The Regenerating Universe Theory & Hamonization - T.R.U.T.H.

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The Regenerating Universe Theory :-   This is a new and complete theory of the universe based on known scientific principles only.  The theory has taken more than 2 decades to complete. It describes in detail a fully functional structure of universe, including how the universe expands in acceleration; how it evolves and regenerates with explanations. A full account on the Origin of gravity and Origin of light or electromagnetic radiations are described, together with how and why the speed of light is constant, yet not the highest speed in the universe. It then goes on to explain the true age of the universe and lots more...

T.R.U.T.H. also discusses the formation and behavior of force field symmetry in nature, and its influence on the structure of
DNA. What is Aquarian Age?; Read also under the "Related Topics" the following pages:- Ideals and system of democracy in ancient China.
new! ; and also an important new page about the possible influence of Halley Comet on Global Warming (but now it's about "Global Cooling" Updated Nov 2009)(Latest update July 16th 2011)