The possible influence of Halley Comet on Global Warming (it's about to become Global Cooling), Last update16th July 2011            

[ Note: Yesterday, in the early evening I switched on my TV, immediately I caught part of an announcement by CNN, indicating that some journalists would like to report certain new theory, which explains that Global Warming should not be caused by human actions (i.e. burning fossil fuels, etc, etc.), but they could not do it because it would offend the Copy Rights of the author. So CNN also decided not to carry the news on their station. Today I heard the news that both President Obama and Chinese Premier Wen-Gia-Bao will attend the important conference in Copenhagen in early Dec about Global Warming and projects to protect climate change. Now in view of the costs and efforts involved in such global projects and for the good of science, I hereby announce that I release the restriction of Copy Rights, so that news medias, scientists and authorities involved in the projects may use the contents of this page, for reference or for evaluation of its probable usefulness, if any. Those who use the materials here may feel free to discuss, report or print them as part of their own written discussions. But, I am reserving my partial Copy Rights for future publication as an independent book or part of a book… By Author A.W.L. Chan, 26th Dec 2009. ]

“Global Warming’ or “Climate Change” today is a huge topic of concern in the minds of most people, especially the politicians. Thanks to the efforts of medias during the past two decades or so, it has now become a general belief that that Global warming is caused by human actions, such as burning fossil fuels, releasing carbon dioxide, etc.. Although there are also enough non-believers who over the years have voiced opposition to such belief, both camps of believers and non-believers have not yet offered fully convincing analysis or proofs. The following discussions will attempt to offer a different theory, which suggests that Halley Comet is the most likely culprit behind the heightened waves of abnormal phenomena occurring during the last 3 decades. These phenomena include not only abnormal increase of global temperatures, but also unusual stimulation on brain activities, for instance:-  In animal world, there have been unexplainable repeated group-suicides of whales, dolphins and sudden waves of man-killing elephants, rhinos, etc.,  In human world, the sudden increase of mixed-up, excessive, even suicidal  acts that overwhelm the political decisions, and wars, and suicidal terrorism, in fact, for one whole last decade, there had been enough provocations and bloodshed, causing mayhems to millions of innocent lives, yet all those actions did not solved one single worthwhile or pressing international problems, except making things worse! They have merely squandered national and world resources in unprecedented manners and created hatred enough to last the next two young generations! In that meantime, there were also waves of abnormal sexual behaviors and crimes, never previously reported in human history. Also, in the world of microscopic beings, the sudden increase of HIV/Aids, or recently, the Bird Flu (H5N1) and Swine Flu (H1N1), and other indications of very dangerous or massive virus mutations, which often accompany protracted climate and environmental change. All these things must result in economic downturns, or social problems, or political unrest, more wars, to be accompanied by unusual natural disasters, such as repeated earthquakes, floods, droughts, tornados, volcanoes, huge hill fires, etc., etc..      

Soon after Halley Comet’s arrival in 1986, I begun to pay attention about the possible effects Halley Comet might bring about, because it came so close to the sun, and because Halley Comet, unlike other comets, has an unusual and large volume of gas tail. Such a large volume coming so close to the sun might bring about unusual disturbance to solar emission. Its arrival in 1010 had brought about all those similar abnormal phenomena that I’ve described above, including the two world wars and their aftermath that lasted some 3 and half decades. So I began to be interested in more episodes of the comet’s arrival and found the comet’s very first appearance recorded in history was year 240 BC.  It was the time Chinese emperor Qin Chi Huang   united China after some two centuries of civil wars, during the era called The Warring States. I also noted social turmoil could begin a few years before comet arrivals. So comet apparitions seem to correlate with many of noticeable changes in past history. The effects and influences of Halley Comet’s periodic return to the earthly proximity have not yet brought about conclusive investigations in modern science, but there are enough valid reasons to warrant our discussions, because the Comet could pass near Saturn or Jupiter during some of its journeys depending on timing and orbital position of those two large planets, and the perturbations of heavier planets could send the Comet unusually close to sun’s surface. As it comes once in every 76 years, or roughly the span of an average human life, it is something to watch out for! Because if Saturn or Jupiter could have any effect on the Comet’s orbit, such as what Jupiter did to Comet Shoemacher (Shoemaker), then it might even give us unpleasant surprises!  So, I continued to keep an eye on varying environmental phenomena and timely social/political developments since the 1980s. Perhaps in the next visits of the Comet, more people with much better qualifications than I would be watching too!!! 

[Note:- Comet Shoemaker-Levy was discovered by Carolyn and Eugene Shoemaker as well as David Levy in March 1993. It was seen to break up into pieces before crashing onto Jupiter in July 1994. Therefore it has a nickname called “String of pearls”. Close studies by scientists showed that the comet had been orbiting Jupiter for some years, and prior to that, it was orbiting sun, but captured by Jupiter’s large gravitation sometimes during the 1960s or 1970s. Jupiter and Saturn are often called the cleaner of debris for the solar system. The incident of comet Shoemaker demonstrates that the gravitation of Jupiter and Saturn can easily pull and affect the locus of any comet orbiting the sun, even to the extinct of capturing it! Of course it can only happen if and when those large planets happen to travel close to the orbiting comet, which rarely occurs. However, it is significant to note that the perturbation of large planets might send a comet unusually close to the sun, and the momentum of such perturbation are always retained in the orbit of comet, causing it to get close to the sun, not just for one orbit, but for the next couple of orbits that follow! So, if my theory in this page happened to be right, then we’d better start worrying about Halley comet’s next visit soon! What’s more, we should also start keeping an eye on other comets that are focused on sun! As to whether I am right or wrong, it would depend greatly on whether global temperatures drop and return to normal or not in the coming year!]           ]          

Let’s look a bit closer! Halley Comet will return in just about another 50 years only. Its travel is caused by the Sun’s enormous gravitational pull, but it can also be affected to some extent by the perturbations of the nearby large moving solar planets such as Saturn or Jupiter, depending on how close it passes by those large planets during that particular episode of its visit. Therefore due to those perturbations the Comet’s orbit can vary slightly and its orbital period also varies roughly between 75 to 79 years, but this estimate cannot be trusted, it would depend on whether or not Halley has any chance of coming close enough to Jupiter or Saturn (remember the fate of Comet Shoemaker-Levy), and whether the perturbation could send it nearer to the sun or not. The Halley Comet’s orbit is highly elliptical and focused on the Sun, but with a large inclination of about 18° to the plane of the ecliptic circle. As the Comet body is tiny, and it goes from outside the ecliptic with this inclination directly to the sun, so it does not collide with the solar planets traveling in the ecliptic. This Comet orbit’s perihelion, its closest distance to the Sun, is normally about 0.6 AU, which is between the orbits of Mercury and Venus. However, during its last return in 1986, for a few days in Feb 1986 its perihelion was even closer to the Sun than the normal orbit of Mercury. It now appears that the variation of its distance to the sun can produce slight difference of effects on earth.

When the Comet comes so close to the Sun, its liquid or ice contents and its tail, heated by Sun’s extreme temperatures, expands enormously! Such a massively expanded and pressurized volume of gaseous Comet tail, probably only a small percentage of which is visible to us as its brightly reflected tail, must occupy an enormous space and volume. This moving gaseous volume, sweeping pass the proximity of the sun, would form a gigantic storm right in the very center of the solar ecliptic. As sun is the focus of elliptical orbit of the Halley comet, and the Comet approaches sun from outside the solar system with an 18° inclination to the solar ecliptic plane, the comet and its gigantic moving storm would first hit and penetrate the ecliptic plane. Because sun is directly on the ecliptic, and the ecliptic plane or the ecliptic disc is relatively thin, this great storm having shot through the ecliptic plane would then curl around the sun to re-enter the ecliptic plane on the opposite side of the sun. This means it would greatly disturb the normal stability or the balance of the energy environment in the ecliptic plane, not once but twice! Meanwhile since the ecliptic plane and the zodiac are the energy fields of the solar system along which our earth travels, therefore the earth, together with Mercury and Venus, being close to the affected part of the ecliptic, could feel twice these great disturbances of ecliptic energies and of solar emissions, because the closer the comet gets to the sun, the more chance there is to disturb the sun’s emissions or sun’s flares! The sun’s flares could even extend directly into the orbital path of comet.  .

These disturbances are in fact large transparent fluctuations or storms in solar emissions, which occur in the exterior of the sun, and therefore do not affect the view or the image of the sun. Such disturbances would then slowly expand and pass on to the ecliptic and the Zodiac, which could also reverberate with other passing planets, such as Mercury and Venus, producing even more complicated results before they reach our earth... One other thing should be mentioned is that these colossal storms, unlike the storms on earth that usually last for some hours only, these colossal gaseous storms formed by hot or hugely expanded gaseous volumes, including that several billion miles long of the Comet tail, would continue to storm through and would take some months as the comet orbits so closely around the sun and invades the ecliptic plane twice. But the heated up portion of ecliptic where Mercury, Venus and Earth orbit would take many decades to cool down. It seems reasonable to estimate that our earth had been traveling in that heated up portion of ecliptic for some 3 decades, causing the so-called “Global Warming”. 

Such long and violent disturbances could then reverberate for a long time until the energies of the entire ecliptic system return to stability, in other words, until the balance in the solar force field symmetry (12 equal divisions) returns to normality again. When this happens the global warming would have ended, and the general global temperatures would return to the normal range that existed before the Halley Comet visit… The above description is the basic scenario, as it could vary rather significantly from episode to episode, depending on how close Halley Comet comes near the sun, which in turn would depend on whether or not the comet comes near those large transiting planets, e.g. Jupiter or Saturn, and whether or not the comet orbit is affected by the perturbations of these large planets. Hence the described phenomenon is by no means always so simple! For instance, how exactly does the immensity of sun’s gravity interact with that enormously expanded volume and mass of the comet tail when it storm pass so closely? Perhaps in some episodes it might be close enough to shave off a tiny bit of the sun’s outer surface, perhaps some of sun’s large flares, and leave it to reverberate slowly in the ecliptic plane with planets, such as Mercury, Venus and our Earth? The fact that we are able to see the comet’s tail so closely might mean that it could also bring some of sun’s temperatures closely to us!  

At any rate, the strength and magnitude of the storm could somewhat block, or sway, or disturb the normal distribution of Sun’s emissions as well as the balance or stability at the ecliptic plane. These disturbances and their secondary reverberations would cause fluctuations in solar emissions, hence slight change of temperatures on earth, as well as some abnormal stimulation on the micro-electric activities of the human and animal brains. In other words, global warming and suicidal behaviors of animals and humans are not caused by the comet energy directly, but by the fluctuation of solar emissions during the comet visit. As to how exactly it occurs, it would require more detailed studies. However, one thing can be sure! Wherever there is a cause, there must be consequence, such an enormous storm, so close to the sun, and such a strong periodic upset in the ecliptic plane, cannot simply pass by without causing some disturbances or reverberations in solar energy environment! And on the surface of earth, which is on the receiving end, could easily be affected by a slight rise of temperature, say1 to 2 degrees Centigrade… Bearing this fact in mind, we can proceed in the following to observe whether events in the past did correlate with the returns or visits of Halley Comet. 

However, if the above theory were rational and acceptable, then further studies could be significant, because comet locus stores momentum carried from one episode to the next, which means that next approach of the comet would be just as close to the sun as the last visit! During the 1910 episode of Halley comet apparition our world witnessed two major world wars without strong or adequate reasons (started by assassination of one politician) and virus deceases that took tens of millions of life, with just as much ecological disasters as the last few years. In the recent episode of Halley comet visit, the world saw also two wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan, started by a suspicion that Iraq might have possessed mass destruction weapons, then also HIV/Aids that killed tens of millions as well as many natural disasters. Even in 1835 episode of the Comet’s visit, which coincided exactly with the very entry of Aquarian Age (Please read page “What is Aquarian Age”). There were so many world wide colonial wars that needed no reasons, nor excuses to start. There were also virus diseases and natural disasters covering a greater part of 19th century. It was as if the world and civilization were hit by nonstop disturbances and changes. There appears to be similarities between all those 3 episodes of Halley comet visits. If somehow they were indeed related to Halley comet’s visits, then we ought to be watchful for the next comet visit, which would take effect in about 50 years or less from now! In which case, we should also proceed to check and observe whether events in history did correlate with each comet visits. I have therefore included some of world events for each episode of Halley visit in the later part of this page!  

My suspicion about Halley Comet began almost right after its apparition in 1986, because I could vaguely recall when I was a young boy, I had heard the elders in my native town talking about the ill omens carried by the arrival of the “Broom Star”. Indeed, during the late 80s there were rapidly growing reports about HIV/Aids cases amongst the homosexual communities, and masses of people were dying from it, yet the trend, or fashion, appeared to be growing fast. There was another strange phenomenon, which was even more abnormal, the repeated suicides of whales and dolphins in large groups. Then towards the end of 1989, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and refused to withdraw. Very soon 38 allied nations and American forces, totaling some half a millions soldiers, were amassing near Iraq, ready to pounce on Baghdad. Four important ex-national leaders, namely, Richard Nixon, Edward Keith, Willi Brandt, and Tanaka, went all the way to Saddam’s home to persuade him to withdraw from Kuwait, but Saddam refused, and within a few days Saddam’s own forces were crushed. I thought Saddam was, like the whales and dolphins, simply suicidal and totally abnormal. (Much later, in the Second Iraqi War, when Saddam was already decisively beaten, Egyptian President Mubarak offered Saddam safe haven, but Saddam refused. He preferred to hide in a hole below ground, and was caught)… In recollection, Saddam’s abnormal actions and the start of First Iraqi War occurred not only right on the arrival of Halley Comet, but on the very days when its perihelion was nearest to the Sun. It suggests that Saddam’s brain was hit by a wave of abnormal solar radiations. Now 20 years have passed, but the consequence is still massive and beyond measure… 

Another example of totally abnormal human behaviors occurred near Vienna, Austria, also right on the maximum impact of Halley’s arrival! A certain Joseph Frizle locked up his own biological daughter in a tiny dungeon, raped her for the subsequent 24 years, and made her give birth to 7 little ones. This amazing case was exposed in the Summer of 2009. This is just one case of extreme sexual abnormality, yet, since the early approach of Halley Comet in 1981/82, huge waves of HIV/Aids sexual disease swept across nations, notably in the communities of homosexual men and commercial sex-workers. HIV/Aids has since become a pandemic. According to reports in 2007, some over 32 million people are carrying this infectious disease around the world, and multiple millions had already died from it. Still, the trend evolved and has since become legalized same-sex marriage, sanctioned by some governments. Needless to say, this is a large social development unprecedented in human history. But why? And what caused its general rise? Why did it not happen to human nature any earlier in history?   

Such suicidal trend continued in the event of “September 11th”. This is not only a historic moment of teamed suicides, but an extremely remarkable one too! And its consequence is still reverberating! Because of it, human bloods are still flowing and uncounted numbers of homes have been broken and displaced ever since, despite the talks of humanitarian rights. It is remarkable because the real culprits or organizations of the day who never admitted responsibilities, had managed to highjack virtually within the hour one not so small squadron of civilian airplanes to destroy two large commercial buildings, The World Trade Center in New York, that had housed numbers of international businesses. What’s more, as one of the two buildings had only half collapsed, and a plane was stuck on it, so the culprits had to quickly order the highjack of another airplane, practically within minutes just to fly to New York, and to bring that half-standing building to the ground. Why was it so important that the building must fall? Still no one knows! And why was it so important for the highjacker to take the trouble to highjack a plane and to kill himself just to destroy a half destroyed and dangerously unusable building? The half standing building would fall within hours anyway, because 1/3 of the building had already collapsed on itself, and the weight of debris and the raging fires from aircraft fuel would have finished off the remaining floors within hours. So it was not just a simple suicide, it was a mysterious suicide! At any rate, how was the whole attack in that fatal morning planned and executed? Then following that morning Iraqi wars broke out. And now, there are not just suicidal bombers everywhere, but because of the unusual pressure of war, many hundreds of regular soldiers have also taken their own lives by suicide since the war! 

Ever since that day, Sept 11th 2001, two separate wars had broken out in Iraq and Afghanistan and now even spread to Pakistan, which are still ravaging this very day! Hundreds, if not thousands, of suicidal “terrorists” have perished, bearing bombes and explosives on their own person just to kill themselves and a much larger numbers of other humans. By now countless homes have been broken, family members killed or displaced by war, and with it massive national wealth and economy destroyed or wasted. Yet looking back, all those bloodsheds had stemmed from the suicidal incident of 9/11 as well as some certain belief that Saddam Hussein had developed some mass-destructive weapons, which was never proven. So, other than those suicidal terrorists, who are still blowing themselves up every single month, thousands of bona-fide or regular soldiers have been sent into inhumane bloodbath, and wasted their own lives for those reasons only… So, if and when one examines closely all those suicidal politicians, such as Saddam Hussein, suicidal wars, suicidal terrorists, or suicides of whales and dolphins, also those unusual and unprecedented waves of willing participations of suicidal sexual practices for HIV/Aids deaths, it appears that we are in an age of inflated suicides. There seems to be something exciting and affecting the living brains. Besides, there has been also an unprecedented rise in reports that hundreds of humans have been attacked and killed by elephants, rhinos, hippopotamus in India and Africa, and in America, humans have been devoured by mountain lions. These waves of abnormal behaviors have become a daily phenomenon since the approach of Halley Comet’s last apparition…                                           

My observations suggest that there have been waves of abnormal and subtle cosmic energies received by earth, which appear to come in a pair. These waves may not be deadly but strong enough to cause strong and subtle irritations to the micro electric brain activities of the large animals, such as whales, dolphins, elephants and humans. These cosmic fluctuations can also cause the microscopic viruses to mutate and spread. The episode of Halley's visit in 1910 saw the start of 1st world war and 50 million deaths by Spanish Flu. A secondary wave could have caused the 2nd World War. The present episode of Halley visit occurred at the end of 1985/6. It also saw the 1st and 2nd wars in Iraq as well millions of death by HIV/Aids viruses, which was followed by the minor epidemics of Bird Flu and Swine Flu. To the animals, such brain irritations might result in abnormal behaviors, such as man-killing elephants and suicidal whales. In humans, heightened brain activities could cause strange or subtle excitations, resulting in abnormal behaviors, such as irrational decisions, moral degeneration, abnormal sexual fantasies and suicidal intents. As cosmic energies influence all living beings, the results affect not just large animals and microscopic lives, but also human social or political unrest and wars, as well as some highly unusual but very positive developments.

Now let me expand into areas of those probable but positive developments, which could have been also the result of heightened brain activities. The state of world events shortly before and after the comet arrival alarmed me. In fact, my hunch had led me to investigate briefly a few more episodes of Halley's earlier visits, and my observations seemed to correlate. My investigation and my own brainstorm also led me to believe that limited disturbance in nature's forces may not be always bad at all! It would depend on the prevailing social and historical environment of the time. I came to the idea that a strong surge in musical interest could hit the world, because musical notes are related to the vibrations of solar planets. Heightened micro-electric brain waves might even stimulate the invention of many kinds, especially in electrical and electronic devices, such as computers, mobile telephones etc. etc.,... Sure enough! All these things seemed to have happened in the recent past as I had suspected! So in my two letters to the senior leader Deng Xiao Ping in 1989 (The First Letter) and 1990 (The Second Letter) I did include a few words about the possible effect of Halley comet's arrival... 

When I saw the most unusual and excited behaviors of students who had forcibly occupied the Tien An Men Square in Beijing for 58 days in 1989, and the news was blasting away day and night in Hong Kong, my own brain too was becoming increasingly irritated. At the time I had just purchased a Chinese Word Processor. As I needed to practice the system with typing large number of words, I unconsciously typed my thoughts into the computer. Those input of materials were later edited to become the two political letters attached to this website. Because before the comet arrival, in 1984, Deng Xiao Ping had already begun to open up the nation by constructing the town Shen Zhen adjacent to Hong Kong with unprecedented enthusiasm and determination, as well as with such speed and success. I used to watch and visit the exciting development practically every month. China, after two centuries of opium invasion, internal and external wars, as well as some 40 years of determined political consolidation and reformation after the 2nd World War, was ready to stretch her legs. Somehow my instinct told me to urge Deng Xiao Peng to quickly open up China by riding that stimulating Halley energy, fearing that otherwise it might turn rotten and explode into chaos without a collective purpose. (I also sent the same materials, translated, to Mr. Ghali at UN later in 1995 for UN’s 50th Anniversary, to reflect some thoughts on the 1st Iraqi War and the troubled situation in Gaza). To my surprise, I was able to see very positive reactions for my thoughts at the time... In short, any significant fluctuation or disturbance in solar emissions or in the energy field of the solar system, is likely to cause unusual excitations in social energies, which may be either good or bad, and in the case of China, it was good, because by that time, China, like all members of the Regenerating Universe, had indeed become the Regenerating China    

Now I am exposing the same basic reminder here, as well as a list of historical events that may have correlation to the past visits of Halley Comet. I am trying to relate to readers, especially the politicians, to watch out for any abnormal social excitations, because if I am right about the Halley effect, then we are still under the influence of the second wave of heightened energy. This 2nd wave reflects the 2nd Iraqi war and its consequences. Any mistakes made now, the consequences could be long term and significant, even after the period is over. However, my suspicion is that this period might end in about late November 2008 when Pluto enters Capricorn, because if the close visit of Halley Comet and its hugely expanded tail to the Sun had caused fluctuation in solar emissions, then such fluctuation has lasted almost 3 decades. Now Pluto’s sudden change of Constellation from hot Sagittarius to cold Capricorn might trigger off cooling in global temperatures as well as cooling off the excited human brains. This is my main hope in publishing these writings on the Web (Unfortunately I was badly deterred by a stroke and a heart attack, which took me many years of struggle to get back, but still barely enough to complete this cosmological theory.)

As to whether I am right or not, it can be confirmed or rejected by continued observation in the coming few years, as well as research on historic events in many countries relating to visits of Halley comet over the past 2400 years, some of which I have included in the list following this introduction, but only very roughly. I have also only listed very few events in world history and the Chinese history in this page. But if I am right about my suspicion that strong and sudden surge of cosmic energy could affect the human brain to make wrong or berserk political decisions, or to add to political unrest, strong national conflicts, international wars, even the urge to commit violent suicidal acts, then this is a valid subject for more studies, especially for this nuclear weapon age. And also if I am right, then such excitation on the brain could also stimulate great surge of both positive and negative social energy to give economic boom or downfall. It could even make advance in natural science, nuclear, electronic and space technologies, along with heightened interests in music and revelations in humanitarian understanding.  However, this is a very involved subject, because it involves the developing trends of nations as well as the prevailing conditions in the solar system at the time of Halley's arrival. What’s more, it requires also some knowledge of astrological, which studies how the energies in our solar system affect human life. Probably that’s why the influence of Halley’s visit is not yet a well established subject in modern science. So I can only ring the bell, but my own efforts are by far not enough. Please read the whole page, including the following paragraphs in red, in order to get a good grip. Whether I am right or wrong, Mother Nature will always have her last say, because in the coming year or two we will all be able to judge whether global temperatures have dropped and return to normal, or not.

[Note:- At this moment as I am punching the key board (9 PM Feb 1st 2008 and adding this passage) China is being hit with heavy snow storms, so severe and intense that has never been seen for at least 50 years. It had begun as soon as planet Pluto approached the Constellation of Capricorn from Sagittarius. The twelve Constellations are the zodiacal divisions, which are in fact the angular divisions of the force field symmetry in the solar system, which affect the changes of seasonal temperatures. On Dec 21st each year, the day of Winter Solstice, when the sun moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn most of the world enters the depth of winter season and temperatures begin to drop. This time planet Pluto does just that! In my view, the effect of Pluto changing zodiacal divisions or changing the angular divisions of the solar field symmetry is in fact beginning to cancel out the energy of global warming, which was brought on and touched off by the visit of Halley comet, whilst Pluto was transiting Scorpio and Sagittarius. Of course the said comet has been long gone, only the remaining part of disturbances to the solar system still lingers. I have been writing about the Halley effect since 1989, but have only treated it as a theoretical possibility with a high degree of anticipation. I have also predicted that Halley influence or global warming should diminish starting from the Winter season of 2008 and onwards. It now appears that my anticipations may be already beginning to manifest into reality. If my theory were working, then it would be further confirmed if and when global temperatures should continue to drop noticeably in the next Winter seasons of 2008 and 2009, which would write off Global Warming in the end... Then of course the anxieties regarding polar ice melting and disappearance of coastal lands will diminish as well! Let's hope that could be the case! Unfortunately, according to Astrology when Pluto moves into Capricorn, there will be an increase of earthquakes, especial in the first few years.] 

(Note:- According to Astrology, Capricorn is ruled by planet Saturn, and so when Pluto enters Capricorn it  would mean that the energies between Pluto and Saturn confront, and could cause changes in built up underground pressures, or earthquakes. Then during second half of Jan and early Feb this year, 2010, transiting Pluto was moving into 4th degree of Capricorn in “Squared” (at 90°) to transiting Saturn at 4th degree of Libra, which added more energy to the Pluto/Saturn confrontation.  So, as their energies confront at about 90°, great earthquakes occurred in Haiti and in Chili resulting in much greater damages, because it added extra strength to the already earthquake causing potential due to Pluto entering Capricorn.!…. Added April 7th 2010)  


 [This new note is added here on March 11th 2011 Friday HK 2:45:00 PM:- I am hearing News reports at this moment that northern Japan has just had a 8.8 magnitude Mega Earthquake and a major Tsunami is expected any moment. Judging from the number of earthquakes around the world over the last 2 years. I can’t help feeling the urge to add an alarm here. According to my own warning from astrology, a possibility exists that during the whole of next month, April, more earthquakes or other equally shocking or unexpected events might occur somewhere around the world. Since it’s better to have alarm than none, and alarms can do no harm, I am adding this alarm here. So please stay alert! I wouldn’t bother unless there is a reason, but don’t over do it and stay calm! Let’s hope that nothing would happens!!! I pray that astrology and I are both wrong too!] (In April 2011, Japan did experience 3 more aftershocks with 74.and 7.1 then 6.4 magnitudes. Also NATO started bombing Libya)


(If the above theory is correct, then since the early approach of the Comet (late 70s, or early 80s) the global temperatures had been steadily rising. Over the years, nearly 30 years now, more and more ground and sea waters would have been evaporated as cloud or gas, which would rise higher and higher into space. Now that the Global Warming is coming to end, the earth is entering a period of ecological change. We have two important scenarios to consider. Firstly, the massive amount of evaporation already risen high up in space is likely to take next one or two more years to condense under cooler temperatures and come down as very extra heavy rains or snows. Some parts of the world would experience unusual down pours, even great floods or record breaking snows. Secondly, as atmospheric temperatures vary considerably around the world, in areas that have not yet received sufficient rains or snows to cool down, the ground surfaces, having absorbed heat increasingly for nearly 3 decades, are still hot, or parched. These areas would continue to experience hot temperatures and drought as well as large scale hill fires, even wakening up those sleeping volcanoes, because although the globe begins to cool, but the heat already accumulated deep inside the grounds for so long must still rise up to the surface, therefore the ground surface and surface temperatures cannot yet normalize and become cool enough to retain normal moistures in the air. Given the fact that the ground is made of earth, sand and rocks, which are all bad and poor heat conductors, unless enough time is given to cool, or enough rains have arrived to drench and cool them, those parched areas might have to wait a year or two to cool down…. Let me repeat! If I am right that global warming has stopped, and now that winter season has arrived, the cooler winter temperatures would contact those massively accumulated evaporations high above and chill them to condense as rains or snows. Such precipitations could be particularly heavy and strong this year, and probably next year too. There could be unusually heavy and rough snow storms, and the coming rainy season early next Spring (2010) could be very damaging. People should be warned! 


The above indicates that before Global warning is completely renormalized, the earth is now experiencing a period of change. It means the amounts of water evaporation accumulated in upper atmosphere over decades of Global Warming are beginning to come down as rains and snows in some areas, yet other parts of earth surfaces are still hot and dry, because heat penetrated over decades deep into earth must still rise above ground to disperse. This situation appears to be what’s going on at present. At any rate, the first sign of Global warming stopping is the dropping of temperatures, especially the return of heavy winter snows! Therefore, if the approaching one or two Winters could bring again more rains and snows, then we should be pretty much assured that the end of Global Warming has happened, because the last two winters, 2007 and 2008, had been very cold and had already brought about heavy snows in China. This means that since this year, 2009, both great floods and snows are all experienced in various areas of the globe, if and when the next winters prove to be cold again, then we can expect that 3 decades of abnormalities of ecological condition, such as global warming, droughts and melting snows in North Pole, as well as near ground heavy mists could all end around 2010, or 2011… That would be the end of effects caused by Halley Comet’s influence. It shows also that Global Warming is not the results of human action, because human pollution of the air is still on the increase, especially during the last 2 to 3 very cold winters when more fussil fuels are used to make warmth… Note added on 2nd Nov 2009}


(What’s more, if this theory proves to be correct, then upper layer atmosphere is cooling down rapidly, and as the earlier evaporations are being turned into precipitations to cause flooding everywhere, it means those evaporations up there are also becoming less rapidly. Meanwhile, as the heat absorbed by earth in previous decades is rising up from below ground, it is met with seasonal solar emissions because the summer is approaching. It means the ground is hot and parched and turning into drought. It is also time to watch out for large scale hill fires! This situation is also making the earth atmosphere into two distinct layers, i.e., cold on top and hot below! Then as the earth rotates causing to two layers to mix, deadly tornadoes are formed, even columns of sea water rise into high up like tornadoes. The situation could easily last for one or two more years until the heat below ground rise to disperse completely. Precautions against more tornadoes should be initiated.


Abrupt change in natural environments, or abnormal variations in solar emissions can affect human and animal micro-brain waves, causing irritations or excitations, even abnormal behaviors. Educations of self control or self restrain limits abnormality, while promotion of random freedom increases it! Living under prolonged abnormal natural environmental pressures often results in mass excitations, over provocations, social problems, economic mistakes and turmoil, political unrest, wars and aggressions or prolonged hatred that cannot be readily halted with usual rationality. I have provided, in the following, a long list of Halley comet’s apparitions giving historic upheavals or unusually energized developments, which can even be positive, but rarely so! It all depends on political leadership at the time, and how the unusual Comet energies are channeled to work! What’s more, there is one other dangerous phenomenon, which should mentioned here as a precaution or warning to all. Prolonged disturbance from natural environments not only could bring about economical, social and political turmoil, and wars, and unforgettable hatreds, it is more than often accompanied by virus mutations and epidemics of deadly infectious diseases that can spread vast and fast! …. Note added June 4th 2011) 


[The following forecasts of new snow falls for the 2nd week of June 2011 are by courtesy and reports of the important website Note:- Expert website publishes every 7-day reports of snow conditions and forecasts of new snow falls for various ski resorts around the world. Please go to that website for comprehensive details and forecasts, because I can only quoted a few examples here.   


Austria:- Names of ski resort:-

                                       Amade  forecast for 10th Jun, expected snow fall  = 5cm

                                       Axamar Lizum forecast for 11th Jun snow fall = 4cm

                                       Bruck am Ziller forecast for 9th Jun snow fall = 8cm

                                       Kaprun forecast for 9th Jun snow fall = 9cm 

               Kühtai-Sellraintal forecast for 1oth Jun snow fall =14cm

               (I have quoted only 5 ski resorts out of over 40 places or resorts in Austria that still snows right now!)


                Molines en Queyras, forecast for 5th Jun snow fall = 5cm

                Montchavin-Les Coches forecast for 4th Jun snow fall = 8cm

                Morzine forecast for 9th Jun snow fall = 2cm

                Peyragudes forecast for10th Jun snow fall = 2cm

                Samoëns forecast for 9th Jun snowfall = 3cm

                (I have quoted 5 ski resorts out of about 60 resorts)


                 Aosta Valley, forecast for 4th Jun snow fall = 6cm

                 Arabba, forecast for 6th Jun, snowfall = 3cm.

                 Cortina d`Ampezzo, forecast for 10th Jun, snowfall = 9cm.

                 La Thuile, forecast for 9th Jun, sno fall = 3cm.

                 Madonna di Campiglio, forecast for 11th Jun, snow expected = 12cm.

                 (again I have quoted only 5 out of some 5 ski resorts in Italy)


                  Grindelwald, forecast for 9th Jun, snow fall = 19cm.

                  Grächen, forecast for 9th Jun, snow = 16cm.

                  (Due to limited space here, I have only quoted 2 ski resorts out of tens of Swiss ski resorts!)


                   Masella, forecast for10th Jun, snow = 4cm.

                   Alto Campoo,  forecast for8th Jun, snow = 4 cm. 


                   Lake Louise, forecast for 8th Jun, snow fall = 9cm.

                   Sunshine Village-Banff, forecast for 8th Jun, snow expected = 12cm.

                                            (Again I can only quote 2example ski resorts out of many tens of them)


                                           Big Sky, forecast for 7th Jun, snow fall = 10cm.

                   Copper Mountain, forecast for 7th Jun, snow = 3 cm.


(Note;- Ski resorts in Sweden, e.g. Riksgränsen and Vallåsen are still snowing, ski resorts in Andorra, e.g. Soldeu el Tarter and  Grandvalira are also snowing, even resorts in Chili, e.g. Portillo and Valle Nevado are also still snowing. In short, there are still a couple of hundreds of ski resorts around the world still snowing in the month of Jun 2011. I think these are sufficient evidences in support, even in confirmation of my theory that Global Warming is coming to end…. Still this is not yet the end! It would take one to two years to really end! (This note is added here on 5th June 2011, Hong Kong)]

Now, let’s take a closer look at what’s going on that makes the world turn around. The earth is driven to go around the Sun, all because of the gravitation of the Sun. But not just our earth, there are also those far bigger planets, i.e. Jupiter and Saturn, in fact, there are 9 planets and their satellites, which obey the pull of Sun’s energy to go around. Even Pluto, which is the smallest and most distant planet, is kept in orbit by the gravitation of Sun. In fact the entire mass and energy of the solar system are governed by Sun’s own energy. Imagine how powerful is the energy of Sun, compared with what the humans can do? And how sensitive can earthly environmental conditions change in reflection to Sun’s energy? The Sun is also the source of heat and temperatures in the solar system and on earth! It is capable of producing periodically ice ages, such as the Pleistocene Ice Age, and the Little Ice Age. I think it is too soon for mankind to assume responsibility for the Global Warming with roughly 2° C rise in temperature! We should bear in mind that the normal range of seasonal change on parts of earth varies from Plus 45° C to minus30° C, all because of relative positions between earth and Sun. So how easy it is for Sun to warm up the earth by say 2° C over a period of say 3 decades? Even in any same Summer day the difference of temperature could vary from +45° C in equator to lower than -20° C in the poles. 

Halley Comet’s orbit varies, and can come very near to the Sun. It depends on its distance and perturbations the large solar planets, such as Jupiter or Saturn. Because those planets move independently in the ecliptic, they could come pass sometimes farther, and other times nearer, to the Comet during its returning or the departing journeys, producing varying magnitudes of gravitational perturbations. These varying degrees of perturbation can affect the Comet orbits, hence also its perihelion, or its closest distance, to the Sun. Now imagine that the Halley Comet’s body is rather porous and can pick up or gravitate a lot of icy particles during its long journey through the cold space, because its Aphelion, the farthest distance from Sun, is over 35 AU, or more distant than Pluto. When the Comet comes so close to the Sun, its icy body and tail are heated by Sun to expand and become an enormous volume of gaseous mass, storming through the proximity of the Sun. Perhaps such voluminous gaseous storm even reaches so far as to touch the surface of Sun, or some of sun’s flares.. At least it would sweep over the space where normally the Sun’s emissions are getting out, say towards earth. So as far as the earth is concerned, those solar emission related things, such as solar winds, auroras, magnetic storms, plasma waves, and other fluctuations of solar radiations and solar activities, are temporarily disturbed, causing waves of fluctuations. Such disturbances can of course affect the ecological temperatures on earth, such as Global Warming, as well as the micro-electric functions in the living brain, and cause microscopic lives to mutate. So historically the arrival of Halley comet have often been viewed as bad omens by some cultures. If that was the reason, then the comet could even serve as a periodic driving force that kicks off not only minor climate or ecological change, but also positive advances in the evolution of living beings. Also, if it could be the unnoticed cause for some historic unrests and wars, then is there a chance for it to be strong and unnoticed enough to bring about future nuclear wars?

Some episodes of Halley Comet's apparitions and the corresponding events in history:-

I do not have enough detailed historical records at hand to examine globally what really happened during the various apparitions of Haley Comet. Besides, my knowledge and interest in history are really very limited. However, something did ring a bell in my mind soon after the arrival of Halley Comet in 1985/6. Because the arrival of the Comet in 1910 saw the fall of the last imperial dynasty in China (1910), and the First World War broke out not because of some serious or immediate threat of national security, but because of the assassination of one Archduke Francis Ferdinand. Then because of the First World War, the Second World War was followed, and as the war raged, an epidemic of Spanish Flu killed some 50 million people. In the recent arrival of the Comet in 1985/6, we saw the great change of political system in Russia, and the breakout of First Iraqi War, also not because of any great or immediate threat of national security. The First Iraqi War was then followed by a Second Iraqi War, and the pandemic of HIV/Aids also ravaged, which took also tens of million lives. Now there are also Bird Flu (H5N1) and Swine Flu (h1N1). These abnormal phenomena appeared to have come in two waves. So, are these occurrences pure coincidental or are they related to the Comet disturbance?     

There were other reasons that had caused me to suspect that some strange energy was turning people berserk. A few events occurring within months of Halley’s visit, which were particularly abnormal and totally illogical! For instance, a group of educated and intelligent university students suddenly became strongly flared up and militant. They forcibly took over the parliamentary square at Tien An Men for 58 days, refusing to calm down, even when their Premier broke into tears in front of them. Then as they blocked off the National Congress building and all congressional activities, they demanded on-spot and immediate change to the political system of their government, the largest on earth. Why also Saddam Hussein acted in such a suicidal way, until he was caught and put to death? And lastly, what was going on in Joseph Frizle’s head to make him imprison his own daughter and raped her for 24 years? Was it because these 3 very cases occurred right on the maximum impact at the arrival of the Comet?   

Around the days of Halley’s closing approach and arrival in the 80s, the world, in particular the Middle East, was in a huge mess of political confrontations without any clear solutions in sight. Many kids died in Gaza, by throwing stones at soldiers carrying machine guns. Soviet Union had just broken up. Russia was facing a rather uncertain and unpredictable future, while many nations were undergoing big economic recessions. A heated negotiation was approaching peak for the change of Hong Kong's sovereignty. Around the earth, abnormal weathers, earthquakes, volcanoes, typhoons were more often than usual. Floods in Bangladesh took 110,000 lives. Gay communities were rising in force. HIV/AIDS virus was about to become a major threat then (fully confirmed in 1985-1986, also right on the arrival of Halley comet, although some cases were discovered a few years earlier). Droughts and mass starvation continued tragically in Africa. There had been huge earthquakes in Indonesia. These were also the days when waves of news were reported that whales and dolphins were committing mass suicide. These abnormal phenomena had already alarmed me to write my letters to Deng Xiao Peng, which I now categorize as the first wave of Halley influence. The peak occurred during first Gulf War (Iraqi War). It was soon followed by the reports that elephants were attacking and killing hundreds of humans every year in a phenomenon, called “Elephant Rage”. Even the leopards in India and also the mountain lions of America were also affected because dozens of humans have been killed and eaten by them in those years.

The second wave of Halley comet's influence seemed to have started on Sept 11th 2001, when a group of most primitive mountain fighters attacked the most advanced nation using most unprecedented suicidal plan (a squadron of high-jacked civilian planes) early in the morning and was able to summon a second plane within minutes to finish off the World Trade Center (why so important to bring down a damaged building?). This was followed by the sudden invasions of Afghanistan and the Second Gulf War in Iraq, as well as the upsurge of unending numbers of suicidal bombers. There has been also a surge of politics to spread Western democracy around the world. And in terms of weathers, the tsunami of Asia, the Katrina storm in the US and the recent earthquake of Indonesia and China are abnormal enough. In the field of micro-organic life, the recent years Southern America has witnessed complete immunity of some viruses to any kind of anti-biotic drugs previously known, and there has been hundreds of death so far caused by Bird Flu virus (H5N1), and even more recently by the Swine Flu (H1N1). If under the abnormal fluctuation of cosmic radiation the human male can change sexual habit to mate with his fellow men, then why can’t those still imperfect or lesser developed beings, such as viruses, and so to produce mutated species? Perhaps that’s just a part of nature’s process of evolution. Perhaps that’s why there are so many species.

An equally unprecedented phenomenon occurs in recent years when large and intelligent elephants in India are attacking humans and killing hundreds every year. Mountain lions in the States also attacked and devoured human beings. On 20th Dec 2005 in Puponga Beach, New Zealand at Farewell Spit, about 125 pilot whales attempted suicide again. It was at the same spot that some 300 whales committed suicide 15 years ago. In another incidence, on Oct 26th 2005 some 130 pilot whales were found dead near the island of Tasmania, Australia, where also four sperm whales were found to be stranded, one already died on 13th Dec 2005. In May to June 2006 abnormally persistent rains flooded southern China and Taiwan, and took an unusual toll of lives. If the theory is working then the weathers this winter could be also pretty tough. We are not out of the woods yet...  

Motivated by curiosity, this writer set about in the late 80s to check the most recent few occurrences of Halley's visit and found that apparently Halley's comet did appear to bring about some strange phenomena and events in the time line. It appears that the solar system is very finely balanced, and the Comet’s entry into the solar system as well as its near approach to the Sun already causes some influence on the Sun’s emission. This influence grows steadily and increasingly until the icy material in the comet body and tail is heated and hugely expanded in volume, which reaches maximum when the Comet perihelion becomes nearest to the Sun. A second wave of fluctuation in solar emission is followed when that heated and hugely expanded comet volume suddenly leaves the solar proximity. As the Comet’s orbit varies in each approach, in some episodes such expanded volume might even sweep pass the solar environment like a huge storm and even near enough to touch the solar surface. This second wave seems to have a bigger effect and lasts longer. All together, the influences brought by Halley’s return could last 30 to 40 years. Because the Comet orbit varies quite bit, from 75 to 79 years, it makes the detection of its influence difficult, but one thing could be sure, small fluctuation in solar emission can affect the functions of micro-electric in the brain as well as a slight rise in environmental temperatures.

Historically, often warnings and fear had been given about the comet's visit, but few serious scientists had taken them seriously. There are five main reasons. Firstly, no clear explanations for the fear had ever been given. Secondly, many warnings were given by psychics, like Nostradamus, or by other superstitious speculations. Thirdly, Halley Comet’s orbits vary somewhat from cycle to cycle, depending on its distance from the large solar planets, such as Jupiter or Saturn, and the perturbations produced. Fourthly, the Halley comet's visits, or rather the fluctuations of solar emission, produce both positive and negative effects and consequences, which confuse the issue. Fifthly, a great deal depends on the trend or direction of development of a society at the time of comet visit, which may or may not produce large social change to be easily detected. However, the recent two waves of Halley effect since its last apparition seem to correlate with the two waves of the 1st and 2nd World Wars as well as the epidemics of Flu. I have given in the following 21 episodes of Halley's visits, out of which 4 of them did bring about pandemics of Bubonic Plaque, strange Sweating disease, Spanish Flu, HIV/Aids, the Bird Flu and now the Swine Flu,    . .. 

The following dates (in the beginning of each numeric item) display the month and year of Halley comet's apparitions. They are followed by the stories of historic events correlated with that comet's reappearance... Only events of notable historical importance and of very unusual nature are listed. The events seem to depict that as the Comet entered the solar ecliptic, a few years before perihelion (closest to Sun), it began to affect human brains across the entire society, causing the start of a period of major excitation for positive advance or a general unrest and social upheaval, which would be followed by major change in history. The whole episode would then take some 3 and half decades to normalize. The list includes mainly examples occurred in China and some well-known events in world history for the time being. I am also strongly limited in my capacity to read and write, which can only be done in Chinese and English. But cosmic energies do affect all people and all parts of the globe, so there are all sorts of information and stories I cannot include here, which either I might have to add later on, or readers would have to continue with their own search. However, I do strongly believe that it’s most likely worthwhile to do that!

1), 240 BC :- This is the earliest historic record of Halley comet's appearance in the world. It was clearly written in Chinese Chronicle “The Records of Grand Historian, Shiji” , by She Ma Chin, which describes that on 25th May 240 BC a comet appeared on the east and moved north. This episode of Halley Comet’s apparition marks a junction of probably the greatest and most important change in Chinese history. From the early approach of the Comet, say around 245 BC, till its 221 BC, during these roughly 25 years Emperor Qin Chi Huang, whose name means the “Very First Emperor”, conquered all the fighting Chinese fiefdoms, or states, and reunited China into one nation again. Prior to this era, the Chinese nation, under Chou dynasty, had been split into large numbers of states, fighting each other for already over 180 years in that famous period, called “The Warring States”. By the time of Halley Comet’s apparition in 240 BC there were only 7 states left, and Qin Chi Huang   destroyed all other 6 of them, and China remains unified ever since. The Emperor then proceeded to unify the written language, the systems of weights and measurements, as well as to patch and link up the construction of 4500 miles of Great Walls in Northern China. All these massive efforts and achievements were carried out altogether in some 3 to 4 decades. That’s why it strikes me that the Comet’s visit could have imparted some energies to those events. This was the emperor whose tomb was recently unearthed which contains some 8000 man sized terracotta soldiers and horses. It has been said that this emperor’s body had been preserved in mercury fruit. Perhaps a great deal of written historical records had been preserved in some chambers of this tomb too! 

In Rome, this was the period of Roman Republic. From 5th century BC to 3rd century BC there were many internal wars in different parts of the Italian Peninsula, such as the Veii wars, the Samnium Wars, the United Latin wars etc., but in about 270 BC the Italian Peninsula was also finally unified as a whole. From this point on, a foundation was established for the subsequent Roman Empire to conquer the Mediterranean and eventually built an empire that covered parts of Europe, Asia and Africa.... Both in the East and the West this episode of Halley visit seems to mark a huge turning point in human history.   

2), 164 BC:  By the time of this Halley comet apparition, China, as a nation previously split into numerous States, and having passed through 182 years of mutual wars in the period called, Warring States (403 BC – 221 BC), only to experience even greater sacrifices and hardship during her final unification in 221 BC by above mentioned Emperor Qin-Chi-Huang, because the process of unifying different written languages, cultures and individual political system was an extremely hard task. So common Chinese people had had enough and rose in revolt to put down Qin’s Dynasty in 206 BC. The new dynasty was the Han Dynasty under its 1st Emperor Han-Gao-Jo (Liu-Bun), who ruled between 202 BC to 195 BC. Then passed the rule to his son, Han-Wen-Di  , who ruled until 157 BC. This apparition of Halley Comet fell in the period of his rule. This means that by 164 BC China had already experienced some 30 years of peace and relaxation under new Emperor. She was ready to develop and grow! And history shows that Halley Comet’s arrival did help tremendously, as Chinese life and culture boomed for almost 200 years thereafter.

Before I go any further, I would like to mention that I am providing in the followings some historical conditions or significant changes at the time of Halley Comet’s apparitions, but only for China, and some important occurrences in Europe. I hope readers from other parts will continue with their own research for historic events in their own areas.

3), 87 BC:  The apparition was recorded in Babylonian tablets, which state that the comet was seen "day beyond day" for a month.

This appearance may be recalled in the representation of Tigranes the Great, an Armenian king who is depicted on coins with a crown that features, according to V.G. Gurzadyan and R. Vardanyan, "a star with a curved tail [that] may represent the passage of Halley's comet in 87 BC." Gurzadyan and Vardanyan argue that "Tigranes could have seen Halley's comet when it passed closest to the Sun on Aug. 6 in 87 BC" as the comet would have been a "most recordable event"; for ancient Armenians it could have heralded the New Era of the brilliant King of Kings.

4), 12 BC:  This was rather interesting apparition of Halley comet for China. China, at this time under the historically regarded “Western Han dynasty” since 206 BC, and having experienced nearly 200 years of good life, was again ready for change and upheaval. The Empire, having repeatedly installed by chance a couple of extremely young emperors, one as young as only one year old, the imperial power had already fallen into the hands of the Empress and her relatives. In 16 AD (as in many apparitions, few years before the perihelion of the Comet) an imperial relative, one extremely devious and unscrupulous nephew of the Empress, name Wang Mong , was given a Dukedom, he began to manipulate the imperial family and authority. By 8 BC he became the Chief of Military Command, and by 3 AD he made himself the father-in-law of Emperor Han Ping-Di  . But that wasn’t enough to satisfy his lust and ambitions, so he poisoned and killed his own son-in-law in 5 AD. He then went on to install a 2 years old new emperor in order to grab full control. As a result he practically owned the empire. Finally, in 8 AD, he declared himself Emperor of China, and changed the name of the empire to “New Mong Empire”. However, some family members of the earlier emperors rose in revolt. So great civil wars ensued, and Chinese people suffered greatly. Finally Wang Mong was killed in 23 AD, and the Han Dynasty was restored, in the name historically known as the “Eastern Han” Dynasty. This upheaval, beginning from the Comet apparition in 12 BC till restoration of “Han” in 23 AD, took altogether 35 years, which appears to be the normal range of Halley Comet’s influence.        

5), 66 AD  Halley Comet reappeared in Jan of 66 AD. In 54 AD Roman Emperor Claudius was poisoned by his ambitious wife Agrippina and his step son Nero, aided by his mother Agrippina, ascended as Emperor at the age of 17. However, in AD 59 Nero had Agrippina killed. In AD 62 also had his wife Octavia killed. Nero them married Poppaea but 3 years later (right of the Comet perihelion) Popaea was also killed and Nero married Statillia Massalina. Meanwhile, in 64 AD great fire ravaged Rome. It was said that Nero set the fire to it himself in order to rebuild Rome in his own taste. In the end all his aids and friends abandoned him, Nero was obliged to flee Rome. In AD 69, Nero was caught and committed suicide. During these years Christianity began to take root in Roman Empire. 

Then between 70 and 72 AD, Flavian emperor Vespasian in Rome began to build the Colosseum, originally called Flavian Amphitheatre. Emperor Dominianus completed the structure in 82 AD, but he was later killed. I have included this episode of Halley visit because the thought of enjoying killing between men and men as well as between animal and men, as a public entertainment, would be regarded as “unnatural” even for human civilization 2000 years ago. Such wave of unnatural human behavior occurring publicly and simultaneously is probably due to unusual stimulation or excitation of strange cosmic energy to the brain. More examples, both good and bad, are in the following  

It should also be noted that during the 1st century, Jewish astronomers had recorded a passage in the Talmud, which refers to “a star which appears once in seventy years that makes the captains of the ships err”. Obviously, the passage refers to Halley Comet because no other star appears roughly once every 70 years. To my mind, this passage also accurately confirms the suspicion that Halley Comet’s influence can affect human brain functions, and make ship captains err and cause accidents! Such an abnormal phenomenon is pretty obvious and: pretty strong.   

6), 141 AD:  In China, this apparition of Halley Comet marks the decline of Eastern Han Dynasty. Emperor Han-Sun-Di died in 144 AD. Imperial authority fell again badly into the hands his Empress Leung. She installed 3 Emperors, one after another, within the next 2 years. The third one was Han-Hen-Di ,  who ascended the throne in 146 AD. Hen-Di was chosen because he was weak. At first, Empress Leung ran the empire, then her relative Leung-Jit became the boss. In 159 AD, palace official got together and killed Leung-Jit. The power then fell into the hands of palace officials. The situation deteriorated further. In 166 AD, a big group of officials presented written accusations against those palace officials to Hen-Di. But it turned out that Hen-Di had them imprisoned and killed, altogether there were 200 of them. The reason was that they had formed dangerous secret clans. So, Eastern Han continued to decline hopelessly until 220 AD, when it was put to end

7), 218 AD: This apparition of Halley Comet occurred in May of 218 AD. By this time, the previously referred “Eastern Han” Empire in China had already fallen into years of unrest. The reason was again too many child emperors and powerful palace officials, which caused the weakening of imperial authority and therefore no end of chaos in the government. Thus influential imperial relatives, corrupt and powerful palatial servants and officials, as well as government officials struggled violently in a mess to plunge the Empire into general turmoil and poverty. Also in that general chaos, a great wave of superstitious movement started in 184 AD to sweep across the land under its leader Tsan-Jiao , who proclaimed to be the Super Master of Wisdom. In a period of just about 2 decade, Tsan-Jiao’s disciples and followers grew into a force of hundreds of thousands, and began to attack and rub cities and towns. As they wore a yellow scarf, they were called the “Yellow Scarf Rubbers”.

In that great chaos, the military entered the capital city in 189 AD, under the strongman, called Dong-Chuk. This strongman then proceeded to lord over the Empire by first dethroning the existing Emperor Shiao-di and installing the child Emperor, Shien-Di. He also killed the Empress and started to act and rule at will. However, eventually other official plotted together in secret, and managed to assassinate him. Unfortunately, after Dong-Chuk, the imperial power soon felled into the hands of the next powerful man, named Chau-Chaou . Chau-Chaou was a much smarter man, but even more devious. Chau-Chaou practically imprisoned Emperor Shien-Di in the capital Shue-Chang and used him for 20 years as a puppet. Finally, two years after the Halley Comet’s apparition in 218 AD, Chau-Chaou’s son Chau-Pih  finished off Eastern Han Empire by proclaiming himself Emperor. Thus, Eastern Han was ended in 220 AD, practically still at the top of the Comet’s perihelion, and the Dynasty of Wee  (The first of the “Three Kingdoms”) had just begun. In history, the last 100 years of Eastern Han denotes a period of great poverty and extreme lawlessness.             

8), 295 AD:-  After almost a century of anarchy or semi-anarchy Roman Empire was restored by emperor Diocletian who claimed the crown of emperor in 296 AD. Diocletian was in fact an officer in the army, supported by his fellow officers and troops. Together they initiated a new system of two emperors and two deputy emperors in the East and West of the empire with Diocletian as the leader. During the period of anarchy foreign religion Christianity spread into the empire from the East. Soon after Diocletian's rise to power, a great persecution of Christians was prompted, reaching a peak towards 298 AD (3 years after Halley’s perihelion) . During this period eastern co-Emperor Constantius was urged to divorce his Jewish wife, Helena, and married the daughter of Maximian, the deputy emperor of Diocletian. The Christian persecution spread out through the empire with extreme cruelty and violence. However, it did not annihilate Christianity. In fact, it had only inflamed waves of Christian martyrs to blaze forth instead.

The reason was due to the following. Prior to this, eastern co-Emperor Constantius invaded England and defeated English forces to became a powerful man. But he died in England, leaving the power to his son Constantine. Constantine was young and strong. He returned to stop the persecutions of Jews. By 305 AD Diocletian was forced to abdicate, along with his deputy emperor Maximian. But Maximian restored briefly his title in order to install his own son Maxentius as a deputy emperor in the West. This developed into series of tragedies, killings and wars between the families of Maximian and Constantine because of his mother Helena’s earlier divorce. Constantine, who had won the family war, proceeded not only to end the persecution of Christians, but also to replace Paganism (sun worshipping) with Christianity and was hailed in history as Constantine, The Great.  But at the time, and for many centuries earlier, everywhere in Europe was preoccupied by Pagan belief, the change was not smooth as it brought many long centuries Dark Age. Therefore this apparition of Halley Comet marked the very beginning of important cross-over from Pagan worship to Christian worship.    

9), 374 AD :-  In 380 AD Rome Emperor Gratian in Rome and Emperor Theodosius in Constantinople jointly declared Christianity as the official religion of Rome Empire. In 382 AD Pope Damasus had already officially pronounced the Supremacy of Rome. Damasus was also the first Pope to declare Rome as the Apostolic See, to denote it as that established by the Apostle St. Peter, the founder of the Christian church. Pope Damasus then began to suppress heresy and established centuries of supreme authority of the church in Europe that would result in the medieval Dark Age.... Meanwhile, Dec 25th was a long existing date of Pagan festival. However, in Rome this day was chosen by emperor Aurelian in AD 374 as the birthday of the unconquered sun, which at the Winter Solstice would begin to show an increase of light. Then in the Eastern Roman Empire capital Constantinople, Pope Gregory of Naziansus delivered in year 380 AD in his 38th oration on the festival of Theophany that Jesus appeared to men and was born in the flesh. He also did it in 381 AD in his 39th oration, on Epiphany, the festival of lights, commemorating the baptism of Jesus, the True Light. And in time, Dec 25th was celebrated as the Feast of the Nativity, commemorating the birth of Jesus, although both in history and in Bible there was no record of Jesus' birthday (or provable family history, unlike Buddha who was a Prince in Indian history, and Mohammed who had a large family tree. Two of Mohammed relatives traveled to China, died there, and were in fact buried in Chuangzhou). Thus, the supreme authority of Catholic church was begun during this episode of Halley visit. Halley comet has a habit of arriving at the most potent junctions of human history.       

10), 451 AD:- Directly in year 451 AD, the Goths invaded and broke into Rome. The Roman Empire's capital was moved to Ravenna. In March 455 AD Emperor Valentiniannus III was killed. In 476 AD leader of mercenaries Odoaker abolished the last Roman Emperor, Romulus Augustus, which spelled the end of Roman Empire. From here on, Europe fell into roughly 700 years of Dark Ages (5th century to roughly the 13th century AD). This was also the period Roman Catholic Church (The Medieval Christendom) ruled supreme in Europe, and traditions of arts as well as urban life practically ceased to function when heretics were burnt alive and earlier social orders disintegrated. Roman civilization, hence European civilization, collapsed during all those centuries until the arrival of Renaissance. The year AD 451 was therefore also a great turning point in history.      

11), 530 AD:- This episodes of Halley comet's visit fall within the European Dark Ages. I have so far rather neglected the events in Europe, not only because the historic records of this era have been mostly obscured by the ruling authorities of the church, but also they are not nice and boring. 

12), 607 AD:-  Three years before Comet apparition, 604 AD (again a few years before arrival of the Comet), Chinese emperor Sui Yang-Di    killed his own father Sui Wen-Di and made himself Emperor for the Sui Dynasty . This was a very cruel and lavish emperor, who built palaces and repaired the Great Wall, but he also finished the digging of great canals, linking Yang Tzi River to Yellow River, which was started by his father. His lavish needs imposed huge burden on people and brought unrest. In 616 AD Sui Yang-Di was killed in revolt. His death marked the end of a long period of repeated changes of family rules, or 16 dynasties in China, which had already lasted some 400 years. This apparition also marked a great change for the better in 618 AD, when the family of Lee entered the scene to establish the Tang Dynasty, which lasted 301 years.               

Between this Comet apparition and the next in 684 AD, China underwent a very important period in her history, a period of great development and advance under the dynasty of Tang . 8 years before the arrival of Halley (599 AD), an important Emperor was born He was Lee Se-Min , the 2nd Emperor of Tang Dynasty, Tang-Tai-Jhong . Tai-Jhong, even in his youthful teens already had battled and assisted his father to become the first Emperor of Tang Dynasty, Tang Gao-Juh in 618 AD. He inherited the throne in 626 AD. During his 23 years of rule, called the period of Jing-Guan, he used many wise and able men as his aids, and accepted their advices. He then proceeded to build a strong and prosperous empire. He began to open up the famous Silk Road, and build the foundation for the greater peak of prosperity that was to follow (See next apparition).

At the same time, also a famous monk, Chen Shien Zhuang  , popularly known as San Zhuan    was born in AD 600 (about 7 years before Halley's visit). San Zhuan was sent by the Emperor to India to study and bring back Buddhism. When he came back from India with all the Sutras to Chang-An, then the capital of China, the fist Buddhist temple was built to accommodate the monk and the books. From this point on Buddhist religion was officially and firmly established in China, although it had already entered China before Tang dynasty. 

Meanwhile, in the Middle East (Mecca) also around 610 AD (soon after Halley comet apparition) Mohammad, founder of Islam religion, had a vision. He saw a majestic figure, later said to be the Angel Gabriel, who told him "You are the Messenger of God". So, from this point on Mohammad started to build the religion of Islam. This could have been the same period when the famous culture of Moche in Peru had fallen due to more than half a century of great rains followed by drought. 

13), 684 AD :-  In China, practically right on the comet perihelion Empress Wu Jer Tien    in 683 AD took over the imperial power to rule her husband's empire, the Tang dynasty. Unfortunately in 690 AD (6 years after Halley) she declared the end of Tang dynasty and proclaimed her own Zhou (Wu) Dynasty, which was put down 15 years later in 705 AD, when Tang dynasty was restored. This apparition marks a very unusual occurrence, the only rule by a female, or Empress in Chinese history, although the period was very short. Besides, Tang dynasty was fated to recover its earlier achievements, as the brief interruption by the lady did not stop the trend of progress in Tang Dynasty’s strength and economy… For this apparition Chinese records reported Halley Comet as the "broom star". The apparition was also recorded in Europe in one of the sources used by the compiler of the 1493 Nuremberg Chronicles.

Meanwhile, almost directly on the arrival of Halley Comet (685 AD) the best known emperor of Tang Dynasty was born. He was Lee Ron-Ji, who grew up to become Emperor Tang Shien-Jhong . Shien-Jhong continued to expand the foundation of prosperity built by Tang Tai-Jhong , and brought Tang dynasty’s powers and economy to its peak. In his ruling epoch, named “Kai-Yuan” (713-741 AD) he made the trade of silks and china wares through the Silk Road to be a world business and reached as far as the Roman Empire. Unfortunately it didn’t last for him. In his late years he fell head and toe in love for a young imperial concubine, and ruin his own rule, which was followed by great chaos and revolt, as well as unrecoverable decline of the empire.

14), 760 AD:- In Europe, 756 AD King Pepin III of Charlemagne Empire invaded and acquired the land of Lombardi, which he then offered to Pope Stephen II as a present. This marked the beginning of territorial rule by a religion, the Catholic Church. The church then became a sovereign power and ruled with its own army and navy. The possession of large domain of land and the political rule by a church are both unusual and purely materialistic for a religion.

In China, 755 AD was the year a famous revolt, known as the “An-Shi Turmoil”, broke out in the Chinese late Tang Dynasty. There were 2 major reasons. The 1st was that economical prosperity had created a powerful class of land lords, followed by corruptions and power snatching. The 2nd reason was Emperor’s own moral bankruptcy due to his abnormal sexual fascination for his young and beautiful imperial concubine, Yang-Gui-Fei  as well as his rotten and blind trust for her family, which had become a great powerful pest. When an Emperor became uncontrollable, the whole system followed suit. Although the revolt did kill the concubine and crushed her family, as in the end it had also forced the Emperor to abdicate! But the Empire never recovered. It appears that Halley Comet’s indirect influence not only can make ship-captains err, but also the mind of a perfectly able Emperor to go berserk! At any rate, prior to Tang dynasty, China had been through centuries of change, chaos and poverty, so she was hungry for a period of economical boom in the dynasty of Tang… and Halley Comet provided the chance and energy! 

15-19), The following episodes of Halley comet's visit, i.e. 837 AD;  912 AD; 989 AD;1066 AD and 1145 AD, fall also under the period of European Dark Ages. During these centuries European history became dark and blurred. I have therefore neglected them. The Halley influences, if any, could only be negative, except in China. In this period China was at her peak of her cultural achievements under the Sung dynasty. Arts and literatures of this period are considered to be at all time height in Chinese history... Because it was mainly a rather evenly cultural period, I will not elaborate to save some space.   

18), 1066 AD:-  In Spring of 1066 AD Halley Comet arrived. On Oct 14th 1066 AD King Horald II, the last of Anglo Saxon Kings, was killed in the battle of Hastings by Norman invaders, King William the Conqueror, thus ending the Anglo Saxon rule in English history.... 

21), 1222 AD:-  Mongolian Ghengis Khan  organized the first military campaign westwards. The years of 1220 and 1221 saw the razing of Bukhara, Samaekand, Herat, Tus, Nshipur and the slaughter of whole population. Ghenghis Khan conquered Iran, Iraq, Persia and part of Russia, and in all 4 military campaigns during the next one cycle of Halley comet's visit (76 years) the Mongolians went as far as the European river Danau or Danube (now Austria). Multiple millions were killed under the Mongolian arrows. Later Europe was spared because Kublai Khan  and his sons turned their interests towards that highly cultural China, where they finally settled down, and forgot even their own home... Kublai Khan, who became emperor of China withdrew from Middle East and Europe completely, and established Chinese Yuan Dynasty. Kublai Khan was born in 1215 and died in 1294 between 2 episodes of Halley visits. The Mongolian invasion of Middle East, Russia and Europe had wakened up the dormant European Dark Ages and brought many new things and knowledge to the West  

22), 1301 AD:-  Marco Polo returned to Venice from China in 1295. He brought things and ideas from China. Gun powder was passed from China to the Arabs in 1304 from where it reached Europe.  In AD 1309 the Roman Catholic Church moved to Avignon in France. In Rome the authority fell into the hands of Colonna family. .   

23), 1378 AD:- In 1377 AD Roman Catholic Church moved back to Rome. The desertion of Popes from their papal seat from Rome to France marked one whole cycle of Halley comet's orbit. i.e. about 76 years. During this period the prestige of Papacy had fallen so low that it was possible for mercenaries in French to pay under French leadership to harass and humiliate the Pope with impunity. Pope Boniface VIII was arrested in his own family palace, an incident later referred to as "Babylonian Captivity".  

In China, 1378 AD was the year the Yuan Dynasty was put down, after only 88 years under Mongolian rule. The revolt was led by a commoner Chinese folk, Jhu Yuan Zang  . So, directly on the apparition of Halley Comet in 1378 AD the Ming Dynasty  was established. Ming Dynasty under the family of Jhu took over the rule of all the territories conquered and expanded by the Mongolians, including Tibet and Mongolia itself.  

24), 1456 AD:- Leonardo Da Vinci was born in 1452 and Michelangelo was born in 1475. These twin apexes of artistic civilization seems to answer for the 1st and 2nd wave of Halley comet's influences at the height of European Renaissance. Christopher Columbus was born in 1457. In 1450, the first repeatable Printing Press was made in Europe by Johannes Gutenberg of Germany. This episode of Halley arrival seems to have unusually benefited European Renaissance. From here on European military might and civilization boomed. 

25), 1531 AD:- In 1528/9, a pandemic of unknown "sweating" disease swept through Europe. It started in England, spread to Hamburg, Scandinavia, then onto Lithuania, Poland, Russia as well as Netherlands. The pandemic was very severe with very high mortality rate. A second wave of Sweating disease occurred in 1551. It was fully recorded and described by Physician John Caius, who was practicing in Shrewsbury in 1551 when an epidemic recurred. The illness began with headache, giddiness, and severe prostration, and after one to three hours violent drenching sweat came on, followed by severe headache, delirium and rapid pulse, death occurred 3 to 18 hours later. Obviously this is the work of some unknown virus, which had mutated at Halley Comet’s near perihelion.   .      

In 1532 the Inca Empire was conquered by the Spaniard Francisco Pisarro with less than 200 soldiers. Nicholas Copernicus published his important "Six Books Concerning the Revolution of Heavenly Orbs" in 1543, the year of his death. But he wrote those books a few years earlier, because he dared not publish them until he was lying in his death bed. His work marked the beginning of modern science and belief (a huge turning point in history).

26), 1607 AD :- Between 1604 and 1613 AD Russia plunged into 2 periods of major confusion. In 1604 Poland supported Otrepiev who pretended to be a Russian Prince and invaded Russia. In 1605, Otrepiev proclaimed himself as Emperor of Russia. The next year those Polish forces were driven out. Then came Bolotnilov peasant revolt and again invasion by Poland and Sweden. Later, Moscow was recovered by forces of Russian volunteers, who then promoted Mikhail in 1613 as the Emperor of Russia (Another highly abnormal political occurrence).    

In 1609 Johannes Kepler published his "New Astronomy" showing the first true picture of the solar system. In the same year1609, Galileo built the first telescope. Both historic events opened the door for modern science and the view of universe. Prior to the use of telescope, Sun was the one and only almighty God of the universe, hence the worship of all sun related religions, such as Paganism and all its derivatives. Now, Sun is but a tiny member of our Milky Way galaxy, and even more insignificant in the infinite universe.  All Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo's works were carried out under the duress of the church, and were all under unnatural circumstances.

27), 1682 AD:- In 1656 Edmond Halley was born. In 1666 London experienced a horrific outbreak of bubonic plaque that killed one person in every five. On Nov 1682 morning 6.30 AM Edmond Halley observed the Halley Comet. 

In 1687 AD Issac Newton published "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy", which is one of the most important single works in the history of modern science. I have no need to introduce further details here. The brain activities of great men, such as Leonardo Da Vince, Michelangelo, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton and the like, who are already gifted, could have been boosted and enhanced by the Halley effect to well above the ordinary human capacities, and made them great geniuses among humans. This period was in the Renaissance, the favorably rising social environments were ready for the comet's extra assistance, just as during Dark Ages, the negatively ebbing social conditions added by the extra cosmic fluctuations could only result in prolonged and aggravated detriments.     

28), 1759 AD:- Halley Comet return for the first time as predicted by Edmond Halley. 

The apparition of Halley Comet in 1759 and the next one in 1835 marked the start of great change that has made the world what it is today, especially for America. So I will spend a few words on it. During the 1850s Britain was heavily engaged in the so called "Great War for the Empire" against France, helped Spain, in North America. 

In 1759, right on the closest perihelion of the Comet, the British forces under James Wolfe captured Quebec from the French army led by the Marquis de Montcalm. This was the turning point of history. By the fall of 1760 the British had taken Montreal, and England possessed practical control of all of North American continent. The conclusion of wars and contest for control of North America had been settled in the Treaty of Paris of 1763. However, Britain's victory over France had been won at very great cost. British government expenditures, which had amounted to nearly £6,500,000 annually before the war, rose to about £14,500,000 annually during the war. By 1763 the British national debt stood at £114 millions. As a result, the burden of taxation in England was probably the highest in the country's history, much of it borne by the politically influential landed classes. Furthermore, with the acquisition of the vast domain of Canada and the prospect of holding British territories both against the various nations of Indians and against the Spaniards to the south and west, the costs of colonial defense could be expected to continue indefinitely. 

So the British government began to seek increased resources from the colonies. This was the background to George Grenville's decision, in 1765, to pass the Stamp Act. It was, amongst other demands, a measure designed to raise revenue in the American colonies by putting a tax on all legal and commercial papers. But it stirred up intense resentment and the Americans boycotted British goods. Then in 1767, British government again levied duties on some imports into the colonies, including a duty on tea, and linked this proposal with plans to remodel colonial government. These measures exacerbated American discontent. As a result, the British colony in America declared independence in 1776 with some help from the French. These series of events also led to the French Revolutions in 1789 and 1830, which then linked to the next Comet apparition in 1835. The French revolution practically eliminated aristocracies and nobilities clean in France, and the overwhelming emotion of people’s rule added great passion and glorifications to the American voice and proclamation of people’s freedom and equality ever since, although segregation continued for almost 2 more centuries.

In about 1759 Robert Clive of East India Company won the Battle of Plassey and became the Master and Governor of Bengal, India. In 1765 (6 years after Halley) he reorganized his colony. The power of East India Company was later effectively taken over by the British government from 1773 onwards (also a 2nd wave effect 14 years after Halley), which marks the beginning and turning point of the British Empire as the territorial dominion in India. It was unusual that a trading company would have its own army, navy as well as a colony and was then succeeded by a government.  

Child musical genius Mozart was born in 1756, and Beethovan was born in 1770, probably both geniuses could have been stimulated or enhanced by the extra charge of energy during Halley visit. An unusual charge of cosmic energy could affect the human fetus, or the egg, while still in the mother’s womb, or while the microscopic sperm is developing in the father’s body. The strong charge of energy might have also caused Beethovan to go deaf. The fact that Beethovan was deaf and yet could still compose heavenly melodies, which are almost inhuman and still unsurpassable today, was probably due to the extra charge of energies from the solar emissions, because somehow this visit and the next visit of the comet appear to have brought about unparalleled musical miracles that have become well beyond normal comprehension....         

29), 1835 AD :- At the very beginning of 19th century the English started to introduce opium into China through the East India Co. It was said to stop pains. So for the next 3 to 4 decades everybody in China, from government officials to the peasants, was stopping pains. Special reclining furniture’s were designed for smokers. Soon everybody was in reclining positions and everything they had owned went up in smoke. The Chinese government repeatedly tried to prohibit it without success and negotiations with the British proved also fruitless, and opium problem reached climax at the top of Comet’s apparition. So in 1838 one official confiscated over 20,000 cases of opium from the British and burnt them. War started in 1840 and lasted 2 years. The British forces broke into many southern cities and were marching northwards to Peking. They burnt the beautiful palace Yi–Her-Yuan . At that time, Ching Dynasty  , ruled by the ignorant old grandma Chu-Shi, got scared and conceded to the British under the Nanking Treaty in 1842 (7 years after Halley), when Ching had to pay for all British costs of wars. Also Hong Kong was given as a Colony. It was reported that the corrupt official responsible for the treaty told the Ching imperial court that Hong Kong was but the size of a "Sesame Seed". The name got stuck! Sesame Seed became the nickname for Hong Kong.  

This was followed by a much worse second unrest. One Roman Catholic Church devotee Hong Siu Chuan , after preparing organization and gathering followers for some 10 years (right on Comet arrival in 1835), officially launched his nation-wide arms revolt in 1843 AD (8 years after Halley) against the Ching Dynasty , and nearly turned China into Catholic rule. Hong also claimed to be “Son of God” and “Brother of Jesus”. So his kingdom was gloriously named the "Heavenly Father, Heavenly Brother, Heavenly Peace Kingdom". It was the only large-scale religious unrest and killings ever occurred in Chinese history. Large bloody revolt really took place in 1850 (15 years after Halley), which lasted another 14 years and took over more than half of China (as many as 16 Chinese provinces). It was so Heavenly Peaceful that actually tens of millions had perished during that long civil war, and even more were driven to poverty and hunger because majority of Chinese family were already made desperate because of opium and opium wars.

In the end, according to General Zeng who broken into Nanking walled city, Hong Siu Chuan committed suicide. Other historians reported that Hong died from illness just few days before the city was broken in. Hong’s suicide was more likely because otherwise it would have been too timely and coincidental for him to die of natural disease, just as Hong had entered the hours of desperation. The walled city had been completely surrounded and besieged for so long, that it had run out of all foods and provisions. It was said his soldiers were so starved that they had no strength to hold up weapons… Of course millions of Hong’s responsible followers and participators died during the revolt who had preached and promised Ever Lasting Life to believers, also Hong’s own family members, relatives and clansmen were all executed by the Ching government of the time. The whole episode of unrest lasted some 36 years, like other estimated episodes of Halley Comet’s influence. Years later, historians had worked out statistically that during the decades of opium infested China, opium wars and Christian revolt about one quarter of Chinese population had vanished. This episode of Halley comet visit also coincided exactly with the very start of the Aquarian Age. Please read the page “What is Aquarian Age” in this website.

In 1827, a British naval captain, James Stirling arrived Australia. He examined the Swan River and started to get English capitalist-adventurers interested in colonization. Two years later he returned to the Swan River and became governor of the new colony of Western Australia. This started waves of settlers to arrive and create of more colonies. In South Australia, the first colonists arrived in 1836, and Adelaide was settled the following year. The northern and southern portions of New South Wales formed separate colonies. Settlement into the Port Phillip district in the south proceeded very quickly, starting from the mid 1830s with colonists coming both from north of the Murray and from Tasmania. The settlement of Melbourne began in 1835 (right on Halley Comet’s perihelion), and the place boomed immediately. The first settlers experienced great hardship in working the land and building a living, but two uncommon reasons had made it possible. Firstly, the Comet apparition must have helped. Secondly, at the time the British government was transporting "convicts' (convicted law offenders) to remote colonies in America and Australia as punishment. Altogether some 151,000 convicts were sent to eastern Australia and nearly 10,000 to Western Australia, and much more to Tasmania. Therefore, this Comet apparition also marked a major turning moment in history for Australia.

Chopin composed his first major works Études and Ballade between 1835 and 1836 (right on Halley arrival) at the age of about 25. Note: Musical notes are known to be linked to vibratory frequencies of solar planets, as they move and resonate in the solar field symmetry. It is perhaps possible that waves of rising musical interests and progress in the past were somewhat related to the Halley visit too! Of course all the great musical geniuses, e.g., Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin., etc were all born in the Piscean Age, which is ruled by planet Neptune. According to Astrology, Neptune enhances the musical genius! The present wave of popular music in China was started with the emergence of Kara Oke in 1989. (This writer had even predicted the rising trend of music before 1989 and had also mentioned it in the first one of these two letters to Deng Xiao Ping... ). However, if any of the talented musicians today had been influenced by the Comet’s visit, then they are still very young. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next 20 to 30 years some really constructive creations might start to pour from their geniuses.  

Alfred Nobel was born in Oct 1833, just before Halley’s apparition. By the age of 16 he was already fluent in English, French, German, Russian and Swedish. Men of extraordinary capacities bearing great consequence to human society, and are born close to the time of Halley comet's visit, might have been charged with unusual cosmic energy during embryonic development before birth. Nobel was a man of many talents, and his riches were unrivaled in his time, yet he never got married. Many great geniuses and great works in history were inspired by love, but these geniuses lived alone, probably because they needed the extreme and the completely undisturbed concentration. The Nobel Prize has been also an unprecedented and unparallel encouragement to intellectual achievements since his death. His existence depicts another extraordinary corner stone in modern history... 

This year (1835) the Roman Catholic Cathedral (St. Paul) in Macau   was burnt to ground for the 3rd time. Now only the front part and stairs remain. 15 years later (1850) the Christian military revolt of "Heavenly Father, Heavenly Brother and Heavenly Peace Kingdom" began in China and took over 16 provinces. Made Nanjing (then Nanking) their Capital in trying to take over the country. Fighting lasted nearly 15 years when tens of millions died. Finally Nanking wall city was broken in and leader Hung Siu Chuan who proclaimed to be the heavenly brother of Jesus, the second Son of God, committed suicide.      

30), 1910 AD:- In Russia, social problem was building up to a peak. Lenin started the well known October Revolution in 1917 (7 years after Halley). Elsewhere, 1st World War began in 1914 (4 years after Halley) and finished in 1918. Then Spanish Flu in 1918-1919 took some estimated 25 to 50 million lives. In China, the last Emperor of China, who was just a child, abdicated in 1911, almost directly on Halley Comet’s apparition. It was the end of about 5000 years of rule in China under kingdoms or empires. KMT government took over China. Second wave was followed by Sino-Japanese war of 1937 and 2nd World war, leading to atom bomb at Hiroshima. Again the entire episodes of Halley Comet’s influence took about 35 years. 

31), 1986 AD:- HIV-AIDS was first discovered in about 1979, initially among homosexuals. By 1986 it was reported to have spread fast among other sexual partners.

Because Kowloon’s lease to England was near expiration, by the approach of Comet’s apparition, the problem regarding the future of Hong Kong and Macau was coming to a head. In 1989 a group of emotional students occupied the Beijing Tien An Men, the parliamentary square, for 58 days, refusing to disperse and demanding immediate change of national political structure, which was already the largest on earth. It alerted me to the effects of Halley Comet’s arrival. I wrote to senior leader Deng Xiao Ping. It appeared that China had timely ridden the wave of Halley Comet's stimulation and started a surge of constructive energies never known in Chinese history, probably with the exception of the first recorded apparition of Halley comet back in 240 BC, which in fact coincided roughly with the arrival of Piscean Age. This enormous agricultural community suddenly turned into a top ranking industrial nation in the time of just merely two short decades. Now looking back, such a vast scale will power, enthusiasm and energy from the entire population appears to have been boosted by some extra cosmic stimulation. 

Elsewhere, also big changes were brewing. In 1990 Russia opted for multi-party system. Ukraine and Belarus declared independence. In 1991 under President Yeltsin the old Soviet Union broke up. In Germany 1990 was the year of reunion when Berlin wall was pulled down. 

The first Gulf war was in 1991 and followed by 2nd Gulf war in 2002. The effect of this 2nd wave is still brewing and steaming away with very long term consequences. In the 1st Gulf War, four ex-heads of states, i.e. Nixon, Keath, Brandt and Tanaka, went to Baghdad to persuade Saddam to get out of Kuwait, but Saddam declined. He thought he could fight with 38 nations and half million coalition army. In the 2nd Gulf War, Saddam Hussein's military capacities were already shuttered in the 1st Gulf War, but Saddam fought on with multination coalition forces. Later as Saddam’s forces were already defeated, President Mubarak of Egypt offered Saddam safe-haven but was also refused. He’d rather hide in a small underground hole, and was caught. It appeared the brain of such an experienced national leader, Saddam, was strongly and fatally affected by the comet energy...    

In 2005 natural disasters like Tsunami in South East Asia, Storm in New Orleans and earthquake in Cashmere happened. Also in 2006 great earthquake occurred in Indonesia. In 2008 great earthquake occurred in China, which killed some 70,000 people. There has been also the scare of Bird Flu (H5N1) and Swine Flu (H1N1), which are not yet finished.

This episode of Halley Comet’s influence seems to have brought about a heated wave of suicidal motivations, both in the minds of humans and animals, for instance, the stone throwing kids in Gaza, the suicidal bombers everywhere, Saddam Hussein's suicidal invasion of Kuwait and his suicidal attempt to face 38 nation coalition forces, September 11th's suicidal air crashes, many strange and unprecedented suicidal policies of politicians. There was also a marked increase in suicides of Hong Kong citizens towards end of 2005, including two teachers and one mother (of a supposedly happy family) who suddenly left home with her 3 year old daughter and jumped from her hotel window to her death. The motives to suicide of these 3 seemingly normal people are still a mystery..... Suicides ranged all the way even to suicidal whales and other animals. Perhaps we could call the present fashionable trend "A Suicidal Wave". On the 20th Jan 2006, one very distressed deep sea whale, 6 meters long, somehow got badly disorientated, or went berserk and swam through the Thames River right into the center of London city. This is probably another example of disturbance in brain function. Unfortunately, this whale died before rescuers could put it back to sea. So, in the end, this whale really committed suicide too.  

One other significant coincidence, if it is a coincidence at all, is China's sudden rise in the recent years! China was able to ride the up surging energy of the comet. Deng Xiao Ping established Shen-Zhen city right on the arrival of Halley Comet in 1984. It was the first move that would lead to China's reformation and modernization. China's new social and economic developments have become well above the usual of any known national development in global history. China in fact is demonstrating to the rest of mankind that it is possible to achieve success, or even greatness, without any military conquest or any other aggressive undertakings... Without any doubt, the efforts and good will of the contemporary Chinese government will go down history in praise! 

In the aspect of music, there has been an unusual wave of modern and classical music that is sweeping across the Chinese nation. A whole contingent of musical talents has emerged recently. Two absolutely talented young Chinese pianists suddenly embarked onto the world stage. They are Lang Lang and Li Yun Di. Also Cellist Yo Yo Ma had immigrated to the States, I think. Recently (Jan 2007) I have seen a news program in "60 Minutes" showing 3 American children, name Rex, Rachel and Derek, who are clearly blind and severely disabled, but possessing miraculous musical genius. All these young talents were born within the time period after Halley comet's arrival... This appears to be rather clear confirmation for my theory...    

Presuming that I am right, then at this moment of writing (March 2007), the influence from the last Halley Comet's visit is still continuing. Hopefully the final consequence would be good only, because human ideological and cultural conflicts always leads to extremely costly and lasting blood shed, which go much deeper than wars initiated by territorial or material ambitions. Any modern conventional wars could be stimulated by unusual cosmic radiations and end up eventually in nuclear war, which had already begun in the last World War. Therefore, the next big war, especially under coalition of warring parties of either nations or smaller armed groups, could still escalate to large wars, and build the background for nuclear war, depending on how long and how strong the desire to make war would persist, and also how much and how far the human will of revenge would ultimately be stimulated or inflated and go!. 

The losers of a first wave of war often goes on to create some years later a bigger 2nd wave of war, e, g. 1st and 2nd World War. Even an earthquake can have a second After Shock, because all energy waves must eventually reach equilibrium before peace can return. Unnecessary coalition of warring parties could bring forth unnecessary coalesced retaliations. Therefore, modern wars are mutually costly and destructive, and have no winners, nor heroes. They are gambles not just for the nations and groups involved, but for the whole human kind as well.  This was the reason why I point out that the human nature is still raw, because there has been only roughly 150 generations of recorded intellectual evolution. The human intelligence and wisdom are still at infancy. It is also why I present herewith a collection of historic examples, showing the extents of human brain waves that could be unconsciously energized and stimulated by nature's forces, causing abnormal phenomena and forcing history to turn a new direction.  I think there is no need for me to describe in details what the next world war would be like, if and when it occurred. Yet, such a war is possible because when a wave of cosmic energy surges, not just one single political leader's brain would be affected, but the whole human kind's brains are simultaneously and unconsciously affected. That's when and how wars really get going and then go wrong.. 

Conclusions:- The above periods denote all the known and observed Halley Comet’s apparitions since 240 BC, which had been recorded in history. There are altogether some 30 episodes of recorded Halley comet visits, out of which I have roughly described 26 significant periods or corresponding epics of social changes, which could have been the result of comet influence. However, we have to bear in mind that Halley comet’s cycles of appearance change between 75 to 79 years, which means that the comet encounters varying degrees of perturbation from other cosmic bodies during its journeys. So when it approaches the sun, its perihelion could vary depending on how much perturbation it has taken. The closer to the sun, the more the comet’s voluminous storm could affect some turbulence in solar emission and the state of balanced in the ecliptic plane. We have all experienced in the Summer time that if we stand too long in the sun, our head can get dizzy and woozy. That’s because our brain’s micro-electric activities have been affected. Even small but persistent influence by abnormal solar activity can affect human social behaviors.      

Social energy is a cumulative energy. It builds and builds itself at first harmlessly, then somewhat irritating, then certainly disagreeable, then something must be done to it and finally it explodes into action, and tens of thousands will be on street demonstrating, and of course, much worse can happen. For instance, if one TV station suggests that TV is the best and only means of education, a passerby hearing it would simply smile and pass by, but if 100, or even 300 stations all say that TV is the best and only choice, then sooner or later everyone would agree too! Simply because people can be easily influenced! On the other hand, if all those TV stations tell you that Democracy made of two political parties that take turns to rule you round and round, and give you only two Presidential candidates to vote for is hardly democratic, in which case, very soon you could be thinking to change the system, perhaps thinking to set up some intelligent and moral tests for each and every government servant. Because that what ancient Chinese did thousands of years ago! Why? Because social energy is a cumulative energy, a force that can be led!

Human civilization or evolution can only advance stage by stage, and can only base on what natural environments provide to start advancing. It needs time! At the beginning a couple of thousand years ago, it was the Bronze Age and the bronze weapons started killing en-masse. Then civilization advanced slightly to the next stage, the Piscean Age. Piscean Age chiefly made beliefs! So God and Gods or religions were invented. Some religions were made even of 3 religions with still unresolved serious historical debts. People were told to believe, to give their hearts, to kneel and beg and to swear their absolute allegiance in a solemn ceremonial ritual. Only then you are accepted. Some intellectuals didn’t believe, or refused to believe, they were burnt alive in public view! Only long before such religions came into being, there already existed something big and great, even far greater than imagination, called The Universe, or The Great Nature. In this Universe or Great Nature already all things, life and events have been made long before any of us had come to join! So, if this thing is so big and great, isn’t It God to worship? Would the worship of other invented God or Gods have offended Great Nature, the real bigger God? Or is it because the Universe or Nature is greater and more tolerant than any God? Perhaps It has become fed up after all, because the world seem to be doing nothing but killing, lying, cheating and still behaving like primitive animals, which just won’t do! So, Great Nature turned the earth around a little bit and we have suddenly landed in the Age of Aquarius, yet still quite uncivilized!

The Aquarian Age is a big jump forward, because every single day, even practically every second, somebody invents something new. In barely less than 2 centuries, the human is already traveling and living among Gods in the sky! Equally every second some of us are getting the revelation that only reality supported by solid proof and logics can be treated as real. Only a few are left still kneeling, begging and praying to primitive superstitions, supported by timely politics, and yet feeling good doing it! Although things have changed, only a short while ago people still have to go confessing their sins, or secrets to priests, while priests would turn around and take advantage of little children. Religion is not free for all at all, because only those who have sworn allegiance and gone through solemn ancient ceremony are accepted as qualified members. So primitive ancient forces and belief persist on, because politics are involved. Therefore, there exist 3 ticking time bombs in the 21st century, namely 1, Political Religion, 2, Democracy, and 3, Nuclear Bomb. These bombs are ticking because social and political energies are cumulative, they can only last naturally if they are pure, natural, true and must never contain emotions, persuasions or mesmerizing or hypnotizing suggestions under conducted prayers, or political passions, otherwise impure elements will accumulate until they explode!

The 21st century is a highly potent part of the Aquarian Age, potent because scientific education is a global common place, and still advancing with lightening speed! It’s hard to imagine anyone can swallow whole the Piscean Age beliefs nowadays! Yet belief cannot allow rational analysis. If you believe, you must not think, and if you think, you cannot truly believe! The 21st century is also a treacherous part of Aquarian Age, because modern politics has become a two partied and two faced undertaking that splits the nation and has the potential of splitting the entire mankind. The 21st century is also potentially dodgy part of Aquarian Age, because wars have already ravaged mankind for the past 2 centuries, mainly in colonial wars, and yet people can’t wait to add more hatred on top of bad memories every day! There are already queues of people committing suicides just for revenge. One has no needs to predict why and how all those atomic bombs or nuclear energies might explode, just as long as explosives exist, sooner or later some of them would explode!  So, social and political energies always accumulate until someday they explode!

The above 30 episodes of comet visits show that large social changes did occur, they could have contained added energies and effects from Halley comet. At the same time, these examples also display that no political or military power had ever last very long! As we can see from above examples, waves of rulers replace each other in a span of barely 2 and half millenniums. Therefore in conclusion, there are really only three scenarios of reality to think of. Firstly, the human nature and civilization are still far too primitive because there have been only few short millenniums of evolutionary developments. But the destructive powers of newest modern weapons already threatens to rule the world, yet it really threatens is the precarious balance of life on earth. The big question is, how long would it take for human nature and civilization to mature, at least to the extent that responsible politicians would be hallowing for self refinement or self perfection, even self sacrifice, instead of doing just what you want in willfulness or the so called freedom! So that all human brothers and sisters and their families too can also live in comfort and security! And if there is a way at all, we’d better start thinking of it before it’s too late! The second scenario is, human populations are growing exponentially, already if today Chinese people were to hold each other hand in hand, they could go around the earth 8 times, thus, our earthly ball is getting smaller each day and we cannot live on Moon or Mars like we do on earth. We’d better forget all the arguments about Communism, or Socialism or Democracy, even about some kind of dreams to get rich, so that you alone can enjoy the political rights and privilege to stand by and watch the government going down the drain! I think it’s time to start thinking about how to make the exploding world into one little family! The last scenario is, if arguments and wars do not stop soon, even words can explode too!       

 Note:- I have now been ale to cut and trim from a very long and mixed-up precious page down to the present size, because I have at last found the words I need to say ”That’s why I write this page!”. The reason is I have been struggling for over 6 years to recover from a stroke and a heart attack…  This page was first exposed here in early 2005, supplemented in Summer 2007, then in Feb 2008, and again on 5th Dec 2008, and 2nd Nov 2009 as well as 19th Nov 2010 and 5th June 2011… Latest update was added on 16th July 2011 ,     




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