man made satellite, had all signified the arrival of the Age of Electricity and of modern science, as well as Age of Energy and explosives, also age of changes and freedom from bondage both socially, politically and philosophically, even scientifically, as well as age of violent conflicts, such as revolutions, civil wars and international wars, with advances in warring weaponry, including nuclear weapons and also the Age of Cosmology as well as Space Science and space weapons, all of which indicates the explosive nature and characteristics of Uranus and the presence of Aquarian Age, indicating that Vernal Equinox is in the Constellation of Aquarius, ruled by planet Uranus!

However, the essential energy behind this combined new age is really Electromagnetism, because nuclear energy is mainly used in electrical power generations. Everything else, such as oil, coal, solar, wind, water, chemical, nuclear, etc., etc.. all are ended up in making electric power. Nations like France and Japan today are using nuclear power to generate electricity for about 50-80% of national power consumption. In fact, during the past half century the world wide increase of nuclear energy for energy consumption should have greatly reduced the emission of CO2 said to have caused Global Warming. Practically every instrument for control or measurement on earth and in space has to do with electronic or electromagnetic energy. Electric light illuminates the entire world. Hospital equipments, any transport vehicles, household cooking utensils, air conditioners, computers, telephone, clocks and watches are all worked by electrical circuit designs. And now low intensity electric currents are being conducted through acupuncture needles into many parts of the body and tiny electronic computing devices are implanted even in the heart and brain to control and regulate their malfunctions... Therefore the Aquarian Age may truly be termed the Age of Electromagnetic Energy. Even the explanation in this Regenerating Universe Theory enables the creation of lights, or electromagnetic radiations in the universe for the first time scientifically explainable and understandable! 

Meanwhile, our modern age came also into being sometime in the 19th century. Intellectual and philosophical pursuits, such as Positivism, Humanitarianism and Evolution boomed vigorously around the middle of 19th century. Boolean Algebra, which is the very foundation of modern computer logical circuitry, was published in 1847. Today electronic computer and Internet are controlling the entire world. In short, for a little more than one and half century, human life and civilization has undoubtedly entered the great but dangerous new astrological era, the Aquarian Age, with such ever increasing energies affecting every single life and every activities of life on earth. It so happens that the above description of activities in science and in life of our time fits the astrological descriptions and interpretations of the nature and characteristics of the Constellations of Aquarius. Now judging from the great impact on discovery of electricity, I therefore think that Aquarian Age had arrived a little more than 170 years ago, or right on the 1830s.... What's more, in 1839 Charles Darwin completed his work on Natural Selection, the theory of Evolution, which, without a doubt, had decisively put an end to the Piscean Age, because age old astrological descriptions and interpretations of the Piscean Constellation, ruled by Neptune, are typically that, such as belief, religion and Creationism, etc, which have deeply affected human life and society for some 2100 years historically... 

Therefore, the Vernal Equinox, which moves backwards one degree every 72 years, should now be in the 27th degree of Aquarius (Vernal Equinox has moved backwards over 2 degrees from the very end of Aquarian Constellation). This new Aquarian Age is clearly also an age of constant scientific discoveries and inventions, not just in electromagnetism but also in every walks of life and knowledge. It is also the age of sudden out-breaks of violent conflicts, revolutions and wars as well as demands of drastic, radical and unrestrained freedom and changes from the past!  However thankfully according to astrological interpretation, it is also the Age of Humanitarianism, part of which demands Human Rights and Animal Rights.  In the meantime as we are still in the early stage of Aquarian Age, more and more nuclear-electric powers are going to be needed. All other energies such as coal, fossil fuel, solar, wind or whatever new energies or fuels can only serve to provide more electromagnetic energy and to enhance its applications. Because for a  phenomenon to be called an Age, it should be able to affect every single life, every household and practically every living activity. This is indeed what electromagnetic energy now does, and would do more! Electromagnetic energy  is also the energy and life of the great cosmos itself, as it communicates, expands, unifies and regenerates the entire universe. In short, as our knowledge and civilization advances, we have moved not only from Piscean Age to Aquarian Age, but also from Heliocentric Age to the Great Universal Age, or the Great Cosmological Age!

Also because the astrological nature of Aquarian Constellation ruled by Uranus is not only energetic and explosive, it is also instantaneous, enlightening, illuminating and revealing, that's why it is also the age of science and scientific inventions.  Therefore, the Aquarian Age is not only a dangerous age with discovery of explosives, nuclear technology and others powers yet more dangerous, as well as unexpected outbreak of wars with war devastations and and war cruelties, coupled with instinctive revelation of humanity and humanitarian impulses. So Aquarian Age may also be called the "Age of Great Sciences, Great Destructions and Great Revelations". In other words, it is the time of great killings through science and technology, which could end up in great revelations of humanitarian values.. Of course, wherever there is action, there is also reaction, just as wherever there is Ying, there is Yang as well. In the end, Mother Nature would keep a good measure of balance as always (and hopefully so!). So, if needless cruelties and excessive use of explosive energies were to continue without revelations or reflective balance, then before too long both animal and human species could go towards suicidal extinction. There would be no winners or losers, just the massive outbreak of human rage amidst the realities of carnage and death, which would spread as fast and as wide as the exposure to massive radioactive contamination. Perhaps such future inevitability has already started as already there are seemingly no ends of suicidal fighters willing and ready to terminate their own lives in order to effect destruction to others...

I cannot go into lengthy explanations here about how astrologers all over the world and history have come to determine and agree on the astrological meaning and characteristics of Aquarian Constellation ruled by planet Uranus, because it would take a whole nice part of a book. However, in order to help understanding the nature of this age I can highlight here briefly just few more connotations in astrology, which has some 6000 years of experience and growing stronger nowadays with the aid of computers. The characteristics and influences of Aquarian Constellation and planet Uranus have been an age old knowledge familiar to astrologers, which could lead to some areas of considerations as below:- 

Sciences:- Aquarian Age sciences and intelligence are based on research, analysis, deduction, and proof and are related to electric, electronic, digital and nuclear energy, as well as nuclear weapons, aviation, space and radioactive technologies, also surgical medical operations, above all, cosmology. The Constellation of Aquarius is ruled by planet Uranus, and Uranus has typical energy with "instantaneous" or "electric" or "explosive" connotations well known in astrological interpretations. Of course the top range of such explosive energies is the nuclear or radioactive energy.   

High mental capacities:- This include science, technology, higher visions, discoveries, innovations, inventions and important revelations of truth as well as higher penetration of metaphysical wisdom, including politics, philosophy and disclosure of religious secrets, as well as flashes of inspirations, because Uranus is known in astrology as the higher octave of Mercury, the planet of thinking.   

Unpredictability and suddenness or radical changes:- Aquarian Age is also the age of great social and political changes, such as, revolutions, sudden out break of conflicts and violence (both international and national), including election violence, separatist violence, and all sorts of political violence. Also as Uranus stands for unpredictability, radicalism and explosiveness, there could be sudden destruction of age old traditional values, frequent occurrences of wars, with high possibilities of nuclear wars. These are evidenced by numerous national revolutions and various international or colonial wars in the 19th century and two World Wars in the 20th century, even nuclear bombing in Hiroshima, almost just soon after the Vernal Equinox entered the Zodiacal Constellation of Aquarius when the Aquarian Age had begun.

Freedom and humanitarian impulses:-  The entry of Aquarian Age also initiates freedom of thoughts, of choice and of travel, also freedom of individual expressions, in fact, also freedom of speech and action, or anything that one wants or needs, irrespective of harms to others. However, the need of freedom also brings by some degree of humanitarian impulses, including the demand for human rights and animal rights, if and when the demand does not conflict or trespass with ones own strong desires. . 

Exposures and revelations:- The energy of Aquarian Age has also the capacity of cracking open and exposing age-old blindfolds, hidden crimes and human injustices of the past, which hinder the advance of civilization and the process of evolution. Thus Aquarian Age enhances also building of modern passages to breakout of  past ignorance and crimes.   

Yet, it is also important to know that we have entered Aquarian Age barely some one and half centuries ago and we have already witnessed enough changes and conflicts, but the entire Age is made of 21 and half centuries. The full extent of violence and sudden change cannot be visualized or imagined yet. The first recognizable hint of Aquarian Age is that it is extremely powerful and highly unpredictable, and that it could yet lead to that highly unwanted and negative arrival of the next approaching cosmological age, namely, the Capricorn Age, which could yet be the most unwelcome and most fateful era of human and natural history. Please read on as I will leave the more detailed description of Capricorn Age only in the last part of this page!... 

In short, the Aquarian Age is an age of rapid changes, revolutions, with inventions and inner revelations that had already led to the changing, unstable and unpredictable reality of 19th and 20th century, and most probably also the 21st century and many more! Although we are still at the early stage of the Age, it is vitally important to be warned of the nature and characteristics of this age, which has yet another 2000 years to go before the arrival of the possibly the most unwelcome, feared and suffering Capricorn Age! Putting the two Ages together, it would mean some over 4000 years of dangerously unknown experience yet to be learned!... Now, because of the specially dangerous implications and importance of this very long period, I have to hold up here just a second to explain! The nature of Capricorn Constellation, ruled by planet Saturn, is very well-known and proven in Astrology. Saturn is known as the totally unforgiving teacher and cruel punisher of the immature and undisciplined behaviors. Under the rules of Saturn, one must either learn to become disciplined and mature, or one must be punished without leniency. While under the rules and disciplines of Saturn there is always a total lack of convenience and comfort, but as soon as one becomes mature what follows is only rewards!... More about the Age of Capricorn and nature of Saturn will be given towards the end of page!. 

During the first 2000 years dictate of the Age of Aquarius with unrestrained freedom of will, desires and actions, as well as unrestrained growth of explosive energies and weaponries, it might indicate resultant great destructions, such as global nuclear destructions, followed by another 20000 years of Capricorn Age with long range suffering and inactivity in endurance and forbearance for eventual healing and recovery, although there might be a small and unlikely chance of final maturity, because the astrological connotation for the Constellation of Capricorn, ruled by planet Saturn is either pure sufferings or final revelation, or maturity and reward through long term learning in self-control, endurance and endless patience with constant reflections, such as the incarceration or punishment of the guilty past! 

The fact that there are more than 4000 years of Nature's process impending, which is absolutely unavoidable,  Then, and only then, the final revelations will appear to show what is the true purpose of human existence and other lives on earth, and what is the eventual result of nonstop and perpetual learning and evolution (unless life becomes extent first!)! Then a new age called the Age of Sagittarius, ruled by planet Jupiter will begin on earth to start regeneration and rejuvenation of new human life and new kind of controlled physical and metaphysical energies on earth. However, the fact that a 2000 years Aquarian Age exists with rapid growth of explosive energies coupled with political will to take, to dominate, to dictate and to kill, then to be followed by yet another 2000 years of that suffering and total lack of living needs in Capricorn Age can only mean that true human wisdom to live together on earth has not even begun, and therefore is destined to self-destruction sometime during the Age of Aquarius, then to learn and suffer during the whole of Capricorn Age... Although all humans know and expect the possibilities of total destructions, yet there is no sign of true mutual understanding, self-control and coexistence in evidence. In fact, there are only increasing encouragements and demands on random freedom of raw wills and desires!

Meanwhile the influence of the last age, the Piscean Age, the age of belief, ruled by planet Neptune, has been much weakened due to the demands of common sense, rationality, logics and proof of science or facts in all facets and activities of modern life. Also, time-wise, in Nature's own progression, the Piscean Age is slowly now on its way out. Piscean Age, ruled or energized by planet Neptune, is traditionally symbolized by two fishes swimming in opposing directions, because the astrological nature and influence of Piscean Constellation and planet Neptune are known to embrace simultaneously two conflicting energies, i.e., Rationality vs Delusion, or Naked Truth vs Make-Belief,. or just Thinking vs Believing (If you can think, then you think and not believe, but if you believe, then you believe and don't think!) Yet Piscean nature demands concurrent accommodation of both thinking and believing! The Piscean Age also embraces both worships, namely monotheism and polytheism as well as all forms and descriptions of Super Nature, that would spread through out the world. The Piscean Age is also known to encompass the energies and phenomena of mystics, illusion, mythology, superstition and confusion, etc., etc....

Left:- The age old symbol of Piscean Age, (roughly from 2nd century BC to mid 19th century AD).

 Piscean Age energy works also like drugs, at first it's enticing, swaying, soothing, comforting, embracing, even mesmerizing, or compelling and needing for more, then it may ends up in self- deception and complete detachment to reality, because it is impossible to accommodate both reality and imagination at the same time! Anyway, on the more positive side, the Piscean Age is also the age of chemistry, herbal medicines, agriculture products, poetry, music and arts, etc, etc.... 

And the age before the Piscean Age was the Arian Age (roughly 4500 years ago). Aries being the 1st Constellation of the Zodiac, it is the beginning of the great ecliptic cycle, and therefore an important new cosmological season.  The Arian Age had brought about the sudden advance and expansion of human civilization in many ways for many parts of the world. Astrologically speaking, this age is ruled by planet Mars, and Marxian energy did bring about the discovery of bronze weapons in this age, hence also named Bronze Age, which also marks the start of large scale human wars and bloodshed. (Therefore, new 20th century discovery of mass destructive weapons is expected to start off the wars of mass destruction, unless the human civilization is adequately warned and fully prepared to understand and to prevent it. It is also important to realize that abnormal solar emissions could stimulate animal or human and brains to act abnormally, causing irrational actions including unnecessary wars and massive economical damages). 

It appears that the excess of each preceding age also brings about the imminent arrival of the succeeding age. The predictability of astrological science has been timelessly proven correct, and the actual recorded occurrences in individual and social life, even in civilization, or in recorded history have confirmed the science of astrology without a doubt. Alone in the last one century, in fact just in the last decade alone, the astrological observation in changes of collective phenomena from Piscean Age to Aquarian Age has been quite remarkably apparent and affirmative. Alone in this page, what I have described so far about astrological phenomena are not in conflict with historical and archeological evidences. 

The era before the Age of Aries was the Age of Taurus, which covered roughly the era from 4500 to 6600 years from now. According to astrology, Taurus is ruled or influenced by the energy of Venus. The Constellation of Taurus is also one of the 4 cosmic divisions with more pronounced energies, i.e., Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio. The Age of Taurus was mainly the age of global agricultural developments, when rice and wheat became the chief provisions of life, as many archeological relics have been unearthed to that effect. Astrologers are well acquainted with the finding that people born under the influence of Taurus are stubborn, hardworking, unyielding and have great physical strength. It was during the Age of Taurus that great undertakings of buildings, such as Stone Hinge, Pyramids and Great Walls were constructed. Therefore, such great archeological man-made erections also confirm and support astrological interpretations of the characters of Constellation of Taurus and ruled by planet Venus.  It is also not difficult to establish and confirm the time and span of the Age of Taurus... 

The age prior to Age of Taurus was the Age of Gemini, roughly 6600 to 7700 years ago. The Constellation of Gemini is ruled by the energy of Mercury. It was the dawn of human social communications and early organization of communal activities, as well as development of early languages and intellectual expressions. Still earlier was the Age of Cancer, roughly 10,000 years ago. The Constellation of Cancer is ruled by the energy of Moon. It was the age that solidified the strong family tradition, tribal organization and probably the early formation of home lands or early nations. So, astrology indicates that entire length of evolution of human civilization has only roughly about 10,000 years history. Before that, human survival would have to depend on somewhat animal like, or extremely primitive, or totally unorganized struggles in wild nature! Yet that was barely some 10,000 years ago!

The above descriptions of past Cosmological or Astrological Ages and their rough timings do agree with known historical and archeological evidences. Perhaps these references are not the perfect or exact historical details, yet from what we know of the past, they are nevertheless valid reflections. They also confirm that past human social evolution did and should have passed through those stages and ages of historical developments as described and visualized. Yet does that indicate that the quality of human psyche has already reached or achieved full or even some stage of maturity in those mere 10,000 years? Or is it appropriate to say that certain measures of maturity have already been achieved? Or are we still far too remote in understanding the true will and purpose of nature's Evolution? 

Because in the following we are going to described the known astrological nature and characteristics of the Age of Capricorn, ruled by the energy of planet Saturn. But before we begin, let's pause for a little while and do a bit of reflection...  Mother Nature has provided a plentiful and beautiful planet, called Earth, for the human kind to live, nurture and grow in it  Evolution all over the universe also shows that it is a non-stop process of growth and progress to achieve seamless harmony with Nature's Will, so that our next generations may improve and prosper in that endless and almighty universe, or Nature! Even the most primitive animals love their own kind, and killing is strictly limited to filling the empty stomach and no more. Only the humans slaughter their own kind for lusts and for the so called "ideas" and "excuses". Now the human society has grown so rowdy and so diversified as it is inundated only with random desires, in the name of Freedom or the Rights. Life is swamped by make-beliefs, i.e., make-belief worships, make-belief politics, make-belief films, make-belief love and human relationships, so life has become a pure make-belief process  Such an existence can only end up in wars, and wars can only end up in greater scale nuclear confrontations, until finally total final massive suicide, except with a tiny few scanty lucky survivors! This can happen during this century or during this millennium! Perhaps sooner or later. Or what else? But otherwise if human existence or human evolution is to be real and positive, as that is Nature's Will, then surely some human leaders would have already shown some courage or wisdom to come out and alter the path of make-belief life in a make-belief world. 

Because, the most worrying Age must be the approaching Age of Capricorn (beginning roughly 2000 years from now).  This coming Capricorn Age, is ruled and influenced by the energy of of planet Saturn, and according to astrological understanding of the nature of Capricorn and Saturn, it is most highly likely to be a really unfortunate, even unbearable age! This is because the energy of Saturn is very special, as it possesses two very different natures in two phases, the immature phase and the mature phase! It is the path we all live through! Firstly, we grow up in immaturity, and we think being naughty is being clever and real fun! So we argue and fight and run around with great energies. Some of us take drugs and others commit naughty crimes, thinking it's all part of life. Then of course we are punished! And by the time we have learned and experienced enough, we enter the phase of half maturity! But by that time often some three quarters of life has already passed by! Societies or nations, even civilizations have also immature and near mature phases, except that rewards and punishments can be much heavier and may even come too late! Because with such non-stop development of modern nuclear weaponries, a nation can have just one war too many and the consequence could be immeasurable!  

Now according to six millenniums of understanding and experience in astrology about the nature of Capricorn and planet Saturn, life on earth during the time of Capricorn Age would be totally lacking, difficult, bitter, struggling, inadequate, restrictive, even temperatures on earth would be freezing and unforgiving. If so, it would appear that something extremely destructive has happened to earth or to human society. This Capricorn Age will also last some 2160 years. It probably happens because everything on earth is contaminated with nuclear radiations [depending on what nuclear material, including those still new and not yet deplored in weapons (other than Uranium and Plutonium), and how much or how wide spread are contaminations], which could take millenniums to dissipate and perhaps more millenniums to fully recover and to grow and prosper again due to the long "half-life" of radioactivity. If that were to be the case, then most crops or seeds could be contaminated and most animals would be sick and die. Probably only oceanic fish and some rare vegetations could sustain a few half-alive lucky human left. Hopefully those few lucky survivors would finally learn the lesson, but already too late!... Still, I wonder who and how many would survive? Those who think all day about how to make war, or how to make weapons for war and those love to gang up to make wars, or those who are too clever to make war? But since the "half-life" of radioactive materials takes thousands of years to completely disappear and recover, it would answer for the long length and duration of that Aquarian Age plus that cruel and unforgiving Capricorn Age! 

Nuclear wars and devastations could happen anytime, even in the next couple of decades! The most likelihood would be as follows:- Some nations would continue to make belief that national powers must and will always grow on politics powers and weapons, and such make belief could become reality after modern use of technologies and capacities of massive communication medias. Then national leaders would reach for the next stage of make belief, which is to dictate and dominate the entire world (after all, they had tried it in past World Wars). So soon our Earth could be covered by politics, media efforts and newer weaponries, and even greater made-beliefs as the trend grows, and since the human nature is such that even today there is no lack of supply for suicidal soldiers, it should not be difficult to imagine that more of  the same would pile up until at last nuclear contaminations for a couple of thousand years before or during the arrival of Capricorn Age. So nuclear uncontrollable nuclear wars could occur in Aquarian Age and the whole length of Capricorn Age would have to learn, suffer, endure and work to recover!

Let us emphasize and repeat! If global nuclear wars and pollution should begin now, it would take a couple of millenniums to arrive at the point of entry for that fateful Capricorn Age, and then it would take human race, say, another 2160 years of hardship, suffering, endurance and slow growth to pass through that Age in order to reach at the next new astrological age, namely the Sagittarian Age, ruled by planet Jupiter. Alternatively, if global nuclear wars and pollution should occur only towards the end of the present Aquarian Age, say roughly 2000 years from now, then the world would still plunge into 2160 years of extremely poor and miserable Capricorn Age. One way or the other, it still make sense that the suffering of Capricorn Age can hardly be avoided. It all depends on how much or how severe are the radioactive contaminations! Fortunately, the age after that fateful Capricorn Age is the Sagittarian Age or Jovian Age, ruled by planet Jupiter. Astrologically speaking, the energy of Jupiter is known to be really nice, happy, righteous, positive, confident and filled with luck, growth (learned growth), progress (learned progress), expansion and hope. Probably, by that time, having learned enough from the wars and destructions of Aquarian Age, which results in unbearable shrinkage and sufferings of Capricorn Age, it would be time for human race to reach real and full maturity and a new positive start. The Sagittarian Age could be one fully matured understanding, sharing, co-existing, even loving Age for the entire human race! But I wonder how many humans would be left to enjoy it! 

In short, if global nuclear wars should start soon, then it would take about 4000 years to reach the new start of that learned and matured beginning of Jupiter Age! Yet, it seems rather natural or unsurprising even realistic in describing the above scenario. Perhaps humans are destined to learn and learn to live in Nature as well with Nature, and a lesson has to be paid in order to reach maturity, because the Direction or the Will of Evolution is not only for the humans, but for all things and beings in the entire boundless,  ageless and limitless capacity of that almighty Regenerating Universe to evolve and to reach perfect peace and co-existence, but so far we have barely 10,000 years of history in understanding the true meaning of Evolution and Regeneration!.  

Astrologers are all familiar with the characteristics of Constellation Capricorn and planet Saturn. The only thing is that most scholars still do not concur yet exactly when it would begin. But it appears that arrival of Aquarian Age and Capricorn Age are unavoidable, even without astrology, or even without the threat of global warming! It is conceivable that technologies for production of powerful energies and powerful war weapons are not going to stop or decline. Meanwhile, the growth rate of human population is also exponential and the underground reserve of coal and fossil fuel would not be inexhaustible, hence the continued need of energy could depend on radioactive substance. This would mean that within this century or the next, the human race would have to live with dangerous levels of radioactive nuclear energy and continued threat of nuclear wars. Already the present Chinese government has taken voluntary step to limit the explosion of population. 

Perhaps by that time humans have already migrated to Moon or Mars, and even spread the lust of wars to the entire universe. Perhaps some humans would come back to earth after the Capricorn Age is over. But now, judging through some barely 10,000 years of still traceable human history, already some half that duration had been plagued with belief of wars. Fortunately with already 6,000 years of astrological knowledge and its meaningful experiences and explanations about the predictable natures and influences of Constellations and planets, I think we can safely say these warnings are not senseless kidding at all! Because even though 10,000 years had gone by, the human civilization has not yet fully grasped the true meaning of Evolution, or fully matured to enjoy true co-existence with nature and in nature! Perhaps the coming of Capricorn Age is only caused by some other great natural disaster, such as the impact of a comet, like Halley Comet. But if such an unfortunate scenario were not caused by natural or accidental catastrophes, then it's possible that it would be the result of human's own self undoing, i.e. massive suicidal nuclear wars. 

Yet, despite the above warnings, Mother Nature has already provided an alternative remedy, not only in the hopes of Sagittarian Age, but also within the dangerous Aquarian Age and Age of Capricorn, because in astrology, the energy of Saturn in the zodiacal division of Capricorn has a well known second nature, which is not bad, but good, not punishing, but rewarding! This sounds contradictory, but no! It is just the natural consequence of progress in evolution. The human race has to learn to become mature first. I have mentioned earlier that the energy of Capricorn or Saturn has two phases. People live through an immature phase and then learn to reach wisdom and maturity, provided they can and do self control to endure and to live through different timings and the mighty energies of nature, which energize not only all cosmic motions, but all activities of life on earth. Humans are in serious danger of self-undoing,  because with barely 10,000 years of experience in Evolution, mankind has hardly begun understanding the ultimate purpose of Will of Nature. (Please also note that although my warnings in this page are in fact perfectly sincere and rather serious, yet I also hope that readers do not take all my descriptions too seriously!)

Well, the electromagnetic-nuclear age or the Aquarian Age has reached deep into our daily life and into our living rooms. Some countries, such as France, are already producing well above half of their total energy needs with nuclear power. Probably within the next one to two centuries, every country, big or small, must depend on nuclear technology to live a comfortable modern life. In fact, someday as population grows, humans would be using hundreds of times more energy to change the mountains and deserts for future civilization and future convenience. Once a technology is known and successfully deployed, it can never be un-learned. No one can stop the increasing energy of Aquarian Age or the arrival of any great age. And yet any further aggression between humans from now on, be it military, religious or political, will cause nuclear arms race and sooner or later end up in nuclear confrontations, because once nuclear wars begin, most conventional weapons will be rendered ineffective... So, in conclusion, the future of mankind or human civilization could continue to exist in wars, to be followed by bigger wars, and weapons, to be replaced by bigger weapons! 

The fact that our earth's Vernal Equinox is in the Constellation of Aquarius, meaning we are already living in the Aquarian Age, and also the expected unavoidable arrival of the next cosmological age, namely the Capricorn Age, together they mean a long duration of over 4000 years. This long length of time alarms the writer about the characteristics and nature of planet Uranus, as well as that of planet Saturn, indicating the possibilities of nuclear confrontations as well as the long suffering forbearance through the entire Age of Capricorn, or the possibilities of radioactive contaminations because of a major nuclear war, I have taken the initiative to write this page in the hope that readers and politicians would pause a second to behold how beautiful our world and lives are, so that not only the first steps but even the final solutions towards avoiding such possible confrontation may be brought into consideration well ahead!  

The biggest question is that with barely 10,000 years of total intellectual evolution on record, is the human-kind already wise enough to advance from indulgence of raw and random desires, to disciplines of self control and self sacrifice, or away from perpetual self justification and self glorification, or away from lusts of conquest, slavery, domination, dictation and killings, instead of mutual compassion and tolerance in order to learn and accomplish final maturity and wisdom, then be rewarded for lessons learned, or at least for compliance to the rules and laws of nature! Because only some 4000 years ago, as soon as humans learned to use bronze or metal weapons, they immediately used them to destroy fellow human lives and practiced extreme oppressions and cruelties in rules of politics and superstition. And as soon as they learned about the chemical explosive, which Chinese inventors had always used to make fire crackers for celebrating happy days and festivities, others humans did not hesitate to use in making bullets, cannons and large bombs to kill fellow humans and their own kind, as well as making wars and world wars, and the destruction of precious ancestral knowledge, philosophies and cultures. Now mankind have just learned to deploy nuclear weapons and radioactive energy for global killings, and there is nothing but talks, threats and declared ganged-up intentions for wholesale destruction of human lives, or peace and stability. The final question is :- Is it not that humans should be ultimately responsible for the continued existence of their own kind and the survival as well as growth of their own off-springs? Are these not the very basics of  human rights, or human wisdom?

In other words, with barely 10,000 years of total history of evolution stating from that raw and primitive animal nature, are the human beings already both emotionally and rationally mature or civilized enough to think and feel not only for themselves, but also for fellow human beings as well as for their own future generations? Or are they only interested in threatening each other with nothing but wars and bigger capacities for wars? Also in the aspect of science and intelligence, are the humans already advanced enough to accept that the human vision is not unlimited and cannot be unlimited, nor can the speed of light be unlimited, nor can be the top speed in our universe, because beyond the limit of the our vision, or the speed of light, the universe is still accelerating away with greater speed of universal expansion, and there is nothing capable of retarding, nor slowing down the speed and acceleration of  the Expanding Universe!!!   

However, since we have reached the Aquarian Age and have already acquired the nuclear technology for massive global destruction, I wonder how many of us bother to ask such above-like questions, or questions regarding how to ensure and guarantee prolonged human existence and perpetual peace between humans. And yet, for some unexplainable reasons, I am hopeful that after the Aquarian Age is over, perhaps a tiny number of human survivors would be rejoicing and grateful that at least once such a question had been asked and had been thoroughly thought about!!!  (Checked and added April 26th 2013) 

(Note:- Readers are invited to go to page #14) Cosmic influence on evolution and structure of DNA...to read more about nature's forces in dynamic symmetries giving influences to life and to intelligence, which is related to this page, because the writer believes that these are more natural and unavoidable up-coming subjects for investigation in the Aquarian Age...





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